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Welcome. Irrespective of caste, creed, race, religion or language we offer our humble obeisance to all the people of this world.

For the sake of all the people in this world to attain Gnanam (divine wisdom) and to bring out the divine truths openly without any secrets and also to help the people realize the truth this website has been published with the blessings from all the seers and saints.

What is meant by Gnanam? Gnanam means complete knowledge and realization about our self (soul) and about the supreme lord. In short we can call it as divine wisdom.

Where is our world heading today? By deceiving each other every person is spoiling himself and others and by this the entire human society is getting deteriorated. One who tells that he is spoiled because of the situation or environment is a great fool. A noble and good person is one who does not become slave to his emotions but acts with patience and calmness.
The main reason for the deterioration of human values today is because of the absence of spiritual education. “It is very rare to get this human birth. It is still rare to get birth without any handicaps like blindness, deafness and deformities. It is still rare to know about Gnanam (Divine wisdom) and get education that teaches Gnanam. It is still rare to do divine offerings and Penance. If divine offerings and Penance were done then the kingdom of lord will open and show the way.” This is the divine wisdom told by great women saint Avaiyaar.

We who have taken birth as human without any handicaps, it is very important for us to learn this education of Gnanam. The education that we get today from schools does not help in any way for us to realize ourself. Today’s education is useful only for earning money. The reason that we took birth is not to live luxuriously and eat whatever we like.
Who am I? Why did I take birth? Why am I living? Which is a good life? The answers to all these questions will be got only by the education which teaches us Gnanam. Did we take birth to live or to die? The one who imparts us this knowledge and makes us to know and realize this is called a “Guru”. After mother and father it is Guru who imparts us the knowledge and helps and guides one to get Gnanam.

“Without Guru’s Guidence one’s effort towards divinity is in vain”
“Vision of Guru will remove billions of Karma accumulated by one”
“Guru is Brahma, Guru is Vishnu, Guru is Maheswara, Guru is infact ParaBrahma”.
– Above were great words from Saints and Seers indicating the importance of Guru.

It is absolutely necessary for everyone who has taken birth as human to get a Guru. Only a person who has got a Guru becomes a complete human. As per Saint Avvayaar “One who does not offer respects to the holy feet of guru, for them lord will always be elusive”. Our Saint Vallalar praises about the importance of Guru by indicating the great sins in this following verse “Did I feel shy to offer my worships to the feet of Guru” and “Did I forget to give offerings to the Guru”.

First thing that we as a human being need is to have virtuousness and disciple. We have to be pure without any improper or bad habits.

As per the saint poet Thiruvalluvar “Virtuousness and discipline has to be considered higher then one’s own life”. We need to realize this and live accordingly.

Next thing for one to do is what he eats. One has to eat good food. This good food is pure vegetarian food only. Only People who eat only vegetarian food can get the blessings and grace of the supreme lord. One who eats meat is certainly a animal in the disguise of human. All the saints and seers have advised us to treat all the souls as us and love every soul. Taking Alcohol , drugs and smoking should never be done. One who does not do the five great sins of Lying, Alcoholism, stealing, Killing and have illegal lust is a noble human.

Only a person who lives in this way can learn the education of Gnanam and only those will be eligible for lord’s grace. This education of Gnanam can be got only through a Guru.
This education of Gnanam is the Spiritual Education of Deathlessness.

“Education of Deathlessness” – Was taught by great saints and seers who have won over their death and has become immortal. These saints were called as Gnanis or Siddhars. Is it possible for a normal human to attain this state. Yes it is possible. Those Gnanis who have become immortal and who have ocean of compassion has shown us the way in their songs and writings.

Till this date all the saints, seers and Gnanis who have taken birth in this world has talked and taught us only about the supreme lord and how we can reach them.

The supreme lord is as Supreme infinite divine light. He is beyond our mind, sense and our body. Only after we have realized our self (self-realization) we can realize the supreme lord. One who tries to explain the lord using science is definitely a great fool.

We are our soul also called Jeevatma. We are nothing but tiny part of that Supreme Being. The place where our soul resides in our body is in the center of our head. This soul is displaying itself or accessible in our two eyes as the divine light of our eye. So our eyes were the Lotus Feet of the Lord. Only through our eyes we can go inside us and realize our self.

“One will realize his master (Supreme Lord) only after realizing himself’. In order to realize self one has to do Penance (Thavam) through our eyes. One who teaches this and gives divine Consciousness on one’s eyes and teaches one how to do Thavam is a true Guru.

Our Guru Thiru.Siva Selvaraj with the grace of Saint Vallalar is imparting this Gnanam and is giving  Deekshai (Giving divine Consciousness in one’s eye to do Thavam) and has established and taking care of “Thanga Jothi Gnana Sabai” in KanyaKumari.

Before obtaining the maha samadhi Guru SivaSelvaraj Ayya adorned the GURU PEETAM to nine of his disciples to continue his responsibility. Following were the GuruMaars of Thanga Jothi Gnana Sabai who were given GuruPeedam by Guru TiruSivaSelvaraj by the grace of TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar during ThaiPoosam 2014 infront of Thanga Jothi Gnana Sabai Anbars.

1. Gnana Sarguru Siva KrishnaMurthy, Chennai.

2. Gnana Sarguru Siva YuvaRaj, KanchiPuram

3. Gnana Sarguru Siva Vimal Raj, Vadalur

4. Gnana Sarguru Siva Babu, Kadalur

5. Gnana Sarguru Siva Saravanan, Tiruchy

6. Gnana Sarguru Siva SuyamJothi, KanyaKumari

7. Gnana Sarguru Siva AravindRaj, Hosur

8. Gnana Sarguru Siva Vijayan, Bangalore & Kumbakonam

9. Gnana Sarguru Siva Balu, Bangalore & Coimbatore.

Thiruvadi Deeksha can be obtained at Chennai, Vadalur, Hosur, Tiruchy, Kumbakonam, Coimbatore, Kadalur, Kanchipuram, KanyaKumari and Bangalore. (Read this link to know about Tiruvadi Deekshai)

Please note that Tiruvadi Deekshai can only be given by Guru’s who were given GuruPeetam by Guru with the grace of Vallalar. No other person can given Deekshai other than the one appointed by the Guru. It is in fact TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar who is giving Deekshai through the above nominated Gurus.

Also for kind attention: Thanga Jothi Gnana Sabai never collects or accepts donation from people other then the one who have taken Deekshai. Please reject any one who ask for donation in the  name of Guru or Thanga Jothi Gnana Sabai.

Come to Thanga Jothi Gnana Sabai.

Get the divine Consciousness (Deekshai) in your eyes.

Learn to do Thavam (Penance). Gnanam will be got.

“Let all the soul live in bliss. Let the feeling of Oneness of Soul spread across the globe”


Yours truthfully
Thanga Jothi Gnana Sabai Trust
Samarasa Sutha Sanmarkka Sathya Sangam

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