Beyond Six Sixes

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The below is the English translation of the 6th chapter of the book VallaYaar written in Tamil by our SarGuru Thiru.Shiva Selvaraj.  Previous 5 chapters were already posted in the website.

Beyond Six Sixes


(Chapter 6)

The supreme lord who is of infinite and supreme bliss and also called Sachidananda (Full of Ananda meaning pleasure and bliss) and who is the ParamPorul is also present in our body beyond the six sixes. What are these sixes? Each eye in our body has three circles in it and so put together from both our eyes makes six. This is the six that is referred.

If we cross these six circles in two eyes and get inside there we have river of fire (agni), hair bridge and white snake. These were the code words indicating the divine experiences that one gets.

Six Sixes were thirty six. When we get in the hair bridge and while crossing the river of fire we will be interrupted by a white snake. If we consume or overcome this white snake and go forward there we can see our supreme lord.

One who gets to this state is the one who have won over the philosophy of six sixes which is thirty six. One who have got the vision of his soul which is called as Aanma Darisanam will not die. He will get the great life of deathlessness. Our vallalar will come with us and guide us and get us ashore.

Our vallalar saw the lord of six faces in the mirror in his house when he was a child isn’t? How is that?

Lord muruga is the one with six faces and 12 hands and he sits on the peacock with a flag of hen on his side.

As we have seen there are totally six circles in our two eyes. Mirror in Tamil is called Kan aadi (Kan means Eye) Aadi means (dancing or moving). Kanaadi or Mirror here denotes the pupil of the eye. So our vallalar saw the beauty of his two eyes (which were also described as the faces for the face) glittering with divine light. Twelve hands denote twelve divine arts of sun. Seated on the peacock he saw lights of different colors. Flag of hen denotes the divine sound he heard while seeing this divine light. Here Peacock represents light with different colors and hen denotes the divine sound that one sees and hears while doing penance.

When our vallalar was doing penance with open eyes he saw his own eyes, his pupil in his eyes and the divine light in his eyes along with the divine sound. On seeing and hearing this divine light and sound he felt ecstasy of joy.

When he was doing penance with a lighted lamp he saw different colors of light in his own eyes. During that time he heard divine sound as well. He saw his own eyes in front of him. This is the divine experience in Gnanam. When he was a child itself he got this divine experience and felt the sweetness of it. The Thiruvarutpa by our vallalar is composed in six volumes. Our vallalar has said “the words that I am telling were indeed the words of the supreme lord”.

How is that? In his childhood itself our vallalar saw the divine light dancing that is dancing in his eyes which were the lotus feet of the lord. He realized the supreme lord who is of supreme divine flame and also called as Paramatma is within him. He also realized that it is the supreme lord who is making him to do all the acts.

He represents the fact which is the presence and act of supreme lord within him as “If you make me sing I will sing, If you make me dance I will dance and if you feed me I will eat”.

In one of his divine songs of Gnanam it is said as “Thing with six faces”. Here thing represent the divine wealth which is called as MeiPorul. This MeiPorul is also called as Thiruvadi which denotes our eyes. So this represents the six faces of our eyes. One eye three circle and two eyes six circles. The vision of seeing his two eyes is what is called as six faces. This is the first divine experience of our vallalar. He lit a lamp before a mirror and he sat before it with his open eyes without doing anything. Initially the complete image of our body will be seen. Then our body will be seen like smoke. Then it also will disappear. Only our eyes will be visible. During this time we see light with different colors and will hear ten types of divine sound. If we keep doing penance all these experience will be got one by one.

These divine experiences was what sung by vallalar as “the divine gift of six faces”. The residence of lord in our body which is our soul is what the gift given to us. This is expressed or available/accessible in six places which were our two eyes.

The yoga sastras talk mainly about the six bases or Aadharas in our body. Siddhars in their song sing as “Get down the six aadharas including the Moolaadhara and see the matured top Aadhara”.

The divine experiences of Gnana were only in our head. All organs below our head does only karma. For a normal man even the five sensory organs in our head were also the machines doing karma. During penance this machines of karma namely skin, ear, eyes, nose and mouth will all become machines of Gnana or divine wisdom.

All our five senses act outside. A Gnana saadakan by doing penance will turn this senses from roaming outside to go inside.  All these senses or organs were under the control of our mind. If our mind becomes perfect then there is no need to utter mantra. There is no need to control breath if our mind becomes perfect. There is no need to do anything with our body. So using our five senses if we do any action outside then they are not in the state of Gnana or divine wisdom.

If we keep our mind in the place where the five senses and five basic elements unite then it is sufficient.

“One who fries the five senses or five basic elements in the entrance of senses and lead a virtuous noble and honest life will live long and not die”. One who using the divine heat got from divine consciousness burns the five senses or five basic elements in their entrance, since all the five basic elements were present in our eyes the entrance here denotes our eyes and also lives and leads a virtuous noble and honest life will live for a very long time and will not die.

If we keep increasing the divine light of our eyes, then because of this divine light all our impurities (got because of karma) will be burnt down. When the outer action stops the light will start going inside of us. It will unite with the divine art of Agni. This is achievement or Saadhanai.

“It is the hot cemetery and the wide open space” – Siddhar song. Our three types of impurities that is burnt down is the cemetery. In Indian tradition Cementry is the place where one burns the dead person. In Gnana cementery is the place where our impurities were burnt down. The hot cemetery in our body is our eyes. There is where divine heat is present. If we go inside it is a wide open space. This is what another siddhar sings as “Forest of the size of tip of the needle”. If we go inside this forest of the size of tip of needle it expands as a huge forest. Only in forest we find wild animals like snake, elephants and also wild streams. So these were all code words only. If we go inside six we find river of fire/Agni. Some ignorant people tell Moolaadhara is in the bottom of our body.

“Get down the six aadharas including the Moolaadhara and see the matured top Aaadhara”. – Siddhar song. As six place and as six faces our eyes were present. Our eyes were the base for all the bases or Aaadharas in our body.  As the base of all it is our eyes – divine light in our eyes present in the hole of the size of tip of needle in the center of pupil is the base. This divine light is the light of our soul.

In Vinayagar Aagaval the great women saint Avayaar sings as “The divine fire which raises in the Moolaadhara has to raised by the feet with our mind kept there”. As we have seen Moolaadhara is our eyes, when we do penance on that, the fire will raise and becomes as huge divine flame. Raising by our feet by keeping our mind there means – the feet here represent the holy feet which were our eyes and so by keeping our mind on the holy feet this divine fire will raise. See how beautifully this information is conveyed. Our eyes were the holy feet of the supreme lord.

Siddhar Sivavakkiyar sings as “The base of tank and the weeds that is grown from there”. Here the tank of base indicates our eyes as it has water in it. So this clearly represents that the base or Aadhara or Chakra is our eyes aren’t? By the weeds that is grown from there means, because of the actions that we perform daily both form of karmas (good and bad) grows. He tells these weeds have to be eradicated or cut down. There is another secret which is also bought out. Because of we seeing with our eyes our mind acts, then intelligence goes with the mind which becomes our wish which result in we performing our actions. These actions give out karmas (which are called as weeds) and they have to be cut down. Cutting these weeds daily is what penance does.

The main source for actions comes because of what we see with our eyes. One of the sources of karma is present in our eyes. What is it? After white part of eyes, we have black iris and then pupil. In the centre of the pupil covering or hiding the needle tip size hole is thin layer of membrane.

This membrane is responsible for all that we see. This is the residing place of earlier karma(s). Our mind acts based on our earlier karma(s) only and because of the influence of mind we do our actions and commit more and more karmas. If it keeps on growing then what is the solution to it?

The only solution is the way spelt by our vallalar which is doing penance in the 13th state of Sariyai In Gnanam. When we keep doing our penance with constant thinking of the pupil of our eyes and constantly drenching on the tears from our eyes the divine heat (Gnana Kanal) will raise and increase. Since mind has been stopped there, no external actions occur and hence no new karmas will be created. With constant penance as said the divine heat will increase more and more. When this divine heat increases the membrane that is present covering the needle sized hole in the centre of the pupil will start to melt and slowly will melt out completely.  When this membrane is tore down, the saints and seers call this as the opening of our eyes. This is the achievement.  This is the penance that one has to do.

By continuously doing this penance all our karmas will be burnt down. The membrane is the shape or form of our karma.

The story which tells that lord shiva burnt down three residences indicates this achievement only.

Ego, desires and illusion were the three impurities that were represented as three residences.  The story tells that lord shiva just smiled and the three residence were burnt down. This means when the divine light increases then because of the divine heat in it the membrane will slightly move away.  This is called as smiling.  While smiling we will open our mouth slightly isn’t? Mouth here is compared the needle tip size hole in the centre of the pupil. Just by slight smile all our three impurities will be burnt by divine heat! If this is the case if there is big hearty laugh then the karma’s that has come and the karma’s that is about to come will be burnt down completely right? This is the divine truth told by ThiruMantiram as well.

What about the case with that of blind people? For the blind people since they don’t have divine light in their eyes they cannot increase the divine light and heat and melt the membrane of karma and because of this they cannot see themselves or see their soul.  We are lucky people as we have got our eyes.

Since we have eyes and divine light in our eyes, we can do penance and increase this divine light and make it unite with the divine art of agni in the seat of soul and get the vision of our soul. Blind people should directly catch the divine art of Agni. Catching the divine art of agni directly is not that easy. It is very difficult. But if they do good deeds and are persistent and if they do penance they too can achieve divinity.

This humble being has given deekshai to one such blind person and he has got consciousness and now doing penance.

“Persistent Effort will always bring fruit”

If we do penance with sincere and persistent effort then divinity present as divine light in our pupil will burnt down our karmas and will make us divine.

We – Our Soul is part of the supreme lord isn’t? If our karmas goes off only our divinity will be there. That is what we want.

Saint Thiruvalluvar in his great work Thirukural says

“Even if a thing is impossible for divinity, but if there is effort to achieve it, the effort will surely bring fruit”

But our saints have told “Everything is his will”, “Without him even an atom will not move”. But what does valluvar says a thing not possible for divine?! What is that?

Divinity is within us as our soul in the tip of needle size hole in the center of the pupil as divine light. The karma effort is hiding it or closing this hole as membrane. So the divinity is hidden within us. At present our divinity is not functioning, only the effects of karma is functioning.

If we do penance with persistent effort, sincerity and with dedication with single minded devotion to attain divinity then because of the increase of divine light the thin membrane will melt. Our divinity will come out. Only after that our soul which is of divine flame will start acting. This is what revealed by Valluvar.

Till that time the divinity present within us as our soul cannot do anything. We have to make way for the lord within us to act. For that our effort should be very intense.

The result we get because of this is that the divinity within us will come out.  Self-Realization will be got as the gift.

Sivam with us at present is without any sakthi. If we do penance then the divine power/art of our left eye which has 16 divine arts with it will unite with the 12 divine light arts in our right eye which is also called sun. The rest 4 divine arts of sakthi when joined with agni will give shakthi to siva within us and come out as bigger divine light or divine flame.

Parvathi (Other name of goddess sakthi) the tamil word when split becomes Paar + Vathi. Paar means ability to see, Parvathi denotes the place which has the ability to see or the power which gives one the ability to see. When siva unites with sakthi that is the seed for mukthi or liberation. Siva will come out and will act.

For blind person since they do not have the power of vision which is parasakthi or Parvathi siva will not come out. They will not easily get the divine light. It takes lot of effort for them and is very difficult. But if they are persistent and strive hard then by supreme lord’s grace and by the grace of sadguru they will first get the power of vision or Parvathi and after this by continuing penance siva will come out.

So if we do our penance as said above lord siva will display himself as bigger and brighter divine light. We will get divine blissful deathless life.

In order for us to live a healthy life the great siddhars and vallalar has recommended plenty of ways.

One of the way is to take food of six tastes ( Six tastes include Sweet, bitter, Salty, astringent taste and spicy taste). Daily we have to intake these six tastes of food. If we take it daily we will never get any disease. In our body the three important naadis (pulse in our body) were Vada Naadi, Pitha Naadi and Silothuma naadi. If we want these three naadis to function normally then we need to take foods of six tastes. By taking food of all the six tastes the three important naadis will function correctly and a person will always remain healthy.

We should eat the food just for the taste present in it. In Tamil food with six types of taste is also called AruSuvai (It means 6 tastes and also cut the taste). Our tongue should not look only for the taste. We should eat for the health of the body. The sense of taste should be cut down. Our vallalar calls people who just eat for the taste as “Addicting to the sense of taste in tongue is like rotten and fester”. Do not eat only for taste of tongue. Eat only to live. This is the advice of saints to us. That is why the word Arusuvai as we seen above denotes both the meaning (Eating food with all six tastes and also getting aside our sense of taste).

A real Sadhakan is one who has completely overcome his sense of taste.

For a person who does penance regularly will get in a state where he does not need any food. This is one state.

In the initial state of doing penance since the Pittha gets dispersed he will get a feel to get more food which is of sweet. They will eat plenty of sweet foods.

The great Saint RamaKrishana paramahamsa will eat lot of sweet foods. He did not eat it for the taste. When the state of our body changes our body require lot of sweeter food. The food with six taste is not luxurious one but one of the necessities.

Our saint Vallalar at last use take food very rarely. He will consume any food for days together. During those time in one liter of water he will mix little jagger and boil it such that it becomes 1/4th. He will drink that such a boiling water. The person who gives the water will hold the jug containing water with a handle that does not conduct heat. Our vallalar will just take the water with his bare hand and will drink it. His body is in such a state that it can withstand any amount of heat.

Once Vallalar and his beloved devotes were returning to vadalur after visiting Chidambaram. During that time there was a huge rain. There was no place to take shelter. Everyone got completely drenched in the rain. But the surprise is that on vallalar there was not even a single drop of rain. As soon as the rain touched his body, because of the divine heat of his body the water was completely vaporized. All his beloved devotes witnessed this and were amazed.

Similarly another time one beloved person liked to touch the feet of vallalar and worship the feet. Our vallalar also showed his grace by allowing him to touch his feet. The beloved person saw the feet of vallalar and kept his hand over the feet. But his hand could not feel the feet of vallalar. There was nothing there. The feet that were seen by his eyes could not be touched by his hand.

The divine light body of vallalar is not the same as the physical body. The divine light body is such that you cannot touch or feel it.

Another time a snake bit our vallalar. What a pity, the snake died immediately. Normally only the person who was bitten by the snake will die. But when the snake bit our vallalar, the snake died. This is the state of people who have got the divine light body.

Our vallalar use to shower his grace on the people who come to Dharma Saalai by giving discourses daily. One day to hear the discourse of our vallalar one beloved person was coming on the way of a garden. In the way he saw a Cobra. As soon as he saw the cobra he was shocked and was very afraid and in fear he told that in the name of Ramalingam (Vallalar) do not bit me and ran away from that place. Once the discourse is over our Vallalar called this beloved person and told that it is not right to do harm to a dumb life. So while going back remove the oath that you have put on my name as due to your oath the snake is still there with its mouth open.  Only then our beloved person remembered the incident and while going when he saw the snake still there and once he took the oath it moved away from that place.

Even if a snake is bound by the name of vallalar means think of the greatness of this saint. He is one who have got complete grace of the supreme lord.

Oho supreme lord by your small grace even a small dust can do the five great divine work (Creation, Destruction, Maintenance, Hiding and Showing Grace) means how can tell the greatness of your elder son Ramalinga Vallalar who has got complete grace from you.


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