Spiritual Science of Human Immortality

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Dear All. My humble respect and obeisance to all. With my SadGuru Thiru.ShivaSelvaraj Grace and NyanaGuru Vallalar Grace i am translating the Tamil book  Saakaakalvi written by our SadGuru Thiru.ShivaSelvaraj.  This book is the only book which shows us the path to achieve immortality. It explains everything divine and which were kept secret from the mankind so for. Please read the book attentively and with faith. Raise yours questions if any to us so that we will talk with our Guru and let you know the answers.
I have tried my best to translate the book in English. I found some difficulty to find appropriate words to convey the same meaning as told in Tamil. So i have put a reference page for people to refer to. If one has difficulty to understand any of the words, sentence or paragraph please mail us. We will try to answer you.  As much as possible the translation was done literally, but at places the meaning of the sentence or paragraph was conveyed.
I request to keep the Reference page open alongside this book for quick reference.
If possible please translate this in other known languages of you so that people can benefit. You will also gain the blessings and grace of Vallalar.

I am dedicating this to our Guru ShivaSelvaraj and Nyana Guru Thiru ArutPrakasa Vallalar.

From the next page starts the translation from the original book.

Chapter : 7              RAMALINGA ADIGALAR (VALLALAR)

In this chapter we shall see about our saint and seer and Nyani Ramalinga Adigalar.
In the streets of ThiruVotriyoor (in Chennai) in the early 19th century there is a saint who is sitting without any clothes in his body. Whenever someone crosses him he tells them about their character by calling them dog, pig and snake. As soon as he saw Ramalinga Adigalar he told “There comes a person with great virtuous and excellence among men” and covered his body with his hands.
In this world there came many saints and seers for the uplifting the man. In this family of divine men in the year 1823 and in the month of October and in the 5th day there born a son who has come in this world to deliver the people who is named as Ramalinga Adigalar.
Near the town of Vadalur in Tamilnadu there is a small village by the name Marudur and in the place Ramalinga adigalar was born as the last son of the couple Ramayaa Pillai and chinnamaiyaar.
When Ramalinga adigalar was just 6 months old their parents took him to the famous Nataraj temple of Chidambaram. In this temple there is a small opening and this small opening is called Chidambara Ragasiyam meaning (divine secret of Chidambaram). When the divine child ramalinga adigalar saw this he laughed continuously and in that age itself by the grace of lord as chidambara he came to know what is meant by chidambara ragasiyam. His divinity is shown in that age itself.  Is he not a man of great compassion who withered even  seeing the withered grass.
Our Ramalinga adigalar was bought in love by his mother. Since his father died his family was disturbed as who will take care of the family. Because of the love of his elder brother ramalinga adigalar was taken care of and he lived with them. When he reached suitable age for getting education his elder brother arranged for his studies but his mind always turned towards lord muruga in the temple of kantha kotta (situated in Chennai).
Later without getting school education he learned divine education from the lord muruga who is also called as Thakappansami (meaning lord who is also one’s father). Wanting to remain alone always he avoided crowd and visited kantha kota often. Lord Muruga removed the sufferings of ramalinga adigalar and gave him the desire to seek him.
Ramalinga Adigalar went with his brother who gave discourses on spirituality to the common people. With his brother’s permission he stayed in the first floor of brother’s house and worshipped lord muruga who is present in everyone in their head. Because of his intense devotion tears of joy came out from his eyes like waterfalls. He got divine grace. He saw lord muruga who form is of six heads and full of divine light in his inner mirror and surrendered himself completely to lord muruga.
Once his brother was not able to give discourse on PeriyaPurana (Saivite scripture explaining about the 63 nayanmars/siva’s devotees life and their songs). In that time our saint Ramalinga adigalar went and gave discourse to all the people who have conveyed to hear the discourse which is supposed to be given by his brother. The discourse was such that all the people who have gathered were spell bound on hearing his words from a young boy. After this incident the whole town came to know about his divinity and spiritual prowess. Only after this his family members came to know about his greatness and slowly all the places came to know about him.
Wanting to remain in solitude he visited the temple of thiruvotriyur and seek the lord thiyagasan and divine mother vadivudaiamman. This temple was many miles from his house. Despite this he visited this temple daily by walking all the distance. He had the divine hunger and in bliss he sung glory of the lord.
Our vallalar who got the grace from lord muruga in the age of 9 started singing and writing songs of divinity from that young age. He first composed the songs for lord muruga and then his divine songs increased praising and glorifying lord Thanigai Natha (one of the name of lord in Thiruvotriyur). Were they the songs sung by a small boy. These songs were so intense with lot of divine wisdom and divine experience in it and all the learned and holy men were amazed by the content and richness of the song.
By his songs and devotion he was in the state of divine bliss. By his songs even the men who offer puja to god also had their doubts cleared. The lord himself who is present in every human being as the divine light in the eyes came to him and showered his grace. It is lord himself who gave the Thiruvadi Dekshai (Explained in earlier chapters) to our vallalar. The divine mother Vadivudaiamman also showered her grace and gave the divine milk to our ramalinga adigalar ! our vallalar.
Our saint vallalar also practised penance in the jeeva Samadhi of the divine seer Patinathar which is present near the temple Thiruvotriyur. This saint also showered his graces on our vallalar.
By roaming from place to place and searching the supreme lord he realized the supreme lord within himself as well as everywhere. This realization gave vallalar bliss and his mind was full of divine ectasy and divine bliss.
Lot of saints and holy people realized our saint vallalar and his love by their knowledge. They also came to know about his AnmaNeya Orumaipadu (meaning seeing oneness in all the soul).
His relatives by compelling him arranged for his marriage and married him to a girl. Our saint vallalar told other than the supreme lord he is not related to anyone and left his house to seek the divine house of the supreme lord.
By severe penance he attained supernatural powers one by one and at the end he attained completeness and got divine wisdom and full divinity. He tasted the divine nectar and wished all the people attain this state and hence preached about the way to divinity to everyone.
Our saint vallalar had no interest in the materialistic things and always seeking the mercy and grace of the supreme lord. We seen he was overwhelmed by the lord Nataraja when he was just at the age of 6 months. Now also the lord embraced him with love and grace and protected him. The lord gave him all the siddhis (supernatural powers) and made his greatness known to the world. The lord himself told that vallalar is his child.

All the people gathered around him. Everyone were attracted towards him because of his divine spiritual fire inside him and also because of his grace. He gave discourses daily. With love he called all the people of the world to vadalur to get the life of divine immortality and overcome death. Lot of good people became his disciples and followers. They all earned good karma(punniya) by becoming part of his divine work. He saw the suffering of poor people because of hunger. To alleviate the hunger he started sathya Dharma salai ( A place where food is served to all people free of cost, even till this day it is still functioning).
Now for the people who have hunger to attain lord he started Sathya Nyana Sabai. He called all the people who were seeking lord and for them to show the way to divinity internally he showed the divine flame in the SathyaNyanaSabai.
Because of this spiritual revolution was started. People who were immersed in devotion he showed lord is none but ArutPerumJyothiAandavar (meaning lord is none but master of supreme divine flame or one who is ruling over supreme divine flame/jyothi) and he is not somewhere very far off in the sky but is present in our body as divine light in our eyes which is MeiPorul(Truth) and is represented as 8 and 2. By this he opened the divine wisdom which was kept secret to all the people. People who heard and understood his discourse praised him and were surprised to know about the simplicity of the lord. He told everyone to see within themselves the supreme lord.
There is no words to describe about the greatness of our saint vallalar. Till that time all the seers and saints were praising only lord as philanthropist of grace. But the disciples of vallalar gave the name “ThiruArutPrakasa Vallalar” to him. ThiruArutPrakasa vallalar indicates Thiru means divine, Arul means grace, Prakasa means bright, Vallalar means suprme Philanthropist. So it indicates a person who out of infinite compassion gives the divine grace of suprme brightness to all. This is very suitable for ramalinga adigalar.
When vallalar himself learned about this title he split the word Vallalar as (Vallal + yaar) meaning a person who seek to know about the philanthropist of ThiruArutPrakasam and humbled himself. He is a person of such simplicity and humbleness. There is no one equivalent to him in this entire creation.
He is the one who made it simple all the difficult teachings of saints and seers for attaining divine knowledge and divine bliss so that all the people of the world can understand it. He is the hero of divine songs sung in praise of supreme lord. The book he wrote ThiruVartupa is tastes like nectar which can be tasted again and again. It is made of sweet tamil and tastes like superior honey. It is sung by all the simple people and everyone can taste its sweetness. They are songs of divine bliss.
ThiruVartupa is the essence of the teachings by all the great seers and saints who have took birth in this world. We can call this as the divine box which when opened or read will give the divinity to all. Our Saint Ramalinga Adigalar has combined the greatness, sweetness and divines of Thiru Mantiram (also called tamil Vedam) and ThiruVasagam and given in simple poems as ThiruVartupa.
The greatness of the saintRamalingar is that he can explain even the experiences felt by a child in the womb. He saw the sufferings of all the living beings in this world and felt deep sadness. His mind withered on seeing even the withered grass. Such is his compassion towards all the life forms. The living beings without realizing that the supreme lord is within them as their soul were suffering endlessly, our saint felt deep compassion on the state of the living beings. He begged to the lord for bliss and happiness of all the living beings. This became his only prayer to the supreme lord.
He began his penance at the age of 12 and did penance for long time. By this he raised in his spirituality step by step. The last stage of attaining divine wisdom and getting a spiritual body of divine light and bliss is also bestowed upon him. By this he became deathless and immortal. In the year 1865 he established Samarasa Sutha Sathya Sanmargam for the upliftment of the entire world. The philosophy of this sangam is “The supreme lord is only one. He is none but ArutPerumJyothiAandavar (Ruler of supreme divine grace light). He is of supreme divine light and can be reached by increasing the divine light of our eyes by  doing penance on this divine light of our eyes. There should be no worship of small deities and fairies. Much more important is that we should not have sacrifice of living beings in their name. The only way to the supreme lord is by pure love. We should treat all the living beings like us and love all the souls.
There should not be any distinction among people in the name of caste, creed, religion, language, region or race. Everyone in this world were the son of the supreme lord. So we are all brothers and sisters. In the way of divine wisdom we are all souls. We should leave aside all the superstition. Whatever festival we have there should be distribution of food to all people. All the human should take only vegetarian food and everyone should live a life of  devotion towards lord, should be virtuous, honest, culture, love and lead a life which is praised by everyone.”    These were his teachings.
In lots of town and cities in india and abroad there were lot of sanmarga sangam functioning. For all the sanmargis (one who follow vallalar sanmarga) “Compassion towards living being is the key to the house of supreme father”.
But everyone has misunderstood that Compassion towards living beings means just providing food to the living beings. Our saint RamalingaAdigalar has written a book titled “JeevaKarunya Ollukkam” (meaning Morale of compassion to living beings). Read this book and become disciplined. In this book he has told the way so that our soul will always be in our body and attain deathlessness and also the way of doing penance for achieving the above. This is compassion for all the living beings called JeevaKarunyaOllukkam. By this a living being knowing that lord is present as divine light in their’s eye and doing penance and achieve Moksha. This is the divine blissfulness or Perinbam (superior supreme pleasure). This completeness should be got by all the human beings. Only for this god has given us this human birth. Realize this truth. All come to Vadalur. With all this he calls all the living beings.
“One who does not die is a real sanmargi”. This is truth. One who dies has  not overcome death and hence he does not realize the supreme divine immortal state. Is it not. In one siddhar song “Inorder to remain without death milk the milk in the head”. When we increase the divine light in our eyes it intrudes in our head and in this state divine nectar will overflow and drops in our throat. This milk is called divine nectar. Kudambai siddhar also in one of his songs indicates this as “One who drinks the perennial milk and be in the hill”. Our saint vallalar also talks about this state only.
“Do donation of food to the needy” but this alone is not sufficient. You need to donate the divinity or way to divinity to everyone as everyone is in need of this. Only this donation will fetch you a place in the lord’s kingdom. “Telling everyone that lord is as the true wealth in our body and to reach him doing penance on the divine light in our eyes is the divine donation”.
Saint Poet Avvayyar also sings “It is very rarity for a person to do penance and donation” also indicates divine donation. This divine donation is told by vallalar as the key to god’s kingdom as “Compassion on living beings is the key to the kingdom of lord”. This is asserted by tamil poet bharathiyar as “Instead of building 1000’s of place to supply free food it is better to impart the knowledge of letter to the poor”.
By the above poem bharathiyar means if we build one place for supplying free food we can serve 1000’s of people. If we build 1000’s of such place we can feed 10 lakh (1 million people). But according to him this is not such a great thing. What is great than providing food to 1 million people is to provide knowledge of letter to at least one person.
Which were the letters? They were alphabets A and U in Tamil which denotes 8 and 2 in numbers. These two letters were considered divine letters. Imparting the knowledge of 8 and 2 to other is the most significant and rare thing. Seers tell great is to take the birth of human still great is to get a good birth without any deformities still greater is learning the divine education of 8 and 2, still greater is to realize the divinity by doing penance and doing the divine donation to all people. Only divine donation is considered as most rare deed better than the great deed of providing food to the needy.
Providing good and tasty food to any people who were hungry is our culture. Tamil culture is based on serving the guest. Bigger than this is the divine donation. This donation is being done by all the seers and sages. Starting with the publication of the book “Kanmani Maalai” and with this book “SaaKaa Kalvi” this humble being has released 24 books and doing divine donation. It is because of the mercy of Ramalina Adigalar i am doing this divine donation. Doing divine donation to all is the work given to me by our saint Vallalar. By his grace only this divine work is proceeding in correct and right way.
Our saint Ramalinga adigalar in the year 1867 in the town of vadalur he established satya Dharma Salai and provided food to all the people who came there. This he need because he does not want food to be hurdle for the people who come there to receive divine donation. He does not just stop only with providing food. In the evening whoever came there he gave divine discourses which were very sweet for the ears and for anyone who heard, it became nectar for the soul to satisfy its hunger.
Not only he stopped giving discourses, he gave demonstration of what he is teaching to them. This is the incomparable and unique thing. In the year 1872 he established the building of Satya Nyana Sabhai and with that he explained all the divine and inner experiences to the humans by showing Jyothi darshan. Every word and deed of our graceful saint Ramalinga adigalar is divine. His life itself is divine. There is nothing other than divinity in him.
We can keep on talking about the innumerable miracles performed by our compassionate saint vallalar. He is not only master of 8 siddhis (8 supernatural powers) but master of 647 crore siddhis as told in his poem “All the siddhis of 647 crore i got from the supreme graceful lord” and by this he was like siddhar of siddhars and greatest of the seers and saints. The supreme lord himself called vallalar as his dear son and gave him his seal-ring, bracelet and sceptre and asked him to spread the grace for the upliftment of the world means we can understand the greatness of our saint vallalar.
“I saw the Sathya Nyana Sabha within me”.  “I took he sanmarga siddhi from the supreme lord”. “I was blessed and given immortality all time”. “No one in this world has been blessed with your divine grace like me”. “All the worlds have become my possession”. “Strike the drum telling i have become ArutPerum Jyothi”. -> All these he has told about himself the state he has acheived in ThiruVartupa.  Is these sample words not sufficient to indicate his greatness and divinity.
He published three books by the name “Ollivillodukkam”(1851), “ThondaiMandala Sadakam (1856) and SinmayaDeepikai(1857) and hence is a publisher also.
Vallalar was also author of two prose literature called “ManuMurai Kanda Vaasagam(1854)”, “JeevaKarunya olukkam( 1879)” and hence he is a book author as well.
The songs sung by vallalar which number around 6000 was released in six volumes and was available for long time by his grace. He is such a great poet and this can be seen by reading this six volumes of Thiruvartupa. These collection was first released in the year 1867.
Vallalar first held classes on the divine poem Thirukural. Vallalar started the first school for the aged people imparting education to them. Vallalar is the first person in TamilNadu who possessed mastery to study the inscriptions carved in stones
Vallalar who started the sanga for Sanmarga also created a flag for Sanmarga. The buildings Sathya Dharma Saalai, Sathya Nyana Sabhai and the book Thiruvartupa  were the explanation for sanmarga.
The Thiruvartupa sung by Vallalar is the updesha for sanmarga. The Sathya Nyana Sabai created by him is the explanation about divine experiences in sanmarga. He showered grace on all people so that everyone can achieve the divine immortal state achieved by him.
In a place called KarunKulli (meaning hole that is black) he lit a lamp with water. Similarly in his body the eyes which were karunkulli and which has divine light in it he did penance on this divine light such that tears were flowing like water fall. Because of his sincere penance he attained divine bliss and spiritual pleasure called Perinbam. In order for us to achieve this divine bliss and pleasure he gave us the collection of divine songs ThiruVartpa.
Today whoever reads ThiruVartupa and has the hunger to achieve divinity vallalar himself will overwhelm them with love and grace and will make them realize the unity of all souls/seeing all the souls as themselves (Called AnmaNeyaOrumaipaadu). Starting from vadalur and in the place of our body he will make us know the MeiPorul (True wealth) and will protect us and shower his grace for us to achieve divine wisdom and divinity.
Vallalar , the great spiritual guru and teacher is also expert in different fields and hence a great saint and seer. He thought about the daily duties of a human, discipline in taking food and what food to take, virtuousness, Penance and Divine donation. By following this any human can attain divinity and become a man of great excellence and purity. Such is his compassion and grace he had on all the human beings.
Vallalar is also a social reformist. He worked hard to remove the superstitious beliefs. He worked hard for spreading discipline of sanmarga and to remove barriers of caste, creed, religion, race , language and nationality.
Vallalar a great human led such a simple life. He wore only white dress and ate very simple vegetarian food. He showered love on all the living beings. He preached the same to all the people.
Vallalar told people not to worship him. He asked people to worship the Supreme Being. He taught that the purpose of this human birth is to get the grace of the lord and told he will help them to achieve this purpose.
Telling clearly that there should be no distinction among humans he divides all the humans in two categories. AgaVinathar and PuraVinathar. People who were not virtuous and who eat meat and kill other beings will never get the grace of lord. Such persons were called PuraVinathar. People who are virtuous and does penance were called AgaVinathar. These were the people who will receive the grace of lord and attain divinity. Only these people will get the life of immortality and will overcome death.
If the PuraVinathar leave aside their non-virtuousness and meat eating they will also become AgaVinathar and can attain divinity with the grace of Vallalar and Nyanis.
It doesnot matter if you are PuraVinathar till yesterday. But from today you become agavinathar by being virtuous and shunning from eating non-vegetarian food. You can attain divine wisdom and divinity. Does not a theif become a great sage? (Author of Ramayana Thiru.Valmiki initially is great theif, later he realized his faults and by penance and virtuousness he became MahaRishi or great sage). A highly libidinous person become a Nyani after realizing his fault. He then sang thousands of poem to lord muruga and became a great spiritual guru after doing penance and by the grace of lord muruga. This person is none but authot of highly divine poem ThiruPuzhal ArunagiriNathar. So anyone can come to sanmarga. Everyone can get divine wisdom and divinity.  There were innumerable saints and seers and siddhars and Nyanis who were always ready to help us to achieve our divinity and protect us. Particularly our saint Ramalinga Adigalar is waiting for us with his eyes to show us the way to divinity thorough our eyes.
Our Vallalar prays to god as “Whatever great things can be told in words and i wish every one in the world get all these supreme things”. Yes we can’t describe in words the greatness and divine states that he have achieved. He prays to lord to give the divine state that he has achieved to all the human beings. Such is his compassion.
Our Vallalar has learnt everything from the lord himself. He got everything form the supreme lord himself. Our Vallalar learnt, got and resided only in the lord. Is It not only the supreme being who can get this divine child?
Without realizing his sacredness and glory there were some people who scolded him and told all the wrong things about him and questioned about Thiruvartpa. They went to court telling that whatever vallalar has written and sung were against spirituality and supreme lord. In the court there happened a miracle. When our saint of white dress entered inside the court all the courtiers including the people who bought the case against him stood up and showed him their obeisance.  The Judge told if a person is being worshipped even by persons who were against him, then it shows his divinity and whatever words comes from his should be very divine. So using this incidence the supreme lord showed to the world the greatness of our saint Vallalar to all the people.
Right from the time immemorial there has been people of both PuraVinathar and AgaVinathar.  When the persons of Puravinathar increases then god comes to this earth and reduces the burden of this earth as he is the one ruling us.
ThiruArutPrakasa Vallalar is sent to this earth by the supreme lord himself by his grace. In his 51st year in the date of 30-01-1874 in the place of Mettukuppam SiddhiVallaka building he became ArutPerumJyothi (Supreme divine light). He had his destructible body converted to divine light body and attained the 3greatsiddhi and united with the supreme divine light of the lord.
In the entrance of the SiddhiVallaka building in Mettukuppam (near Vadalur) we can read his last upadesha. He asks every one to think about the ruler of supreme divine light and by this thought get the divine consciousness and with alertness and with realization about the truth do penance. Do penance on the supreme lord who is present as divine light in everyone’s eyes. He told “At present i am present here and from now i will enter inside everyone”.
The above words of vallalar contains lot of divine secrets. How is it possible for vallalar who entered inside the siddhivallaga building and became divine light to enter into every one? How can he mix inside everyone? Think about it. Whoever you may be you first become agavinathar shunning meat eating (all non-veg foods) and being virtuous. Then seek a guru who can give you the consciousness of MeiPorul (divine wealth) to you. If you get MeiPorul Upadesha and get consciousness in your eye which is deekshai, then during the process of getting deeksahi vallalar will get inside you. Deekshai is the way for allowing vallalar within us. Eye is the way through a guru who gives MeiPorul Upadesha.
Don’t you need to get such a Punniya in your life? Does not your birth become pure? Come to kanyakumari, this humble one will be your guru and will give you Upadesha and Deekshai will pave the way for vallalar to enter inside you. It is vallalar who is making me to write all these things. It is vallalar who is giving deekshai and upadesha through me.
It is vallalar who is inside me and making me to act. Inorder to see the supreme being inside us as goldendivine light come to ThangaJyothiNyanaSabhai in kanyakumari. To see the divine light within you which is demonstrated in vadalur SathyaNyanaSabhai please come to Kanyakumari.
In order to tell the name of ThiruArutPrakasaVallalar this humble being tongue should have done crores of punniya. In order to sing the praise of Vallalar who is like a sun of Nyana and write and publish more than 24 books this humble being hand should have done crores of punniya. In Order to make all people realize about the divine immortality and deathlessness whatever the great saint told and gave deekshai, this humble being is able to do that through my eyes means what a great birth and punniya i had?
Vallar himself is coming as Guru and giving his grace to us. If we see, if we know and if we realize then he is a very lucky person. He will get complete grace.
It is my guru Thiruchy Nyana Siddhar Jyothi Ramasamy Desikar who gave me deekshai and made vallalar to enter into me. When he took Samadhi he made me guru. Vallalar completely overwhelmed me and removed my karmas and made a human and then as guru and blessed me with this grace. What a compassion vallalar has.
If we tell the name of vallalar itself we will get punniya. When we go to vadalur and see the jyothi darshan we will get divine wisdom. If we read ThiruVarutpa we will get the blessings and grace of lord. If you come to Thanga Jyothi NyanaSabhai then you will get Deekshai. If we get deekshai and MeiPorul Upadesha and know and realize it then we will get supreme bliss and pleasure. It is very important to do divine donation. Become Agavinathar and be part of sanmarga sangha. Come and we can all reach ArutPerumJyothi Andavar (Supreme being who rules the divine supreme Grace light).
Vallalar who preached that God is One and he is of full of grace and of supreme divine light. His love and compassion were infinite and has no limits and he gave us a mantra describing his gracefulness and compassion. The mantra is
“ArutPerumJyothi ArutPerumJyothi
ThaniPerumKarunai ArutPerumJyothi”
In English form it translates as
“Supreme Divine Graceful Light Supreme Divine Graceful Light
Supreme Divine Infinite Compassion Supreme Divine Graceful Light”
In Bagavat Geetha lord Krishna tells “ Among Mantras i am Gayathri Mantra”. The meaning of Gayathri mantra is “I am meditating on the supreme divine light of lord which has filled all the worlds”. This mantra which is in Sanskrit language has been blessed to us in tamil form by our great saint vallalar as the above maha mantra. In this mantra the supreme lord’s form, nature , quality were bought out. This is the greatest of the mantra. This is one of the graceful thing that vallalr has given to this world and is very special.
“With Karma being my body and in this body
With eyes as the accessible place you are shinning there
I am longing for you and dying daily
Oho my dear lord will you not embrace me”

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  1. steve sabine June 4, 2013 at 2:09 am

    we are trying to obtain a copy of Arut Perum Jothi and Deathless Body for our ashram

    blessings Shankaracharya Swami

  2. Nithyananda June 14, 2016 at 5:29 pm

    ArutPerumJyothi Andavar will rule the world in coming days…….

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