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Dear All. My humble respect and obeisance to all. With my SadGuru Thiru.ShivaSelvaraj Grace and NyanaGuru Vallalar Grace i am translating the Tamil book  Saakaakalvi written by our SadGuru Thiru.ShivaSelvaraj.  This book is the only book which shows us the path to achieve immortality. It explains everything divine and which were kept secret from the mankind so for. Please read the book attentively and with faith. Raise yours questions if any to us so that we will talk with our Guru and let you know the answers.
I have tried my best to translate the book in English. I found some difficulty to find appropriate words to convey the same meaning as told in Tamil. So i have put a reference page for people to refer to. If one has difficulty to understand any of the words, sentence or paragraph please mail us. We will try to answer you.  As much as possible the translation was done literally, but at places the meaning of the sentence or paragraph was conveyed.
I request to keep the Reference page open alongside this book for quick reference.
If possible please translate this in other known languages of you so that people can benefit. You will also gain the blessings and grace of Vallalar.

I am dedicating this to our Guru ShivaSelvaraj and Nyana Guru Thiru ArutPrakasa Vallalar.

From the next page starts the translation from the original book.


Is it possible to avoid death? Is there a way to avoid death? The answer to the above question is yes, it is possible. We see a lot of Nyanis who were in Jeeva Samadhi state. When in Jeeva Samadhi our body will not die and our soul will always remain in the body and there is no death. Sri Ragavendra is one such example. Similarly there were thousands of Nyanis whom we know have achieved this state. There were crores of Nyanis who have achieved this state and whom we don’t know. This is india. This is a place of divinity.
Much higher to this divine state of Jeeva Samadhi is the divine state of becoming divine light.  The saint Bhadragiriyar became divine light and united with lord siva within split second in the holy town of ThiruVidaiMaruthur near Kumbakonam in TamilNadu. The great women saint Andal united with the supreme lord by becoming divine light in the holy place of Srirangam near Tiruchy in TamilNadu. Saint ThiruManichaVaasagar united with lord Nataraja by becoming divine light in the holy place of Chidambaram. Much more greater than this is the state achieved by saint ThiruNyanaSambandar. Whosoever came to the marriage of this saint, all became divine light and went to the supreme abode of lord.
There were crores and crores of people who a have attained the highest divine light body and became immortal. Latest to come was in the year 1874 in the place called vadalur and in vadalur in a place called Mettukuppam our divine saint and seer ThiruArutPrakasa Vallalar Ramalinga Swamigal became divine light and united with the supreme lord ArutPerumJyothiAndavar.
As we know it is very rare to get this human birth. Our Vedas, puranas, Idhikaasas were all divine scriptures and it shows four divine states in which a human should strive and can achieve the supreme lord. The four divine states were called Sariayai, Kiriyai, Yogam and Nyanam.  Sariyai means devotion and by this path to achieve the divine wisdom and lord will take lot of births/Janmam. With extreme devotion divinity will be known and only after that one can achieve mukthi. Kiriyai means doing Yagam and pooja as done in temples, with extreme pooja, divinity will be realized and after that mukthi will be got.
With the techniques of Yoga like Pranayamam, VaasiYogam it will take lot of births for one to achieve Divinity. Only after extreme Yogas it is possible for one to achieve divine wisdom and after getting divine wisdom only one can get divine pleasure and divine bliss.
Nyanam – The effort of one to know himself will get oneself to divine wisdom faster. With constant and extreme effort to know oneself one can get the divine wisdom in this birth itself. We can become Nyani in this birth itself. Once we become Nyani then deathlessness is achieved. This is immortal state.
Devotion, Karma, Yoga will take lot of time and many births were needed for achieving divine wisdom. All these efforts will lead one in the state of Nyana. In the state of Nyana by doing penance one gets divine bliss.
“One who have completed the path of worshipping lord as Moorthi, Visiting the holy places and bathing in holy waters properly, for them they will get a SadGuru who will tell them way to divinity” – Saint ThayumanaSwamigal. So think about the above words from the saint. One who visits holy places often, one who always give food to the needy, One who always do good deeds and one who are always helpful and chaste, for them god will first show them to good and qualified guru. So with the help of the guru through whom one gets deekshai and one who does penance and divine donation will reach him. They are the one who will overcome death. After getting guru and from him learning and mastering the spiritual science of immortality and does penance will get divine wisdom and divinity.
To tell in short wherever you go and whatever you do in the end one who surrenders at the holy feet of guru will get divine wisdom and divinity. One who learns the spiritual science of immortality through a guru only will get mukthi.
So to learn the sacred spiritual science of immortality we need a qualified sadguru. For a human to become complete and for the union of jeevatma with Paramatma, to become deathless and to avoid rebirth and to achieve divinity he should learn this spiritual science of immortality. It is sadguru who is the teacher to this sacred divine science.
One who learns the education through a sadguru and does penance will become a human. We can’t call everyone human who have just the human body. A human who has taken birth because of his karma and who acts as per his karma and get struck in the illusion (Called Maya) will be caught in the repeated birth and death cycle. It is very difficult for him to overcome this birth death cycle (called Samsara Saagaram) till he gets a good sadguru.
It is sadguru who imparts us the knowledge of deathlessness and give us necessary experience for us to attain necessary spiritual maturity and deathlessness. This science of spiritual immortality is not something that is very difficult. This path is the path of Nyana. Nyana is easier than the path of devotion. Nyana is easier than the path of karma. Nyana is easier than the path of Yoga. Only thing is one has to get a qualified and divine sadguru.
We should first understand what is meant by deathless education. We could have seen in the magazines which displays that a person after death has attained the post of SivaLoga or the post of VaikuntaLoga? No way this is possible. When one dies he will reach heaven or hell. He has to take birth again. One who dies will be born again. This is truth.
All the great people have worshipped and prayed lord not to make them born again. On seeing this our saint vallalar thought that i have already taken birth and only if this birth ends then i need to born again. Only if my present birth ends and death comes then only i will be born again.
We can take birth only if we undergo death. Is it not. If we don’t die birth will not occur to us again. We need not think about other birth. Our saint vallalar thought in this way. Since we have already taken birth and if we can avoid death in this birth itself we need not required to be born again.
So to avoid rebirth we have think ways of avoiding our death. Only then avoiding rebirth is possible. We should seek for a person who can teach us the way to deathlessness. We call a person as guru who imparts us materialistic knowledge. One who imparts us the divine knowledge of deathless can be called sadguru. Not everyone can become a sadguru.
No one can born without the presence of father and mother. Our parents have given us only the destructible body. In the destructible body it is lord himself who is present as our soul. In order to see the lord as our soul it is important to get a guru who is equivalent to our father and mother put together. Only with the upadesha and deekshai of a sadguru we were born again. In order to avoid birth after death we are born again in our body with the deekshai of sadguru.
Sadguru is one who awakes our soul and makes us realize ourself through the way of eyes and makes us to reach the supreme lord. Nyana Guru. Mother,Father and Guru (who is equivalent to both father and mother put together) and then only the supreme lord. One who has got a sadguru who is like father and mother to him can be considered to be a blessed person. Only such a Sadguru can impart the deathless divine education.

Below is one of the phrase from Thirumanthiram written by seer Thirumoolar

“For the Bounteous Lord

This heart is the sanctum holy,

The fleshly body is temple vast

The mouth is the tower gate;

To them that discern,

Jiva is Sivalinga;

The deceptive senses but the lights that illume.”

The divine book Thirumanthiram is the great holy book which shows the divine way to the whole world. In the above poem the saint Thiurmoolar clearly says that the human body is the temple and the sanctum in this body is where we find SivaLinga which is our soul. If we unite all our five senses and increase our divine light  by penance we can see the lord as our soul who is residing in our body. Another poem from Thirumanthiram tells about the relation between body and soul
“If the body gets weakend the life force weakens,
Such a person cannot seek the divinetruth and attain it,
I got the knowledge of conserving and developing my body and with that
I developed my body and so my life in it.”
See how big truth is easily told by Thirumanthiram. If we increase the divine light of the soul by doing penance and me maintain our body in healthier way then our body will not be destroyed, the divine light of the soul will increase and will attain the supreme infinite divine light of the supreme lord”.
“The purpose of attaining this body is to seek the lord within the body”

  • Saint Tamil Poet Avayaar.

Saint poet Avvayaar also exponents the importance of maintaining a healthier body. The supreme lord is who is present everywhere is also present in our body and is accessible through our eyes, knowing this by guru upadesha and doing penance on this divine light will get us divine wisdom/Nyana. This way is called Nyana Valli (Path to divine wisdom).
This way is the highest path and noblest path. This Nyana Valli is the only way with which one can reach the supreme lord and by his grace can get supreme pleasure and bliss. By this way of eye only all the great saints and seers have achieved divine greatness. There is no hint of doubt in it. This is the only way to realize lord and this is the true way.
To attain the everlasting soul we have to realize that lord called by names like Nirmalan (means one who is devoid of faults/impurities), Vimalan, Visweswaran(who can give anything and do everything), ParamPorul(One that is present everywhere) and heavenly father is accessible through the pupil of our eyes. This is the education for deathlessness.
Whatever you know, whatever you do and try you need to leave everything and should know that lord is present as the soul in our body and the way to reach him is through the pupil in our eyes. After knowing this you need to get deekshai from a sadguru and get the divine consciousness in eyes. With this you need to do penance on this consciousness and only then you will get divine wisdom. You need to do divine donation (see chapter 5) for achieving completeness.
There were crores and crores of saints and seers in india who gave discourses on Vedas, Upanishads and other scriptural literatures. There were crores and crores of people who have heard these divine discourses for many yugas. These seers and saints have come to this world whenever there is a need for them, and taught us about the MeiPorul (divine truth) and showed way for everyone to achieve divinity. For the past 150 years it is our saint and seer ThiruArutPrakasaVallalar who is the topmost seer in guiding people towards divinity. It is lord Buddha who took birth here and attracted people all over the world. People were attracted by the saints like Jesus Christ, Mohammed, GuruNanak and MahaVeer. There work is to make us to know about the supreme lord and show us the way towards the lord. These works were called divine donation.
The quality of these saints is to give the divine knowledge and bliss that they acquired to the whole world and to take the world towards good path. It is because of the love and compassion they had for the whole world. For this sake they have to suffer innumerable pains. This stupid world never realized the greatness of these saints when they lived among them.
This stupid world crucified Jesus Christ in the holy cross. This stupid world pelted stones on the saint Mohammed and made him to leave his place. This same stupid world gave poison to Socrates. It shot Mahatma Gandhi with the gun. Like this we can site so many instances. The reason for this is in this world the majority of the people were immersed in stupidness, ignorance and ego.
So this world gave the saint and seers and Nyanis lot of trouble. But the Nyanis accepted all these sufferings gracefully and still did only good to the people and had lot of love and compassion towards them. They all did divine donation. They struggled hard to remove the ignorance of the people. Not a single Nyani has seen any difference among people. They saw all people to be children of the supreme god. They showered love and compassion towards all the people. This is the character one occurs when he get the divine wisdom and becomes a Nyani.
From Songs of Vallalar we can see the nature of Nyanis.
“Wherever there is compassion in one’s nature there you can see the divine supreme grace light”.
“Whoever seeks to him it is divine supreme grace light which will fill their desires accordingly”.
These were the nature of any Nyanis or seers or saints. They mind will wither on seeing the withered crop. These were the nature of great Nyanis.
We have seen
“The purpose of this human body is to search the supreme lord within it”. This is Nyana or divine wisdom. The education which teaches this is the education for deathlessness.
Worship any people who have seen him(lord). Fall on the feet of those person who were teaching this education. Whatever Vallalar has taught in his Sanmarga is the Sanadhana dharma. This way of life (Sanmarga) is meant to make humans live as humans and not as animals. This way is to get divine consciousness in our eyes and reach lord. This is not something that is taught new. This is the way taught by all the Nyanis and seers and saints for reaching the supreme lord. All the Vedas talk about this Nyana only.
“A Sanmargi is one who will never die”
This is the answer given by vallalar when asked who is the true sanmargi. Sanmarga Sanga is for showing the way to deathlessness. In satya Nyana Sabhai during the auspicious day of ThaiPoosa Jyothi darshan will be shown. It is the demonstration of seeing the lord as divine flame/jyothi within. This is founded by vallalar to show people path to divinity. It demonstrates the divine experience one gets while doing penance. Vallalar is guiding the people without appearing directly and he is the one who opens our eyes and shows the way inside us. One who knows this will know it. They will be made known by their knowledge. One who has faith will receive the divine wisdom or Nyana. People with faith will see their divine light in their eyes. They will see their pupil and they will see the supreme lord.
There is a saying which tells “People way of living will be reflected in the way they die”. One can understand whether one has done good or bad deeds after his death.
This is for ordinary and normal people. But for great people they can remain deathless by suppressing their soul and attaining the state of Samadhi. This is a great state to achieve.
But still great were the people who by doing penance will convert this body made of 5 elements in to any one of the elements. This is still a higher state. Example for this state is of saint Pattinathar who took the form of shivalinga. Sri Rama merged with the waters of Sarayu river. All these acts were extraordinary and noble.
But much more divine and noble and highest is the state of becoming divine light. For this example we have saints like Bhadragriyaar, Andal, Nandanar, Manivasagar, ThiruNyanaSamandar who along with his near and dear ones achieved the divine light state. There were so many saints who achieved the divine light body in our country. I have spelt only few examples. We also hear that MahaAvathar Babaji has given darshan in the banks of ganga as divine light.
Jesus Christ came out from the grave as divine light. This is satya/truth. Vallalar tells “By the grace of ArutPerumJyothi Andavar (Lord of Supreme infinite grace light) the dead will come alive” and sings. Is jesus Christ not example for the above verse.
Oho people of the world! Do not see difference with respect to caste, creed, religion, language, race and nation. Read and think all the teachings by great saints and seers. You will realize that the truth is one only. The supreme lord is one. He is full of grace and divine light and is present everywhere. He is the ArutPerumJyothiAndavar and is without any beginning and end. He is present in our body as divine light in the pupil of our eyes. So lead a life of love and compassion. In order to deliver your jeeva/life do penance. Tell the divine secrets to everyone and this is divine donation. Do penance and divine donation else you will die.
“My way is deathlessness giving sanmargam. Come on oho people of the world let us all live a life of immortalness and divine bliss”. So you humans come to kanyakumari. I am teaching the same education for deathlessness as taught by vallalar and by his grace.
From Kanyakumari i am giving Nyana Upadesha and imparting the knowledge about divine thing (MeiPorul) and giving deekshai. For this purpose i have established “Thanga Jyothi NyanaSabhai” and by vallalar grace i am giving deekshai to all by the grace of vallalar. It is vallalar who is protecting me and giving grace. Vallalar has told “I will only run the Sanmargam” and through me he is making this words to come true. This Thanga Jyothi Nyana Sabhai is established with the help of donations received by my beloved students who have taken deekshai from me. So people come over here.
The state of Nyana is seeing the light in the pupil of the eyes and with just being there and doing penance. This is called mona nilai. This state of being just there is what conveyed by Aadhi guru Dakshinamurthy.  “Just be there” is what told by lord muruga who is also called “thakappan sami” to saint ArunagiriNathar. This is what taught by all the seers and saints who took birth in this world. This is the spiritual education for deathlessness. The reason for the birth of ThiruArutPrakasa Vallalar Ramalinga Swamigal in this world is to teach this spiritual education of deathlessness to the world. This is what this humble being is doing at present.
To this humble being and sinful person it is vallalar who overwhelmed me with his grace, gave me Thiruvadi Deekshai and made me to realize MeiPorul(truth), gave me good divine experiences , removed my evil karmas and after lot of hard trials mended me and then made me as guru and gave me lot of good souls as my disciples along with Thanga Jyothi Nyana Sabhai in kanyakumari and by this making me to teach the education of deathlessness to the world. It is our beloved vallalar who is with us everytime and guiding us. So you people come to kanyakumari for getting deathless life.
It is vallalar who showered his grace through the book Thiruvarutpa is also teaching this divine education of deathlessness to the world. In order to make one to realize this education he established SatyaNyanaSabhai in Vadalur. He established jyothi darshan as a demonstration for seeing the lord within as jyothi/divine flame. Maanasa pooja is nothing but “just being there” which is what taught by AadhiGuru Dakshinamoorthy , vallalar is calling us to realize this and by this achieve divine pleasure. Arutprakasa Vallalar is a great spiritual revolutionist.
Being called a human is the only criteria for learning this education for deathlessness. Having the good virtuous of human is the only criteria for learning this education. There is no difference among men.
“Did i shy to worship my Guru”
“Did i forget to give Kaanikai(offerings) to my Guru”
These were the words conveyed by vallalar in his book “ManuMurai Kanda Vaasakam”. So be humble and learn this education from the guru. Do divine donation. Learn this education of deathlessness without any fault, realize and understand it and do penance. Vallalar grace will be definitely got. Our Sadguru will always protect us.
Being humble before the guru, worshipping him, giving him necessary offerings learn the teachings of deathlessness and get Thiruvadi Deekshai.
It is he who has learned the education of deathlessness from a sadguru and got to know about meiporul and one who have got deekshai through the eye of a sadguru and who does penance is considered to be a worshipable person.
“In the Pupil of the eyes keeping his mind still
In the sky where the truth is present
Who thinks day and night and worships
Is the person i worship as my lord”
This is the divine song sung by Thayumana swamigal. We can see the seer doesnot say that he worships the lord. He worships the person who always does penance  by realizing that the supreme being who is present in the sky as supreme divine light  and who is the truth is also present in the pupil of the eye and keeps his mind always there day and night and by this way does penance is the lord whom i worship.
So who has learnt this education of deathlessness and the person doing penance is the worshippable person. If this is what told by seers and saint then realize the greatness of this education and penance. We can clearly see this is the state of great divinity. Don’t you want to know about this? Don’t you want to gain divine wisdom? Come.
So for lot of people has written so many things and published as book telling that they are explaining divine wisdom. But none has written about the divine wisdom and divine secrets openly as written by this humble being. It is because of the guidance of vallalar, by the way of his eyes and because he is making this humble being write the books i was able to write and publish about 26 books explaining this divine wisdom through them.
I am the humble follower of spiritual revolutionist vallalar. Because of the motivation given by him and by his grace only i was able to disclose all the divine secrets openly.
Oho people who have established big ashrams and calling themselves spiritual gurus, at least after seeing my books you can with clear mind tell the divine secret (divine wisdom) which is “the supreme being is present in the pupil of everyone’s eye as divine light and doing penance on this divine light is the way to reach lord.” So disclose this to all, let all people attain divine wisdom and realize themselves and reach the supreme being.
Leaving aside all the hatredness and realizing the oneness of the soul and with open and broad mind disclose the divine secret to all. First you realize the truth. One who come and seek you always tell them the true path to supreme lord.
Never tell that you can do whatever you want and just doing penance is sufficient. This should never be the case. You tell how one should be and tell them about sanmarga which is living virtuous and disciplined life. Only if you lead a virtuous life as told in sanmarga which is sanadhana dharma one can get divine wisdom or Nyana. Persons who does not lead a virtuous and good life can never get Nyana. One who has improper or bad habits will spoil his own body. His mind will be spoiled. Their bad karma will increase. If this is the case then how can one even think of getting divine wisdom and divinity and Nyana. Beware of the persons who act as noble one, there were so many persons acting like seers, if you go after them you are certainly ruined.
There are some people who have learned some things and claiming themselves as guru. And the disciples with those gurus fight among themselves after the guru’s death claiming themselves as the guru. This is spelt very well in ThiruManthiram as “Blind man and blind man lead by blind man will fall in the huge pit”. In this way it warns us about the fake gurus.
There are some people who try to teach their guru itself. Doesn’t a guru know what is right? They order guru to listen to their words. These people are big idiots and they don’t have any qualification to be good student or disciple and they can never realize the truth and can never attain divine wisdom.
Guru is God. Guru’s words are Vedas. Seeing  guru will help to overcome the burdens of karma. Guru’s feet are the ultimate divine destination. Service to the Guru is the biggest divine service. One who humbles and worships a guru only will get divine wisdom. One who praises his guru will get completeness in divinity. One who always does penance by just being there with guru as everything and all thing will definitely reach the supreme lord.
Spiritual education of deathlessness is the spiritual art of deathlessness. If we are there without death then we will attain the state of not being born again. This is what all the seers and saints have asked lord. This is what told by Vedas as the highest state of deathlessness.

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