Divine Songs of TiruVarutpa – Fourth Essence

The below article is english translation of the Tamil book “TiruVarutPaaMaalai – NaalanChaaru” Written by Gnana Sarguru SivaSelvaraj which contains explanation of the 4th , 5th and 6th Chapter of Tamil Spiritual Book “TiruVarutPa”. Read the chapters slowly and deeply.

This article is updated continuously  whenever significant portion of English translation is made. Translation is done for meaning of the songs while Songs itself were transliterated.

Below is the start of translation:

The highest eminent spiritual book”TiruVarutpa” was written by TiruArut Prakasa Vallalar Ramalinga Swamigal.

Vallalar allowed to publish TiruVarutpaa because of the continuous plea from his disciple Irukkam Rathina Mudaliyaar. These Spiritual Songs were split in to six volumes and published as six books by another Vallalar disciple Tholuvoor Velaayuda Mudaliyaar.

With Firm faith that TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar will delightfully speak within my consciousness the true explanation of his great work TiruVarutPaa this humble being accepted to write this book. This humble being have already published three volumes of book containing true explanation of first three volumes of TiruVarutPaa. This books contains true explanations (MeiGnana Urai) of 4th , 5th and 6th Volume of TiruVarutPaa and hence named as NaalanChaaru (Fourth Essence).

Tiruvarutpa – FourthEssence

Fourth TiruMurai (Canto)

Fifth TiruMurai (Canto)

Sixth TiruMurai (Canto)

Fourth TiruMurai (Canto)


1. Kunjitha Paatha Padhigam (Song of Praise to the Young Holy Feet)

2. Potri ThirupPadhigam (Song of Praise to the Supreme Lord)

3. Ammai TirupPadhigam (Song of Praise to our Divine Mother)

4. Aanandha Nadana Padhigam (Song of Praise to the blissful Dance)

5. EthirKolPathu (Songs of Praise of Welcoming the Lord)

6. PuraMozhik Kirangal(Sufferings for not having God’s Grace)

7. TirupPugarPadhigam (Songs of Desire on the Supreme Lord)

 8. SinthaithTirupPathigam( Songs of Contemplation on the Supreme Lord)

9. Uigai TirupPathigam(Songs of praise towards Supreme Lord for Upliftment)

10.Abaratha Vinnapam(Penalty Petition)

11. KaliVinnappam(Kali Pettition)

12. Adimai Paathigam(Songs of Praise on servitude to the Supreme Lord)

13. SaranapPathigam(Songs of Praise on Surrender to the Supreme Lord)

14. PothuthThanith TiruVenbaa(Verses in Praise of Common Single Supreme Lord)

15. Thanith Tiru Viruththam(Verses on Matchless Single Supreme Lord)

16. TirukKuripu Naatam(Desire to know Lord’s Intention)

17. ThanithTirup Pulambal(Lamentation due to Separation with Supreme Lord)

18. ParamaRaasiyam(Kingdom of Supreme Being)

19. TirupPugalchi(Adulation of the Supreme Lord)

20. TiruMaruntharul Nilai(Divine Medicine Gifting Gracious State)

21.Tiruvarul Vilaasam(Grace of Supreme Lord Address)

22.Siva Chidambara Sangeerththanam(Rhythmic Songs on Siva Chidambaram)

23.Sivagaamavalli Thuthi(Worship on Goddes Sivagaamavalli)

24.Siva Param Porul

25.Nataraasa Alangaaram(Decoration of Songs to Lord Nataraja)

26.PaangiMaar Kanni(Garland of Songs Sung to Female Companion)

27. Vennilaak Kanni (Garland of Songs for White Moon)

28.Muraiyeetuk Kanni (Songs of complaint)

29.Tiruvadik Kanni(Garland of Songs for Holy Feet)

30.Peranbuk Kanni(Songs of HigherSpiritual Love)

31.Natesar Kummi(Rhythemic Songs of Dance for Dancing Lord)

32.Tholiyar Uraiyaadal(Conversation of Female Friends)

33. Thendanitten(Fell Flat on the Holy Feet)

34.Innum Thayavu VaraVillaiyaa (Still You got no Compassion on me?)

35.Vinaa Vidai(Question & Answer)

36.Natraai Kavanrathu (Sadness of Good Mother)

 37.Sallaaba Lagari (Wave of Pleasent Conversation)

38.ThalaiMagalin MunnaMudibu (Eldest Daughter’s First Decision)

39.Vetkaik Gotthu  (Bunch of Desires)

40.Aranilai Vilakkam (Description of Supreme Law)

41. ArulNilai Vilakkam (Grace State Explanation)

Fifth TiruMurai (Canto)


1. Anbu Maalai  (Garland of Love)

2. ArutPrakaasaMaalai (Garland of Brightness of Grace)

3. Pirasaatha Maalai (Garland of boons of Lord)

4. Aananda Maalai (Garland of Bliss)

5. Bhakthi Maalai (Garland of Devotion)

6. Soundara Maalai (Garland of beauty and Loveliness)

7. Athisaya Maalai (Garland of Wonders)

8. Abaraatha Mannipu Maalai (Garland of Penalty Forgiveness)

9. Aaludaiya Pillaiyaar ArunMaalai (Garland of Brightness for Aaludaiya Pillaiyaar – TiruGnanaSambandar)

10. Aaludaiya Arasugal ArulMaalai (Garland of Grace for Aaludaiya Arasugal – TiruNaavukkarasar)

11. Aaludaiya Nambigal ArulMaalai (Garland of Grace for Aaludaiya Nambigal – Sundarar)

12. Aaludaiya Adigal ArunMaalai (Garland of Brightness for Aaludaiya Adigal – MaanickaVaasagar)

Sixth TiruMurai (Canto)


1. ParaSiva Vankkam(Worship of ParaSivam)

2. TiruchChitrambalath TheivaMani Maalai (Garland for GodlyBead of TiruchChitrambalam)

3. Aatraamai (Concerns)

4. Pirappavam Poraathu Petural (Distress due to unbearable vanity in birth)

5. Maayai Valikku Alungal (Weep due to Pain of illusion)

6. Muraiyeedu (Appeal)

7. Adiyaar Peru (Boon of Devotees)

8. Aanma Visaarath Thalungal (Weep during Contemplation on Soul)

9. Avaa Aruththal (Removal of Desires)

10. TharSudanthiram Inmai (NonExistence of Self Independence)

11. Atthuvithaanantha Anubava Idaiyeedu (Rendering of Blissful Experience of Advaidam)

12. Pillaich Siru Vinnappam (Small Pettion from the Child)

13. Pillaip Peru Vinnappam (Bigger Pettition from the Child)

14. Maayayin Villakkam (Explanation of Maayai (Illusion))

15.Apayath Thiran(Strength of Refuge)

16. Aatra Maattaamai (Inability to bear)

17. Vaathanaik kalivu (Removal of Agoni)

18. Abayam Iduthal (Seeking Refuge)

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