Enquiry on Truth (SatVisaaram) – Vallalar

How to do SathVisaaram (Enquiry on Truth) – Vallalar

In this article we are going to discuss about “How to do Enquiry on truth” called as “SathVisaaram” by Vallalar.

In the name of doing SathVisaaram , lot of vallalar devotees are arguing with each other about the nature of truth and discussing in the internet by saying, “we are doing enquiry on truth (sath visaaram)”and few others are trying to explain “truth” with the help of science.

But Is vallalar saying this as “SathVisaaram”??

Vallalar  has clearly said  ”The Supreme Lord can only be realized through Soul’s Knowledge and only God can teach us what we need to know”.

So we should understand that truth cannot be known just by reading books, science or indulging in arguments.

Through these methods we are using our intellects like mind, intelligence and ego to know the truth. The intellects and senses are impure in us and hence they can never reveal the truth to us. So they are not enquiry on truth and this is not “SathVisaaram”.

Below is what Vallal Peruman said on the ways to “Enquire the truth” which is :

“Enquiry on Truth (SathVisaaram) means continuously deliberating on the greatness of Supreme Lord, Quality and nature of our soul, Our lowness and submitting all our faults in the Lotus Feet of Lord”.

Read again the lines uttered by Vallal peruman before reading the following paragraph.

Vallal peruman had described very deeply about “Enquiry on truth” in “Peru upadesam” and “urainadai paguthi”. We will see them below:

SathVisaaram(“Enquiry on Truth”)= sath + vi  + saram .

  1. sath=sath or sathiyam(meaning truth)

The one which can’t be destroyed by any means in our body is our soul and the soul is termed as truth because it is immortal.

  1. Vi= vilakkuthal (meaning get rid off )
  2. Saram= thunbam(meaning sorrows)

So SathVisaaram means getting rid of the sorrows of soul.

“Enquiry on Truth” = “Enquiry on Truth” means getting rid off sorrows of the soul and also a question arises “which is causing sorrows to our soul?”. This is again explained by Vallalar which is :

“Soul’s sorrows or soul’s flaws is due to the 7 screens or veils which hides the soul”.

“Enquiry on Truth or SathVisaaram ” is a trying to get rid off this 7 screens which are giving sorrow to the soul.

So now how to do SathVisaaram. Vallalar tells the way to SathVisaaram is to  “Constantly thinking and praising the Supreme Lord without any interval and requesting the supreme lord to clear our faults and flaws by submitting our faults in the Lotus feet of Lord”.

Praising God and Thinking about our lowness are those two that will make our mind melt towards God (Mind melting towards God is devotion) and gives us humbleness.

“So, we need strong devotion to God and humbleness for SathVisaaram” and then we should submit our flaws in the holy feet of God” as said by vallalar.

Here when we are notice deeply, vallalar said to submit our flaws in the holy feet of God and not directly to the God. What this means?

We have already knew our flaws are the 7 screens that cover our soul.

Next we want to know

  • Where is the holy feet of God?
  • How to surrender our flaws to the holy feet of God?


Vallalar has praised the holy feet of lord by singing lot of songs about holy feet of God in his work Tiruvarutpa and in the section “Thiruvadi pugazhchi” . Below are some of the songs extracted from Tiruvarutpa.

Trans-literation of a song ThiruArutpa..!

“Kaanum Kangaluku kaatum oliyai , kaatum  olithanukku

Kaatuvikkum oliyai poonum Thiruvadigal” – ThiruArutpa

Translation of ThiruArutpa.!

“For the Seeing eyes it is the light which gives vision, For the vision giving light it is the light that makes it to give vision is adorned as Lotus Feet of Lord”

The above lines describes that the lotus feet of God behaves as the eye, eye’s pupil light and the light even for the eye’s pupil light.


Transliteration of a Song in Tiruvarutpa:

“Saathirangal ellaam thadumaatram solvathanri

Neathirangal pol neer kaata neravae.

Neathirangal thiruchitrambalvaan tiruvarutseer ena utru arinthen uvanthu”

Translation of the above song:

Merely reading the religious text will lead only to confusion. Only by looking within us through the divine light of eyes will the truth be revealed. Our eyes are the spiritual gift to us by the Supreme Lord.

The Lotus Feet of Lord is called as Tiruvadi and is what described in all our articles in this site (

Only the divine light of eyes which is in subtle (Sutchumam) dimension can destroy the karmic screen of our soul. Hence Vallalar is asking us to submit our faults in the Lotus feet of Lord.

How to surrender our flaws to the holy feet of God?

 Vallal peruman said in “perupadesam” that the pure heat only has the ability to unveil our karma screens. The Lotus feet of God only has the potential to create this pure heat in our body.

So requesting at lotus feet of God means “Creating pure heat in the eye’s pupils using the eye’s pupil light. The heat that is created in the lotus feet of God by eye’s pupil light is called as pure heat.

Why this pure heat is not created in Normal human beings even though they have eye’s pupil light?

For a normal human beings God remains only as a witness of our Karmas and he is inactive inside us. How to make the Lord within us to act.

To understand it let us look at how the divine light of eye is available in subtle dimension in our eyes.

In the center of the pupil of the eyes there is a small hole of the size of pin tip and in this hole the divine light of soul is displayed/emitted. This divine light is hidden in subtle dimension (Sutchuma) by 7 karmic screens. The divine light of our eyes can only be induced (made to act)/Simulated by penetrating the 7 karmic screens by the other divine light from God Realized Saints like Vallalar. Who induces this light is called Guru and this is called Initiation by Fire. Without this initiation the divinity inside us is not awakened and we are bound by our fate / karma.

Because of this reason only, our saints said “Without Guru’s blessings, One can’t get the God’s blessings”.

How can we get the light of Vallal Peruman?  Vallal Peruman became as a great divine light. We can’t see him through our naked eyes. So Vallal Peruman will initiate and enter into us through a Human Guru.

God only gave us this soul but through our father and mother only, we came here. Likewise, We need a human Guru to get Vallal Peruman’s light into us. A Guru who becomes the medium for getting Vallal Peruman into us is called as “Gnana Sarguru”.

For that only, Vallal Peruman said in many times in his books that one should get a Guru. This is called as “Thiruvadi Theetchhai”. Theetchai means clearing the impurities and also means  Theetchai  = Thee + Aatchai. (Thee -> Fire and Aatchai means Eyes. Kindling the fire in the eys)

Removing the impurities to make the divinity active in us is called as Deekshai. Getting ways to generate the pure heat in our eyes and also to allowing Vallalar inside us is Deekshai. Merging our mind in this pure heat with the guidance of Vallalar is what submitting our faults in the Lotus feet of Lord. Mind is the worker of Karma and by merging our mind in this pure heat the karmic layer is slowly removed. This is what is called Penance or Tiruvadi Thavam.

Vallal Peruman said that One who does this Penance with devotion can get more pure heat than the Yogi who is doing meditation in the forest. Keeping our mind always in the lotus feet of God is called as “Do Nothing and Just be there.”

One who is doing this enquiry in the above said way continuously, his karmic layers will be removed slowly and God will become active inside us.

God will tell us what we need to know and we will get what we need from God. This is the device of  Pure Sanmargam.

Without this penance mere reading books or arguments will lead us nowhere. Because when mind acts it increases one’s karma and it will take us away from truth.

Some Songs in Tiruvarutpa with Translation:


Ninainthu Ninainthu Unarnthu Unarnthu Nekilnthu Nekilnthu Anbae

                Nirainthu Nirainthu Utraelum Kanneer athanaal udambu

Nanainthu Nanainthu Arulamuthae Nanithiyae Gnana

                Nadatharasae En Urimai Naayaganae enru

Vanainthu Vanainthu Ethuthum Naam Vammin Ulagiyaleer

                Maranamilla Peru Vaalvil Valnthidalaam Kandeer

Punainthuraien Poi Pugalaen Sathiyam Solkiraen

                PorSabayil ChirSabaiyil Puguntharunam Ithuvae

Tiruvarutpa 6th Chapter

[Meaning : With eyes kept open and thinking again and again on the divine light in the pupil of eyes with the help of divine consciousness got by the grace of Guru and then merging our mind in this divine consciousness is the Penance of Gnana. One should completely melt by this penance and by the love of lord. With this one will get the blissful deathless life. This is true, promise and it is not exaggerated. Oho people of the world this is the time  to enter in Porsabai and ChirSabai (our eyes).]

Karumbanaiyaal En Iru Kankalil Irunthaal

                Karpaga Pon Valli Sivakaama valliyudanae

Virumbu Mani Pothuvinilae Vilangiya Nin Vadivai

                Vinai Udaiyaen Ninaikinra Velaiyil en Pugalvaen

Irumbanaiya Manam Nekilnthu Nekilnthu Urugi Oru

                Perinba Mayamaagum enil Anbar Kanda Kaalam

Arumbi Malarnthita Sivaananda Anubavathai

                Yaararivaar Nee Arivaai Ambalathu Em Arasae

TiruVarutpa 4th Chapter

[Meaning : The Supreme Lord as Mother Goddess who always give bliss and divine pleasure is in my two eyes. This humble being with iron like mind melted with always thinking the divine form of lord in the eyes. By doing this penance and melting with love i got great divine bliss and pleasure along with great Experiences of Gnanam. Who will know all these other then you oho my Lord.]


Katrathu enrum Saagaatha Kalvi Enru KanduKondun

Arputha Chitrambalathil Anbu Vaithaen Iyaavae

[Meaning : Whatever I learned is only the Education of Deathlessness and because of this education I loved the great place of Chirtrambalam (Pupil of our eyes) oho my Supreme Lord]

Oor Thunai nin Pon Adi Enru Enukinrae unnai anri

Aar thunaiyum Vendaen en Anbudaiya Iyaavae

Tiruvarutpa 5th Chapter

[Meaning : Other than your holy feet (divine light of our eyes) I will seek no other shelter and help from others oho my loving Supreme Lord.]


Let all Living beings live with bliss


ArutPerum Jothi                                                              ArutPerum Jothi

ThaniPerum Karunai                                                      ArutPerum Jothi




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