Five United in One

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The below is the English translation of the 5th chapter of the book VallaYaar written in Tamil by our Sad Guru Thiru.Shiva Selvaraj.  Previous 4 chapters were already posted in the website.

Five United in One

(Chapter 5)

“Oho white moon, the great men say there is One in Five”   – Vallalar in Thiruvarutpa.

The songs in Thiruvarutpa is full of Gnanam (divine wisdom), a sample is what told above.

There were so many people who have given lot of explanations to the songs in Thiruvarutpa. Vallalar who has written Thiruvarutpa is full of divine wisdom or Gnanam. I request everyone that with this in mind try to find the meaning of the songs.

The so called Sanmargis will sing all the songs in Thiruvarutpa. But they don’t know the meaning of even a single song.

Those who recite the divine songs after understanding the true meaning only will go inside the residence of siva” – Thiruvasagam by Manichavaasagar.

Is it not better to just keep quiet rather than to sing a song without knowing the true meaning?

There are some others who call themselves sanmargis and who have written so many pages explaining the meaning of the songs in Thiruvarutpa.

This is the reason why vallalar has told that day itself as

You people debate and discuss using Vedas and Sastras and they have not told the truth directly. What is the use of them

People in the name of giving philosophical explanations were telling and writing whatever they think. Not only this they are also debating in the stages. They gather people who don’t have any interest on the topics discussed and using them they just display themselves proudly. In the name of vallalar they do lot of grand celebrations.

It seems none of the so called Sanmargams were true Sanmargams?  The people in these Sanmargams will just do donation of food and sing Thiruvarutpa. Still some people run the charity organizations of running school for the orphans, providing free shelter and home to the aged people and needy. Some people also run news papers. They do lot of good social works. They are indeed very good, no doubt in it? We can appreciate the social service these organizations do. But to do this we have rotary club and Lions club isn’t? Our Vallalar has thought something more and important than this, which is the Spiritual Education of Deathlessness. This is what the Sanmargis have to tell the world. Lot of people spent their whole life just by doing the act of feeding and going to latrine alone.

We should have done lot of good merits just to tell the name of our great saint Vallalar. Does everyone need not know the Education of Deathlessness thought by this greatest and noblest saint Vallalar? Anyone who has true love over vallalar has to tell only this Spiritual Education of Deathlessness to others.

All the so called Sanmargams should become as true Sanmargams. How? Every Sanmargams should become as the school teaching this great spiritual education of deathlessness. The Sanmargams should show the way to all the people and guide them towards this noble state of great life of Deathlessness. This should be the primary and first duty of every Sanmargams. Only one who do this can be called a true and real Sanmargi! Only those people will get the complete blessings of Vallalar.  When vallalar sings as “Oho white moon” he means the moon in our body which is our left eye and he doesn’t mean the moon in the sky.

The moon which is our left eye denotes shakthi. The letter “Vu” (உ) in tamil denotes two(2) and it again represents our left eye and in this eye only it was told “There is one in Five”. Five here denotes Pancha Bhutha ( five basic elements which are Earth, Liquid, Fire, Air and Sky or Ether). In this five one element is fire or Agni. So the saying is, that there is divine fire inside our eyes and this is the meaning of the song and this is what told by noble and great people.

The fire in our left eye represents the moon light and it has 16 divine arts. Similarly the fire in our right eye represents the sun light and it has 12 divine arts.

Vallalar has asked us to always stand in the divine art of Sun, which means always have your mind and consciousness in the right eye. Why? In our universe all the planets and our moon gets its light only from the sun isn’t? Similarly when we keep our consciousness steadily in the divine art of sun (Light of our right eye) then the divine light starts from there and reaches moon (left eye). Moon also gets light and the divine light increases in moon.

The state of Sariyai In Gnana which is the 13th step in spirituality and the first step in Gnana is got by getting Deekshai from a qualified Sadguru and after this as per the words of Vallalar if one keeps their consciousness in the right eye (Sun) the divine arts of Sun will come out and will unite with the divine arts of moon.

In this way when we keep doing penance the divine light of divine art of Sun will come out one by one and will unite with the divine light of divine art of moon.

All the 12 divine light of divine art of Sun will unite with the 12 divine light of divine art of moon and when this happens our both eyes will glow with divine light. The remaining four divine arts of moon will go inside and unite with the divine art of Agni in the third eye (Seat of Soul). This Agni already has 8 divine arts and when this remaining four divine art of moon goes and unite there the divine arts of Agni will now become 12.

“If divine light of red sun penetrates the Sakthi which is moon, then that is the base for Mukthi”

–          Saint Poet Avayaar

So the 12 divine arts of Sun uniting with the 12 divine arts of moon and the rest 4 divine arts of moon adding up with the 8 divine arts of Agni to become 12. In this state all the 3 (Sun, Moon and Agni) will have 12 divine arts and will glow in the same state.  This is what the saying “Three divine flames uniting as One as the feet of supreme divine flame”. This is the first achievement and victory. “ChirSabai (Left Eye) and PorSabai (Right Eye) became mine” – Vallalar. If our right eye and left eye comes to the same state then we can get the darshan/vision of our divine flame of our soul in the Agni which is also called Gnana Sabai. So ChirSabai denotes our left eye and PorSabai denotes our right eye and Gnana Sabai denotes the seat of our soul. The building Sathya Gnana Sabai built by our vallalar denotes or represents this concept only. Our Vallalar also further clarifies as I Saw the Sathya Gnana Sabai within me”. There is a saying which goes as “Which is the place where the troublesome Pancha Bhutas ( 5 basic elements) unite ”, one who asks this question and give answer to this and clarifies can be considered as true guru.

This world is made of Pancha Bhutas which were Earth, Liquid/water, Fire, Air and Sky. One is inside other and similarly everything is present inside everything. Whatever we see in this world is the combination of these five elements only. Without one other doesn’t exist. This is the magnificence of supreme lord’s creation. Who can understand the greatness of this creation?

The only place where all the 5 Pancha Bhutas unite or can be controlled were our eyes only.

The flesh of our eyes is part of earth, we shed tears right and it is part of liquid/water. We would have observed that sometimes our tears come out very hot. It is because of the presence of fire inside our eyes. If you require the fire not to extinguish we need air right and so presence of fire denotes the presence of air as well. So we got four basic elements. Do you where is the pupil of our eyes? It is in the centre of the iris and it is not clinging to it. It is not physically touching our body. In the Iris it is floating in the life fluid present in the iris. This is the Sky.

So our eyes are the only place where all the five basic elements are present and unite. Such is the greatness and significance of our eyes.

Our body which is made of five basic elements and the only place in our body where all the 5 elements present together were our eyes.

When we do penance we have do with the eyes kept open. Doing Meditation with the eyes kept close is not penance.

When we do penance with our eyes open we get five difficulties. They are called as Saakiram, Soppanam, Sulithi, Thuriyam and Thuriyathidam.

Gnana is not doing this blindly. It is not doing penance with closed eyes. Doing Penance by keeping our eyes opened is the state of Gnana.

If we close our eyes darkness will result. If we open our eyes light will be there. If we open our inner eye then we can see the supreme divine light. So we need to open both our external and internal eyes.

Bible tells that eyes were the lamp of the body.

Our body which has more than half water in it, has to be dried out by increasing the divine light of our eyes and this is the achievement in Gnana. If you want to get darshan of supreme lord who is as supreme divine light then we need to increase the tiny divine light of our eyes by doing penance, and by this divine light we have convert our body which has more than half water in it as divine light and this is the benefit or attainment one gets by doing this penance. Our body should shed all the water in it and the divine light should increase. If we do meditation on the divine light of our eyes by keeping our eyes open then because of the divine heat generated the water in the body will dry out and divine light will increase. Right from the top of our head to our feet this divine pure heat will spread and will convert our physical handicapped body to divine light body.

This universe which is made of 5 basic elements is blessed by the supreme lord by performing the act of creation as Brahma, act of maintenance as Vishnu, act of destruction as Rudra, act of hiding as Maheswara and act of providing grace as SadaShiva.

So the universe made of 5 elements is run by the supreme lord as the lord of five divine acts. The supreme lord who is as supreme divine light divide itself as 5 and does this 5 divine acts.

There is a saying which goes as “The Mantra which is used to disperse/(drive away) the dog will help one to win over the lord of death”. Do you know what this Mantra is? In Tamil to drive away the dog we use to tell “Chi – Po”. This Chi is the letter in the mantra “NaMaChiVaYa” which is also called Panchatramantra. “Chi” in this Mantra denotes fire or Agni. So it means if you reach the divine art of Agni in our body then we can win over the death and attain deathless life.

In this way our noble ancestors have told about divinity in code words. The reason for that is to stimulate our thinking.

The Panchatramantra described above represents the five basic elements. More significant than this mantra is what our saint vallalar has given to us which explains the supreme lord’s state and his nature. This mantra is called MahaMantra and vallalar has given this to us.

Mantra is

“ArutPerum Jyothi ArutPerum Jyothi

ThaniPerum Karunai ArutPerum Jyothi”

When translated in English it becomes

“Supreme Infinite grace light Supreme Infinite grace light

Supreme Infinite Compassion Supreme Infinite grace light”

Do the penance by keeping your eyes open and tell the above Maha mantra by opening your mouth.

The five sense organs of skin, eye, ear, mouth and nose were functioning because of the divine energy of the soul. We feel, hear, see, taste and smell because of the divine energy of our soul. All this five sense organs will be united in the seat of soul which has divine light in it.

By using five sense organs our mind thinks and this is send to the intelligence which becomes as our wish and finally comes out as our act. Ever act happens like this only.

All the acts will give some or other karma. Our karmas has to be done off with. Only for this we need to do penance.

Till we have karma we have birth, only if we get rid of our karma, our birth stops. If we do something in the morning it will come back to you in the afternoon. Ever action has equal and opposite reaction. “You got the body as per your karma” – Siddhar song. So based on one’s karma one gets a birth. Our karma has to be completely got rid of. That is why we need to do penance. This birth we have taken only for the purpose of burning out our karma.  This karma is of three types 1. Prathuvam , 2. Sanchitham, 3. Aagamiyam.

The karma that comes along with our birth is Prathuvam. This is what defines our present birth. The actions/karma that we do in this present birth is called Aagamiyam. If we lead a good, virtuous, noble, honest and sincere life by being in the company of noble men, then by the grace of supreme lord we will get a SadGuru. We need to surrender to the guru and dedicate all our actions to the divine light of our eyes. Husband in Tamil is called as Kanavan which means he is our eyes. For the soul the only husband is the supreme lord who is also called Paramatma. Lord Krishna (In Tamil called Kannan meaning one who is in our eyes) is as divine light in our eyes. If we surrender to it then we do not get Aagamiyam.

After getting a guru and through him if we have our eyes opened and do penance regularly then we don’t get Aagamiya Karma. The disciple who does regular penance will have his Praptha karma done away by the grace of guru. When Aagamiyam and Prathuvam goes off the Sanchita Karma comes out. Sanchita karma is the total karma that we have accumulated in all our previous births and Prathuvam is small part of it. This Sanchitham also goes off like “The arrow that comes to our head goes off with the hat in the head”, guru will be always there with us and protect and help us.

As the karma goes off we will get closer to the supreme lord.

Even if one has done the PanchaMaPathagam (5 great sins), if he gets the guru upadesha and does penance he will become a noble and virtuous person.

The example for the above were the great saints like Valmiki Maharishi and Arunagiri Nathar. Similarly there were so many persons to site as example.

If were surrender to the holy feet of lord Krishna (kannan in Tamil) then we do not get any karma.

“I am not the doer and I am just the evidence”. If we live like this then we are free from all the karmas. We can swim over the ocean of birth and reach ashore.

If we do any act with our mind fixed on the divine light of our eyes then the karma arising out of the act will not come to us or affect us.

“A Muktar mind will always be in Monam despite whatever work he does or whatever difficulty he faces”

Monam or Silence denotes our eyes as it does not speak.

So if our mind rests on our eye then whatever karma we do will not come back to us. It goes to the lord Krishna (Kannan). Such a person is called Muktan. He only becomes a sithan.

“Without guru any divine effort will go as waste”, “Any divine art which is not initiated by guru will never be successful.”

“Without guru’s grace supreme lord’s grace will not be got”

Getting a good guru and getting Upadesha and Deekshai from him and if we always remain with hunger in soul and be alone with our soul and always with our eyes opened and alert we will get the post of Moksha.

In order for us to improve and develop our saint vallalar has given us 5 great graces. One is Samarasa Sutha Sanmarga Sathya Sangam, two is Dharma Saalai, third is Siddhi valaagham, four is Sathya Gnana Sabai and five is ThiruVarutpa.

Take saint Vallalar as your sadguru.

“One who does not humble in the lotus feet of a guru, for them the supreme lord will always remain elusive”.

If we live our life as per the teachings of vallalar then Sadguru will always be with us and guide us and get us the noble supreme life of deathlessness to us. This is truth and promise. Guruva Saranam. Guruvae Saranam. Guruvae Saranam.

Our Saint Vallalar got a body that is not destructible. He got a body which cannot be destructed by the 5 basic elements. His body cannot be destructed by any weapons of death. The supreme lord himself gave this divine light body to our saint vallalar. Our vallalar says that the supreme lord has given him a body of divine light which cannot be destroyed.

He calls everyone in this world telling that everyone can get the attainments as he has got.

Also do you know what vallalar prays to the supreme lord? He prays to the supreme lord to give all the people of this world the non-destructible divine light body and shower grace on all.

Even for us to get the grace of lord in a easier way he gives upadesha in the 13th state of Sariyai in Gnanam and gives us Deekshai and always be with us and guides and protect us in our efforts. Because of such a compassion he has we are calling him “Thiru Arul Prakasa Vallal Ramalinga Swamigal” (The great saintly person who is the philanthropist of divine grace and light).


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  1. Jagan September 23, 2013 at 7:25 pm

    Dear sir,
    Can you give me deeksha.

  2. Kuberan July 27, 2018 at 8:50 am

    Hi, Please clear my doubt, In thirumanthiram i read there are 10 divine arts for Agni, but here you have mentioned as 8 divine arts.

    Thirumanthiram 824 in Chandra Yoga :
    Kalas of Sun, Moon and Fire Enumerated Twelve the Kalas of Sun Sixteen the Kalas of Moon Ten the Kalas of Fire Thus are the Kalas in number, Know you well and true.

    Which one is truth ? I am confused.. Please explain

    • admin July 30, 2018 at 10:49 am

      Hi Kuberan

      No where in Chandra Yoga it is mentioned Fire has 10 Kalas. It may be incorrect translation. Agni has 8 divine arts and is in the place of 10. In the place of 10 (Seat of Agni) is where all three Chandra, Sun and Agni unite and rises. Hope it clarifies.

      Best Regards
      Thanga Jothi Gnana Sabai

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