Swami Siva Selvaraj Ayya Upadesam

Gnana Sarguru Siva Selvaraj Ayya gave “Guru Peedam” to nine of his disciples in the Thai Poosam day of the year 2014. (Thanga Jothi Gnana Sabai GuruMaars) He delivered the following Upadesam to the beloved people of Thanga Jothi Gnana Sabai.

Below is the english translation of his speech. To read and watch video of his speech in original tamil please visit this link (

In our holy land there are many Siddhars and Gnanis. Many People worship the Siddhars and sing praises on them. Many people worship the angels and sing praises on them. Siddhars and Angels give grace to the people who praise and worship them.

But the great saint our TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar is not like that. You need not even think of Vallalar. If a person has true spiritual thirst and whichever part of the world he is located and whosoever he is, Vallalar himself will go to him, gives him his grace, shows him the right way and takes him to higher state. This is the unique matchless compassion Vallalar has. Even Siddhars do have such Compassion. But Vallalar compassion is greater and in higher state as Vallalar is the form of Compassion and Mercy.

If you want to define and explain Vallalar as per dictionary we have to say Vallalar means Compassion. In order for everyone to get this Compassion Sathiya Gnana Sabai and Jothi Darshan were made. How to make everyone know about this!? Today lot of people do not even know about Vallalar. If this is so then how will they understand what he has said? Along with this there is also this situation where some people are hiding the truth calling it as secret.

Without hiding anything, we in Thanga Jothi Gnana Sabai were teaching this knowledge (Gnanam) to everyone. We are publishing so that all can know this. How is the Supreme Lord ArutPerumJothi Aaandavar who is as divine light of your soul (Aathma Jothi) is expressed in you? How you have to approach him? The answer to this is “Upadesam” and “Deekshai.”

All person can get this Upadesam and Deekshai. There is no difference in terms of caste, religion, race or language. One being born as human is the qualification.In order to praise and humble before Guru there are some formalities. One has to follow it obtain Deekshai and do Thavam (Penance). That’s it.

All can do Thavam (Penance).

Why one has to do Thavam!?

In order be in a good state. In this world we are born as humans. We have taken birth only to lead a good life. No Siddhars or Gnanis have asked one to go to the forest. No one has asked to become a acetic.  All has advised one to “Live in oneness with the society” and “Live together”. You are also part of the society. Take care of your family. Do your duty towards the society. You also live and also make others to live. This is what all the Saints have told.

Which is Good Life?

The Tamil Lady Saint Avvaiyaar in her work “Aathi Sudi” defines how to live a good life like

“Wake up early in the morning (dawn)”,

“Worshiping in the temple is very good”,

“Respect, Praise and Salute the elders and Saints”. Like this Gnanis have given us so many good virtues. Following these virtues in our life and getting a good guru and knowing the true Gnanam is the goal and purpose of our human birth.

“It is very rare to attain human birth”.  We have taken the birth of human. Only in the form we are as humans. But how is our character!? Based on the character only the Siddhars give names to the persons. The point here is we have taken birth as human and truly we have to live like humans.

Till this time whatever way we have lived is fine. But from today let us be as good humans. Let us live with high moral and discipline. Let us lead our life on the path defined by our saints.  Whatever sins we have committed till yesterday does not matter if we take a strong stance to lead a noble life from now. The Saint Arunagiri Nathar did many mistakes and sins initially but still Lord Muruga gave him his darshan and overwhelmed him with his grace. The Supreme Lord is our father and mother isn’t.  He will forgive us, protect us, gives us his grace and deliver us.

If one leads his life with firm belief in the Supreme Lord and following the path told by Vallalar then our life will become auspicious. The main requirement for this is to know “our self”. In order for us to realize “our self” the Thai Poosam Jothi darshan is made. First understand this. The Supreme Lord “ArutPerum Jothi Aandavar” is within us and expressing himself as the divine light of our soul (Aathma Jothi). This Aathma Jothi, Soul is present in all of us. But none knows that it is present. No one can tell where the soul is present in our body!? Nor has any one told about it. Only the spiritually enlightened persons has told about the place of the soul and has given directions of how to act. No one else have told about it. This can never be found by science and it is not something that can be found as well.

In the state of spirituality by doing Thavam (Penance) only we can have self-realization. This is the purpose of Upadesam. Tiru Arut Prakasa Vallalar has shown the way.

Today you have all taken Upadesam. If asked where is the Supreme Lord? What will you tell?

God is within us. Yes he is there everywhere. He is there in temple. Whichever place we see he is there. He is present as atom within atom. He is Omnipresent. But how many places have you seen the Lord who is omnipresent? In how many temples have you seen him? Wherever you go there will be a statue or a photo.  Idol worship only is there in all temples? Isn’t!?

Who has seen the Supreme Lord!? We are given faith in the name of Lord. But whatever we have seen is only a statue. That is for our faith. For a child we show a picture to explain the reality likewise our saints have built temple and kept the idol worship and shown the idol to us as God. This is in the state of Bhakti (devotion) and is for the children.

When we grow in spirituality we start to think that the statue in temple is only stone but why do the Gnanis tell to us as God!? When we start thinking in the next state we will realize that the Gnanis have told us to see the Lord within us who is shown as stone.

Going to temple and showing devotion is like studying in LKG. In temple also God is kept as stone. Why do they keep the God as stone? Ok you all visit the temple, what do you do there in the temple? Wherever you see the God you go near to it and sing verses praising the lord, recite some mantra and tell all your worries and desire to it. But will the God hear any of your prayers!?

How does it listen? Is it not stone!? Any how you go to the temple and you are only keep chanting mantras and talking with it.  If the Lord is really present what will it tell if you keep on talking!? Let us take one example. Today we have telephone and mobile phone. You call your friend say hello and keep talking. What will your friend do?  How can your friend speak if you keep speaking? If you want your friend to speak what should you do? First you have to stop talking. Only if you stop talking will the friend will speak.  Likewise you have to stop talking in the temple. Stop telling your worries and desires to the Lord in the temple.Then what should we do in the temple?

We have to “Do Nothing & Keep Calm” (Summa Iru).  This is the truth told by Gnanis. Only if we remain calm and do nothing we can hear the voice of Lord.  If you only keep talking what can the God do? You cannot hear him. So if you stop talking you can hear what God is speaking.

Why does Lord is kept as statue in all the temples!? You can see the lord anywhere. You can definitely see the lord in any of the temples. Our ancestors and Saints were not fools.  There is a reason and rationale behind everything they did.

The rationale behind keeping the lord as stone in temple is that you go and sit before the stone and be like stone and then the lord which is as stone will speak with you.  Sitting before the idol and stopping all your thought waves , keeping calm and doing nothing (summa iru) then the stone will speak with you. This is the small thing that our saints and Siddhars have told us.

So for the question will the stone speak? Yes the stone will speak to whom sit like stone before it.

Some of the Siddhar verses about Summa Iru (Do Nothing and Keep Calm) is like this.

Transliteration of those songs:

“Sinthaiyaai addaki Summa Irupathae arithinum arithu kaan”

“Summa irupathe sugam allaamal veru onrum thunai illai”

Translation of those songs:

“Rarest of Rare things is to suppress the thoughts and do nothing”

“Bliss is to “remain calm and do nothing” (Summa Iru) and other than that nothing is our companion”

Summa Iru is what all the Gnanis and Siddhars of the world has given as Upadesam.

Who is the first Guru of this world? Aadhi Guru DakshinaaMurthy. In the beginning of times AadhiGuru DakshinaaMurthy gave Upadesam to the four sons of Lord Brahma (Lord of Creation) who were called Sanagaathi Sages. The Sons of Brahma – Sanagaathi Sages were well versed in all the scriptures and are highly knowledgeable as they are the sons of Lord Brahma. They knew everything other than the explanation of the Supreme Lord. They do not know “Who is Lord? What is the Way to attain him”.

With this in mind they prayed sincerely and with full of devotion and with their mind melting with devotion. They prayed to the lord to show them the way to divinity. They were very distressed without knowing the path to divine wisdom.

During that time a figure appeared before them. It was sitting before them. Sanagaathi Sages Contemplated as “We thought of the Lord and suddenly a figure appeared before us.” It was sitting in silent. So there is no way to ask it. It is keeping calm and doing nothing. Sanagaathi Sages came to the conclusion that since we seek the lord the figure that appeared before us must be the Lord himself. Since it did not talk anything they studied the appearance of the figure and its nature- the nature of the Lord DakshinaaMurthy.

The great Saint ParamJothi Mahaan in his great work “TiruVilaiyaadal Puranam” has given a great song which brings the nature and appearance of Lord DakshinaaMurthy. Complete Gnanam is bought out in this divine song:

Transliteration of the Song.

“Kallaalin Pudai Amarnthu NaanMarai

                  Aarangam Mudal Katra Kelvi

Vallargal Naalvarukum Vaakirantha

                Puranamaai Maraiku Appaalaai

Elaamaai Alathuvaai Irunthathanai

                Irunthapadi irunthu Kaatiyae

Sollamaal Sonaavarai Ninaiyaamal

                Ninainthu Pavathodakkai Velvom”


[ Sitting below the tree of Stone, to the four who were well versed in four Vedas and six auxiliary sciences of Vedas, the silent complete one who is beyond the Vedas and who is as everything but beyond everything , Showed the truth “how it is” and “as it is” “and by being that” , the one who told without speaking We shall think him without thoughts and win over our Sins/Karma.]

The Sage ParamJothi Magan has completely bought the appearance and nature of the Lord DakshinaaMurthy in this Song. Let us see what it is.

Lord DakshinaaMurthy is sitting before the Sanagaathi Saints. He is having Agni in his one hand and in the other hand he is having Udukai (Drum).  The nature and appearance of the Lord DakshinaaMurthy signifies how the Supreme Lord is and how to attain him.

The Supreme Lord is as Divine Light and Divine Sound. Light and Sound were the basis of Science. Even for Spirituality Light is the base.  So the Supreme Lord is as Divine Light and Divine Sound. He is expressed as Shakthi and Sivam. In one hand the Lord DakshinaaMurthy is having Vedas signifying that the Vedas talk about the Supreme Lord only who is as Light and Sound.

How to know him (Supreme Lord)? In his other hand Lord DakshinaaMurthy is keeping SinMudrai. So if we catch the SinMudrai we can get hold of the Supreme Lord.  The Supreme Lord who is explained in the Vedas and who is as Light and Sound can be known by keeping the SinMudrai. This wisdom Lord DakshinaaMurthy did not tell through words but his appearance and nature implied it. So we have to know what SinMudrai is.

How to keep SinMudrai? Touching the tip of thumb with the tip of index finger is not SinMudrai. It is Bharatha Naatiya Mudrai. The True SinMudrai is to touch the middle line of thumb with the tip of index finger. This is the true SinMudrai.

If you catch the SinMudrai you can know the Supreme Lord. This is conveyed by Lord DakshinaaMurthy without any words and being in that state. So by catching SinMudrai you can realize the Supreme Lord. Today lot of people make SinMudrai in their hand, close their eyes and do Thavam (Penance). If you remain like this nothing will be got!?  Even if you remain like this for 1000 years it is of no use. So first we have to know what the true meaning of SinMudrai is.  If you catch SinMudrai you can know the Lord. How it is!?

Vallalar also sing like this in TiruVarutpa “ParaSivam, SinMayam, Pooranam” which means the Supreme Lord who is everywhere (ParaSivam) is also as SinMayam and is the Complete One (Pooranam). So Catch SinMudrai means catch hold the eyes which is of the size of SinMudrai. The length of our eyes is same as the length from tip of thumb to the middle line of thumb.  Also by making the SinMudrai in your hand and if you look at it, it resembles your eyes.  So Catch the SinMudrai means catch hold the eyes which is of the size of SinMudrai.  “Who told without speaking” – Lord DakshinaaMurthy did not speak but made one to realize it. Sanagaathi Sages were intelligent and hence understood and realized it.

That is we thought about the Lord, a image appeared before us and from the appearance and nature of the image they understood what it implied. Understanding this the Sanagaathi Sages followed it and reached the Supreme Lord.

We saw “Catch hold of SinMudrai” means “Catching hold of the eyes”. How to catch the eyes, what it means!?

The Supreme Lord who is as light and Sound is expressing and displaying himself in our eyes. So know the divine light of your eyes. Realize it through a Guru. Do Penance on this and you will reach the Supreme Lord. Lord DakshinaaMurthy have conveyed this wisdom not through his speech. This implies how you should be. You should also keep silent and do nothing (Summa Iru). This is what conveyed by DakshinaaMurthy by himself being in the state of Summa Iru. So you have to catch the eye and Summa Iru.

The next thing is do we need to close our eyes? We have to keep our eyes opened. At least half of our eyes should be open. If we open our full eyes it is called “Pournami Dirusti” (Pournami means full moon).  If we half open our eyes it is called “Prathama Dirusti”.  If we completely close our eyes it is called “Ammavaasai Dirusti” (AmmaVaasai means New Moon).

When doing Thavam (Penance) first close your eyes pray the Guru and come to “Pournami Dirusti”. By increasing the divine Consciousness of the eyes in the “Pournami Dirusti” come to “Prathama Dirusti”  and remain in this state whatever time you want. You can remain in the “Prathama Dirusti” for whatever time is what conveyed by Lord DakshinaaMurthy.

“Summa Iru” (Just be there and do nothing) is what told without speaking. The Lord DakshinaaMurthy has made us to realize it without any speech. Lord DakshinaaMurthy showed this wisdom “how it is” and “as it is” “and himself being that”.  The next one is very important “We have to think of him without thoughts”.

“Thinking without Thoughts” – What it means? Every word has meaning to it. We have to think him without thoughts. If we are thinking means thoughts will come, isn’t!? Thinking means Thought only is it not. So if thought wave comes we can’t be in “Summa Iru” State (Keep Calm and Do Nothing).  Do you understand this? Thinking means thoughts, When thoughts come we are not keeping calm, the thoughts will start functioning, it keeps expanding. Then how can we be in “Summa Iru” state!?

The word “Ninaiyaamal” (Without thinking or without thoughts) is what having great significance. See the level of deepness the verses are conveying. “Think without Thoughts” –You should not have thoughts but still you should think. How is it possible? What to think. Let us understand this with one example. Let us say your leg is hurt badly and bleed is oozing out. In this situation will your consciousness go anywhere?  Can you hear anything what others are saying when you are in this state? Will your mind wanders any where? No isn’t. Our mind will be only in the place where the pain is there. Are we thinking our leg in this case?  No we are feeling the pain and not thinking. This is what the word “Thinking without Thought” means.

Tiruvadi Deekshai means getting this feel, consciousness in our eyes through a Guru. This consciousness is what given to the disciple by a Guru. If you just catch hold this divine consciousness got in your eyes, it is sufficient. You need not think about anything. You need not think of your eyes, light of your eyes etc..

Just hold the divine consciousness/feel you got in your eyes.  This is what “Thinking without Thought” implies.

Lord DakshinaaMurthy appearance and nature is this only. Gnanam. Today in this world there is no one who is teaching this. Only “Thanga Jothi Gnana Sabai” is teaching this. Have you heard this Gnanam anywhere?  Is it thought anywhere else? No. Whatever explanation that I have provided is it correct?  Whatever I have told is correct, this was approved and accepted by the Supreme Lord as Lord Muruga. How? The Supreme Lord who came as Lord DakshinaaMurthy to the Sanagaathi Sages appeared as Lord Muruga to the Sage Arunagiri Nathar. What Upadesam he gave?

The below is the Transliteration Upadesam Verses Sung by Arunagiri Nathar after getting Upadesm from  Lord Muruga

“Summa Iru SolAra Enralumae Amma Porul Onrum Arinthilanae.”

“Pommaan Murugan Piravaan Iravaan”


[ “Summa Iru (Keep Calam and Do Nothing) Without Words – Such a big knowledge I did not know”.

“The beautiful Murugan never born and does not die”]

The knowledge “Summa Iru” which was implied to the world by the Lord DakshinaaMurthy is given to Sage ArunagiriNathar by Lord Muruga directly by speech.  So whatever told was correct only. I have not told this, the lord himself has told this to the world.

Lord Dakshinaamurthy conveyed this “Summa Iru” Gnanam to the world by his appearance and nature. The Lord himself again came as Muruga and conveyed  this “Summa Iru” Gnanam through words ( Upadesam). Today there are so many ashrams, too many Gurus and they are telling different things. They are teaching different techniques asking one to control the breath, do Vaasi Yogam, Pranayaamam and stuff like that.

Do you follow what Lord has told you or do you follow what the fake Gurus are telling you? The Lord has confirmed his teaching first as Lord DakshinaaMurthy and then as Lord Muruga.

“Summa Iru” (Do nothing and Just be there”). Do you need anything other than this? This is Gnanam. How is that “Summa Iru” – “Thinking without Thought” – Realizing that the Supreme Lord is displaying and expressing in our eyes and just holding on the divine consciousness given by the Guru. This is Summa Iru. You need not do anything.  You need not give anything to the lord. Just being there in the divine consciousness and doing nothing is enough. This is the greatest Gnanam (divine wisdom) in this world.

This Gnanam is available only in the holy land of India. This is not Hindu religion. First understand this. This is Sanaathaana Dharmam. Sanaathaana Dharmam means the way of life for “humans to live as humans “and which was there right from the beginning. In this world all are children of the Supreme Lord. Then how can one tell “Hindu is a great one”, “Christian is a great one”, “Muslim is a great one”!? There is no difference between humans. If everyone were the children of the lord then everyone should have the divine power isn’t!?  Lord will shower his grace on every one of us. How? When one follows the above told Gnanam.  If one realizes this it is enough.  So when a human lives as a human it is same.

We have the great book of Tirukural which was written by TiruValluvar. There are 1330 verses in this great work. Today many people read it. There are so many people who call themselves as Pandit in Tirukural. Many people are also well-versed in the Tirukural. But if one knows the true meaning of only one Song in the TiruKural then he will attain Gnanam

The Kural

“Ottathu Arivaan Uyir Vaalvaan, Matraiyaan Sethaarul Vaikapadum”


“One who knows the thing that has Oneness, he will live wherease others will die”

So in order for one to attain divine deathlessness state and for the soul to live he has to know the thing that has oneness. What is the one that has oneness!? Our eyes only. Eye donation can be given by anyone to anyone. So for all the people of the world the eyes are same and has oneness. There is nothing other than eyes which has sameness or oneness.

The only unity among all the 720 crore people in this world is the eyes. Only in these eyes the supreme lord is displaying himself as the divine light of the soul as the Aathma jothi. The Supreme Lord is inside us and is expressing himself in our two eyes. Understand this. The supreme lord is not in our eyes but he is expressing or displaying in our eyes. The Supreme Lord is in the center of our head and is as divine light of our soul.  One who knows this will live.  The person who knows this should also know how to serve the soul and hence he will live a deathless life. This is what told by Tiru Arut Prakasa Vallalar as divine deathlessness. This is what he thought to the people.

All the Siddhars and Gnanis have told this same thing only. But some people kept it hidden thinking it as secret. Other than telling this they are teaching unnecessary and unwanted things. Is it not intelligent to approach lord in the way he is, rather than going by blowing the air (breath) and roaming around places!?

The head is the chief part of the human body that is eight span high. The Lord is present in our head only. Some people teach that in order to reach the lord in the head one has to come from the base part of the body. The Supreme Lord is present very near to us. We need not roam anywhere in search of him. The Supreme Lord is very simple and very near to us. There is no difficulty to attain him. Only we need some effort.

Let us consider one example of making Tea. As soon as you think of drinking Tea it will not come. We need milk, Tea and Sugar. Along with this someone has to go in the kitchen, lit the stove and wait till the Tea is prepared.

So even for drinking a Tea we need so much effort means does it not require effort to reach the Supreme Lord!?  It is incorrect to expect Lord to come just like that. We have to put effort and undergo hardship to realize and reach the Lord. In this world nothing comes for free.

Today Government is giving free Television, free Grinder , free Mixie and all these. How are they giving it? It is our tax money isn’t!? Using our Tax Money the Government gives the money to some company and the company using its staff manufactures the items and then it is delivered to us. So nothing comes without effort. We have to work and struggle.

For the Aathma Gnanam (Knowledge of Soul) we have to definitely put lot of effort. “Doing Nothing and being in the Consiousness” (Summa Iru) is different and working is different. The greatest work and effort is to remain calm and do nothing (summa iru). We have to put lot of effort to be in the state of Summa Iru. If one does the work like this everything will be got.


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