Greatness of Two

Greatness of Two

(Chapter 2)

All we humans were souls.

Right from single celled living being to millions of living beings, all were soul only.

All these souls were the creation of the supreme lord( Paramatma), who is there everywhere and who is
capable of all and everything.

This Paramatma is also present inside each Jeevatma (soul) and is mainly responsible for its living.

If you consider paramatma as a ocean, jeevatma is a small drop of this ocean.

By this way, is it not this single drop also part of the ocean? The same characteristics of paramatma is
there in Jeevatma also.

If we want to do research on the ocean are we bringing the entire ocean to our lab? No. We just bring
small amount of the ocean in our lab and then research on that drop.

Similarly if we research, know and realize our Atma (soul), then we can know and realize, that
paramatma is there inside our soul and lords over our soul.

This research of the ocean is Science and the research of our soul is called MeiGnanam (Knowledge
and Wisdom about Truth. Only Truth in our body is soul. So MeiGnanam is the Knowledge of our soul).
In Tamil the supreme lord is also called as Kadavul. This word kadavul when you split becomes Kada +
Ul, which means Kada -> go beyond Ul -> Inside. So if you go within you, you can see the supreme lord
within your soul.
Within and inside your body you can see the lord.

So where is this supreme lord, paramatma? This supreme lord who is present everywhere and who is of
ocean of divine grace is also present inside our soul. Inside our soul also he is beyond and inside and is
responsible for the motion and movement of the soul. Every time and all time he is doing his activity. He
is in the state of blissful dance.

On seeing this divine dance of the supreme lord our saint vallalar was attracted towards it.

In the temple which is also called Ambalam, and in the outside also he is dancing openly for everyone
to see
. Yes lord is not somewhere very distant that we cannot see. For everyone to see and realize him, he is dancing as divine light in our eyes. Yes Lord is there in our body in our eyespupil in the eyes –
divine light in the pupil of our eyes.

There is a saying, that in the holy place of Chidambaram lord nataraja is dancing a divine dance and If he
stops his divine dance then this whole universe will stop.

If you visit Chidambaram there you can find that Lord Nataraja is only as statue and he is not dancing.
But this world is not destroyed, is it not?

If this is so then what is the correct explanation? The correct explanation is as :

“Chidambaram in Tamil means chinna-Ambalam- Ambaram – Chinna-Ambalam, Chitrambalam.
Natarajan means dancing king – the supreme lord. Part of supreme divine light is tiny divine light. So
light will always be dancing isn’t .

So the explanation for the above saying is the supreme lord who is present everywhere has become
a tiny divine light and is present in our body as tiny divine light of our eyes and is dancing there for
everyone to see and realize. In our eyes the divine light is dancing. When do our eyes will stop without
any motion and will be fixed at a place?
Once we die isn’t. If there is no motion in the divine light of our
eyes then it means life has gone out of our body. So if there is motion and dance in our eyes it means life
is present.”

Only the above explanation is conveyed in code words, if the dance of lord nataraja in Chidambaram
stops then the functioning of whole world will stop. So the supreme lord who is as divine light in our
eyes stops dancing we will die.

Similarly in all the way our saints and seers has conveyed the information that “our soul along with the
supreme lord (Paramatma) is present in our body and can be realized in our body.”

There were innumerable scriptures present in our holy country. All scriptures is about Sanadhana
Dharma – Sanmarga only
. Our country India is not Hindu Country. It is a holy country which taught to
the whole world the Sanadhana dharma and which contains the greatest culture and which gave the
teaching to this world so that a man can live as a human and not as animal.

Here there is no distinction or difference in caste, religion, race or language.

There is no culture in the world equivalent to the culture present in india.

For the complete humanity our culture – Sanadhana Dharma – Sanmarga is the one which gives one the
state of greatness and divinity.

“All are equal” this is our culture. “There is only one race and Only one God” is the truth that our
culture conveys.

EveryPlace is our Place and Everyone are our brother and sisters”. – This is the culture of India.

Vallalar has conveyed very clearly that the supreme lord is Paramatma and he is present everywhere as
supreme divine light and this supreme divine light is ArutPerum Jyothi (Supreme Infinite divine light).
This is the truth that is accepted by Vedas, Bible and Koran.

If Pramatma (Supreme Lord) is supreme infinite divine light then Jeevatma (Soul) is tiny divine light isin’t.

This tiny divine light which is of the size of tip of the needle is available as our soul and is accessible
in our two eyes. This is divine secret. Divine Truth.
In the Puruana it is said that Godess Paarvathi did
penance on lord shiva standing in the tip of the needle.

So if we keep our vision fixed in the centre of the pupil of the eyes in a region which is of the size of tip
of needle, then lord siva will appear out as divine light and shower his grace. This is the inner meaning
of story in the Purana.

One of the Siddhar sings in this following way “Come let us roam in the forest which is of the size of
needle tip

How can there be a forest of the size of needle tip or how can a needle tip become a forest. The tiny
divine light of the size of needle tip is present in the center of pupil in our eyes. If we enter inside this
divine light it will expand and become very vast space.
This is what our Siddhar is singing in his song.

All the seers and saints have conveyed the above information that the Supreme Paramatma has become
a tiny divine light and is present and accessible as jeevatma in the center of pupil in our two eyes and is
of the size of needle tip. This information is conveyed as “Answers to Questions” or as “Code Words” or
as “Symbols” or as “hidden things”.

Even our great saint vallalar also has sung as “Oh My Eyes, Oh my Pupil of Eyes and Oh my divine light
in my Pupil of the eyes

Even the great saint Abirami Pattar also sings “ Pupil of Eyes, Divine light in the pupil of the eyes” (In
Tamil it is Maniyaae, Maniyin Oliyaae..).

This divine light in the Pupil of our eyes , this divine light in our right eye is Coded as SunLight of our
body and the divine light in our left eye is coded or called as Moon light by many siddhars.

The brave Tamil Poet Mahakavi Bharathiyar in his song openly reveals this secret as “Burning Light in
our two eyes were Sun and Moon, Oho my dear”.

Sage Agasthiyar in his book ThuraiAriVillakam breaks this secret wisdom of divinity as

“When you look at the place which is hot and where the lord is dancing,

There both sun and moon will be visible”

What is the two thing that is with heat and burning , Only Our two eyes has heat and light in it isin’t.

So our eyes only are the sun and moon in our body. The supreme lord is of divine flame or Jyothi and
when we look at the place where he is dancing then both the sun light and moon light will be visible, this
is what all the saints and seers have told decisively.

Paramatma has become as Jeevatma and in our two eyes is present in two states.

Uniting this two states or two divine lights of our eyes is what is Penance.

Vallalar tells how one has to do penance as “Thinking & Thinking with Consciousness and with relaxed
and calm mind and with full love and bathing with overflowing tears from the eyes
”. Vallalar says this
is the way of doing penance. Thinking of our eyes and thinking of the divine light in our eyes and with
consciousness that is got in the eyes, with the mind fixed in the consciousness your mind will become calm and relaxed. When this calmness and relaxation increases, then compassion will blossom
. Because of we fixing our mind on the divine light in the eye there will be increase in sensation in the eyes which result in tears overflowing. If we keep on continuing this penance as said, the divine light in our eyes will
increase. Slowly it will spread throughout our body and will convert this physical destructible body to
divine light body

This is the noblest penance. The divine art of making Jeeva(soul) as Siva. Everyone in this world should
learn this divine art. This is the only way for us our jeevatma which is of tiny divine light to reach the
supreme infinite divine light which is paramatma the supreme lord.

This general way for all the humans which teaches humans to live as humans and then shows and
guides one to unite with the supreme lord is called Sanadhana Dharma. This is what said by Vallalar as

Our saint Vallalar has divided all the people in this world in two types. One is called Agavinathaar and
other is Puravinathaar.

Agavinathaar is a person who tries to reach the supreme lord present in his body. He is one who
searches the lord inside his body.

Puravinathaar is a person who searches the lord outside.

Our Vallalar tried his best to convert all the Puravinathaar in to Agavinathaar. He openly exposed all the
divine Secrets and way to divinity
. All the code words told so for were reveled openly to all by our saint

He called everyone to come and get the divine life of Immortality and divine bliss. For this the sufferings
he has undergone cannot be told in words. If we hear the sufferings he has undergone then even the
hardest mind will melt. Why should our vallalar suffer?

Having got the divine wisdom and Gnana, he could have gone right isin’t?

If one acquires divine wisdom (Gnana), divine bliss and divinity his nature will be of love and
compassion only. With kindness and noble thought of not allowing others to undergo suffering like him,
he called all the people telling them that he will show them the way to reach the supreme lord and he will be with them guiding them and protecting them on the journey to the supreme lord.

In our holy country we had lot of Philanthropist. The king ChibiChakaravarthi donated his flesh to
protect a pigeon. For the sake of cow King ManuNeedhi chola laid his son life under the wheel of the
chariot. For the sake of Peacock King paegon donated his costly coat. For the sake of Jasmine plant king
Paari donated his chariot. Without saying no, King Karna donated anything one has asked him. For the
sake of his younger brother Kumanan was ready to donate his head. In this way there were so many
philanthropist who have lived in this holy land of india. They are the example of Sanadhana Dharma. For
the sake of sheep lord Buddha was ready to sacrifice his life. Our saint Vallalar withered on seeing the
withered crop. They are all the protectors of Sanadhana Dharma. They lived their life as per sanadhana
dharma. These were the people who lived in this holy land of india. Their way is the way of Love. Their
way is the way of divine wisdom (Gnana). Theirs is the only way for the world to improve upon.

Our two eyes were very significant and unparalleled one. In our body both eyes are very similar and
this is the first organ to form inside the womb of the mother
. Right from our birth till death it does not
grow and does not age. Our eyes does not have bone or nerves in it. In this world for all the 700 crore
people eyes (Pupil in our eyes) were the only organ that is similar to everyone
. Even if it is present in our
body it is there without touching our body. Our life is there only on our eyes. In our eyes , in the pupil
of our eyes and in the centre of the pupil of our eyes there is a small hole in the size of tip of the needle
and in this hole divine light is present. For all the people of this world the pupil of the eye is of same size.

Eye donation can be done by anyone and anyone’s eye can be used by anyone. The reason for this is the
eye is similar to all the humans. There is no difference in eyes for anyone. This is the only similarity that
exists among all the people of this world.

So the important organ in our body is eyes only.

In Thirukural Saint Poet Thiruvalluvar writes as

“One who knows the similarity of all the living beings will live while others will eventually die”

If one knows the correct meaning of this one Kural then we can consider him Gnani.

One who knows the Similarity will live. What is the similarity? In our body one eyes looks similar to the
other eye.

What is this similarity? For all the people of this world only eyes were similar?

Why were the eyes similar to all the people in this world? It is because the supreme lord is present
as divine light in the hole of the size of tip of the needle in the centre of the pupil of our eyes for
. Supreme lord knows no differences or distinction. Every one of us are his children. So as
equal to all and in the same state with everyone, Paramatma becoming Jeevatma is shining as divine
light in everyone’s eyes.

These were a big divine secret.

Without our Father and mother we would not have taken birth in this world! They are our gods whom
we can see with our eyes.

If we do not have our eyes, think the state of our life? We will be blind.

So those who doesn’t realize the greatness of our two eyes is definitely not a human!? He is a animal.

Those who don’t realize the supreme lord – the divine light who is hidden inside our eyes is definitely a
blind man even if he has eyes.

In outside world the god whom we can see with our eyes were our parents.

But the divine light that is present inside our eyes is the supreme lord. Our real goal is to see it.

So the supreme lord whom has to be seen with our eyes is the divine light that is present inside our

This world is the combination of Shakthi and Shiva or Light and Sound.

Knowledge of 8 and 2 is the divine wisdom.

For this world these were the foundations.

If the two lights of sun and moon unites with the 8 arts of Agni only then divine wisdom will occur.

When we unite the two lights of sun and moon the first thing that will happen is we will hear divine
sound within us. This is the first step in Gnana(divine wisdom).

After hearing ten types of divine sound and getting ourself immersed in the bliss attained because of the
union of three divine flames (Sun , Moon and Agni) and worshiping the Holy Mother Vaalai within us and
after drinking the Amurtha from her we can get the darshan/vision of Siva.

All this can be got only if we enter through the way of eyes which were two in number.

This is the final state of divine wisdom or Gnana. Till this time all the saints and seers have attained
divinity by this way only. They attained the great state of Moksha by this way.

So by the greatness of two we can get rid and overcome the darkness of our present life and attain
divine light body and can overcome death.

The above words are Satya (Truth)!

Right from saint Vallalar to all other saints, have spoken this divine truth only.

Our saint Vallalar often use to visit the temple at ThiruVotriYur and sing and pray the lord Thiyagaraja
there. He will often cry there and have fallen unconscious many times because of extreme devotion.

When he started reaching the supreme lord all his worldly desires were gone off.

He sung praises and hymns on the goddess Vadiudaiamman and felt happier. He will go to the seashore
and sit on the Samadhi of Saint Pattinathar and will do meditation there for a long time.

Once it took very long time for him to reach his house. So he slept in the verandah with hunger. After
some time his Sister in law came and fed him food. Vallalar ate them and slept. After some time her
sister in law came again and asked him to come inside the house and take food. Only then Vallalar
realized he was fed by divine Mother Goddess Vadiudaiammai in the first instance coming as his sister in
law. Unable to see his dear son going hungry, the divine mother herself came and fed our Vallalar.

In this way the supreme lord has blessed and showered his grace on vallalar on many occasions. Our
Vallalar was overwhelmed by the grace and love of the supreme lord. Our Vallalar is the dearest son of
the supreme lord.


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  1. Sudharson Raj March 22, 2015 at 11:33 am

    Thanks for the information and fine readings
    There is a question.
    I had read several articles of great saints and all specifically says about the soul which is in the form of light and that is the one which links to the supreme soul and lies between the eyebrows on forehead.
    But in your article its mentioned that the light lives in two eyes.
    Can you give me the exact clarification why should other saints must notify the soul point in forehead and vallalar notify it in eyes.
    If vallar says the soul of light lives in eyes mean if eyes lost by a human will also lost his life. And many people born without eyes mean they are not humans.
    Please give me the clarification to proceed my path towards the supreme soul

    • admin March 23, 2015 at 5:42 am

      Hi Sudharson Raj

      Suggest you to read the article and do a deep reading of other books as well. The books quote all the great saints words. It has been understood incorrectly that is the problem why forehead was thought as the soul’s location.

      If you need more clarity do call me 9916495495.

      Best Regards
      Thanga Jothi Gnana Sabai

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