Jeeva kaarunyam – (Compassion on Souls)

Jeeva kaarunyam is not only giving food

but also

Look at your soul with compassion.


See your Athma(Soul) with compassion – Jeeva Karunya

Jeeva Karunya is the only way to the divine kingdom says the great saint Tiru.Arut Prakasa Vallalar. Compassion and Love towards all the souls is Jeeva Karunya. One way of helping other soul is providing food to the souls as hunger is the one that is common for all the souls and is the one that has to be satisfied at all cost.  In fact providing food to the hungry person is the basic human trait one should have. This is one way of helping other souls. But many people associate Jeeva Karunya with only providing food.  But Jeeva Karunya does not end here and in fact providing food is just the starting point of Jeeva Karunya. What is Jeeva Karunya? The article explains more.

Human mind says enough only to the food! He can consume till he is hungry! Food is the only thing that satisfies the humans! If one feels hungry, he can’t do any other work?

On  hunger, Human needs only food. He needs only that. Nothing else is required at that time! “If one gets hungry, nothing will be in the consciousness” – saint avvaiyaar.  Our body will become tired; mind will become tired when we feel hungry. For the soul to stay in the body food is required.  New born child drinks mother’s milk on birth! To become enlightened, to attain gnana one needs to get amutham (divine milk) from Goddess VAALAI-mother of all souls!

From small sized living beings mosquito to large animal elephant, for plants, for human beings food is mandatory. Without food soul can’t stay in the body! For attaining deathless life, i.e to make soul to stay in the body for ever one to need have the amutham(divine milk) given by mother of all souls VAALAI. Body should be in good health condition;   one should live a disciplined life; one should eat vegetables, green leaves, cereals and fruits; one should live with good character, modesty and humbleness; we took birth through our parents, we should surrender to Gnana Sarguru  obtain Thiruvadi preaching and Thiruvadi initiation.  Then we should do Thiruvadi Thavam (Penance) and live a deathless life! We can live a great life!

No one should criticize us as being a glutton in our life! Is there any use if one eats too much and gains more weight? Disease is the gift for that! We need healthy food! If we eat more than what is required then we’ll get disease!  “No need of medicine to heal your body’s pain, iff what you ate before has digested well and then only you eat again.” – Teaching of a saint!  Our ancestors had enough knowledge on when to eat the food, what to eat! They made a list of food we should eat and not to eat. This was guided by the siddhas/saints lived at that stage! We don’t have awareness on how to eat the food! We, the human beings are glutton, is it not?

For new born child, only mother’s milk is needed. No other food is required! For the children to grow in a better way they need vegetables, fruits, rice and wheat and other pulses! There is no need to feed animal food like chicken, mutton, fish and egg. These foods spoil the physical body and the intelligence. So people should not eat them! Tobacco products should not be used by human beings! We human have intelligence! Our contemplation should get matured! Intelligence should become complete. It should become perfect! The first enemy for this is animal food and alcohol! Ignorant people say it’s good for health! It’s wrong! For the intelligence to grow one should eat vegetarian food. Vegetarian food is the food of Sanmaarkam (Path to the Lord) !

All living being are creation of God! Can one living being kill another life? Is it not a sin?  All siddhas-saints advised human beings to love other living beings as their own souls? Who gave rights –authority to kill another soul, harm (create pain) another soul?

“We reap what we sow”. If you kill an animal and eat it as food today, later days you will be killed and this is Sathyam (Truth)! Truth! It’s confirmed that you will face same suffering that you created while killing another soul! So don’t do any sin! One great saint caged a parrot in the childhood and enjoyed. After he grown up, the saint was punished in jail by the king for 14 years for a mistake that he didn’t commit.  For the mistake he committed on childhood with ignorance, punishment was given in later stage of the life. Punishment is there without any exception! Ramalinga swamilgal sang a line in Manumurai kanda vaasagam “Had I created suffering for a bird by caging?” Is that story about this great saint?

One who kills, eats the animals and enjoys the life is called PURAVINATHAR. These people don’t know about soul present inside. Vallalar isolated these people. One who eats vegetarian food and lives, one who considers all religions as same and live in the path of Sanmaargam with discipline is called Agavinathaar.   To obtain the grace of God, live the life with great discipline. Live with man of good conduct. Realize that all souls are same as you. If God has created all living beings, God has created you too. God who created all souls advised us to love all!! All saints preached about love!!

One who does five big sins, tells lie, murders, lustful on woman and steals will surely live his life in hell! He will live the life in this earth with diseases, lose all the belongings and suffer a lot!?

Jeeva karunya is not only feeding food to others! It is supporting the elders for daily needs, taking care of the orphan children, helping poor children for their academics. Donate clothes, donate food items.  Help can be done in all these ways! All these services are Jeeva Kaarunyam!

Not only that, Doing timely help to people, doing timely service is also called Jeeva Karunyam. Helping people who are in difficult situation is also called as Jeeva Kaarunyam! Serving people who are suffering from various reasons is also called jeeva karunyam!  In Chennai there is one person who does cremation and funeral for dead body of orphans.  He does this as service! This is also called as jeeva kaarunyam! He shows compassion on the dead body; place where soul lived for many years. It is expressing love, showing respect on dead body which holds soul. So he does funeral to the dead body. It is also compassion, is it not? I heard that good hearted people in Coimbatore were also doing this service.  I was filled with Joy! Oh God! Shower grace on them!  Protect them and bless!

In many other places in Tamil Nadu including Madurai, many good hearted people go to streets give food in small packs to the people who are in streets and mentally retarded!  Sometimes siddhas may appear and roam as mentally challenged in the streets! Physically challenged peoples who have no support become beggars. One who reaches them and feeds the food is a great soul! He does a good virtue. Feeding food for the hunger is the real Anna-daanam(food-donation)! It’s Jeeva Kaarunyam!

Feeding food to the people who have enough wealth is just a matter of pride! There is no compassion here!  There is no use in feeding food to people having enough wealth! Only people looking for pride will give food for wealthy people! It is waste of time and food! This is not compassion, its feast for pride! Eat only when you really hungry! Hunger feeling is same for a beggar and a millionaire! There is nothing wrong in feeding food for any kind of people!  The real jeeva kaarunyam(Compassion) is feeding food for people in hungry!

Do you think only human feels hungry? God graces birds, animals, plants and other living beings! He gives food for all these living beings!    Don’t think ‘why should I feed food?’! Do these services as much you can! Can you feed food for all living beings of this world? You can feed food to the people who are near to you. At least feed food for animals and plants! Do these services if possible! When the divine poet Bharathiyaar was economically poor, he fed the rice kept for cooking to birds. He was delighted by seeing the birds eating those grains!? This is real jeeva kaarunyam –Compassion. The ultimate compassion is displayed by the great King Cibi who donated his muscles to the eagle for saving the pigeon.  We know all these stories, so we need to know the importance and significance of jeevan-soul-spirit. Don’t we need to live in the path of compassion?!  Jeeva kaarunyam-compassion is not only feeding food!  If one do a help or service to other living beings without any expectation it is also compassion – Jeeva Kaarunyam!

Help! Let your hands become helping hands to other living beings! Use your mouth to tell about God and help people for enlightenment! Your mind should think about helping disabled people! Service to human is real service to God.  Do the service in this way!

Vallalar wrote a separate book on ‘Jeeva kaarunya discipline’ for people of this world. It was written for the people to know the significance of the compassion.  Read that book! Read that completely!  Vallalar clearly explained how to show compassion on each and every human being!  Is it enough to show love, compassion on other souls-jeevans?!  Thiru Arutprakasa Vallalar said see your soul, pay attention to your soul with compassion!? See your soul with compassion?!

Jeeva karunyam is not only donating food to others, helping people in different ways!?  But it’s being compassionate on your soul, which suffers by death and birth!! Soul is permanent, it has no death! Why there are sufferings in the life? What is the reason? How it happens? Don’t we need to know about happenings in our life? So suffering itself becomes permanent in many people’s life! Why? Don’t we need to find a way for living a happy life?

Show compassion to your soul in the way you show it to other souls!  Its Jeeva kaarunya!  Showing compassion to other living beings is called benevolence! Charity will help to liberate your soul! Look at your soul with compassion!? What is the way for your soul to get liberation?! To liberate the soul one should do contemplation! Ask these questions to yourself, who am i? From where I came?  Why i came to this world? Why there are sufferings in life? What is the solution for sufferings? From whom I should learn?

Find a guru who can give answer to all your questions! Surrender to that Gnana Sarguru! Obtain the preaching and attain Thiruvadi initiation! Request guru to give initiation! Find the way for your soul to get liberation! This is the jeeva karunyam preached by siddhas saints.  Each and every saints loved his own soul and paid attention to their soul. After self-realization they obtained god realization. They got blessings from God! They did penance (Gnana Thavam) made their soul more powerful! Later they serviced human beings! Only the inner experience of soul and God can bring out the real compassion. Since God is of Supreme and ultimate compassion, the saints are naturally compassionate.

First find a way for your soul to liberate from the mind? You can help others only when you have enough wealth, isn’t!? Similarly Only when you soul is graced by God, you can be compassionate on all living being and help them?! The great soul Vallalaar did intense penance and blessed by Lord of Arutperunjothi(Divine grace light). Vallalar was graced to be in the state of God! After that vallalar was able to shower compassion on the plants as well that starves for the water! Love and compassion is expressed from within! To be a loving and compassionate person you have to make yourself compassionate and loving! You do the Gnana Thavam(penance) to achieve that!  Be compassionate on your soul! Vallalar paid attention to the soul!  Vallalar started his penance from the age of 9! He was doing with great determination! Penance gave the result! The God is more compassionate than mother. Arutperun jothi(vast grace light) overwhelmed vallalar with grace for the penance he did. The physical body got transformed to divine light body!

Jesus Christ also did intense penance (thavam) for many years and became son of Lord!  Jesus brought back the dead person alive! Many blind people obtained vision, many other miracles was done by Jesus!  All this happens when Jesus surrendered his soul-spirit to the lord to save him!!?

Prophet Mohammad also showed compassion-love on enemies by doing intense penance on Almighty Allah!   He planted love on hearts of people in Arab who were living in crookedness! He made people of Arab to pray Allah!  This is the power of his soul which is obtained by Thavam(penance). He showed compassion on people who threw stone at him! People realized their ignorance. He made them to realize God Allah! He paid attention to the great power with in and did the intense penance! That was how Prophet Mohammad became such a great person! Allah expressed himself as Mohammad’s soul!  This is called Jeeva kaarunyam!  Jesus prayed to God to forgive the humans who crucified him in the cross! This is called Jeeva kaarunyam! Expression of love by Jesus!

King Asoka who won battle of kalinga was defeated by the true love!  He understood the strength of love! Asoka who is fond of war realized his mistake. He started following buddhisim after taking a resolution of non-violence! He decided not to kill any animals! Compassion on living beings-souls made him as human being!? Buddha renounced his worldly life after seeing the suffering of souls! Is it not a jeeva kaarunyam?  Buddha is the role model for renunciation!  Since the Jeeva Kaarunyam is the way for obtaining the grace of God, vallalar assures that path to Gnana and Sanmaarkam is Jeeva kaarunyaa discipline! Vallalar clearly told in the book ‘Jeeva kaarunya discipline’ that the meaning of jeeva kaarunyam is praying God with compassion of living being shown to other souls!

The intelligence of soul to identify and compassionate to a person’s suffering is diminished due to lack of divine light in our eyes and this is because of the thick layer(seven screen) formed in between eye and soul! This layer is what is Karma! Vallalar clearly says this is the reason why human don’t have the compassion in souls!  If one has jeeva kaarunyam we can identify them as self-realized! One who sees his soul with compassion and clears the thick layer of mind and other karanas in the eye is a person with jeeva kaarunyam!! Our eyes are holy feet of God. It’s called as Thiruvadi  in Tamil. Seeks a Guru who teaches this and gives preaching and thiruvadi initiation, do thiruvadi thavam by surrendering mind to the holy feet of God, all seven screens will be cleared.  You can obtain vision of your soul. You can see yourself! One who sees his soul with compassion will get vision of divine light!

Jeeva kaarunyam is tool to obtain grace of God! Nature of God is compassion! That is, to get the blessing/grace of God, as a first action love the divine light expressed in the pupil of eyes!   It’s called Gnana Thavam. Penance for Enlightenment! On doing penance (thavam) you will see your self-soul! You will realize soul! You the soul will become almighty God!  Then you are completely compassionate-loving by nature!  You can also withered by seeing withered crops! This is the state of Gnana! This the real nature of Gnanai – Enlightened!

It’s rare, very rare to obtain birth as human! Only in the human form, the possibility to know soul and God is possible. If we miss this birth to know soul and God, we don’t know on which birth we will get chance to know the soul! This body was given to you by God, to realize the ultimate joy of soul! So one has to seek the path to know this! The path to soul is our eyes! It’s is path to realize our self! Pay attention and loving to your eyes, multiply the divine light, remove the seven screens and reach the divine light – soul. This is the real joy to the soul! This is achievement by Gnana thavam! To obtain Gnana(enlighten) open your eyes! Let your attention be on the  pupil of eyes! Surrender your mind to the holy feet (thiruvadi) with complete awareness!    Focus your mind in the eyes(light of the eyes) with consisousness! This is called Jeeva kaarunyam!

As first priority try to save your soul from the suffering of pain and death!  To get rid of this pain you have to surrender holy feet of God – pupil of eyes! Once you find a solution for your problem, then you look forward to help others! This is not selfishness! Its common good! If one soul get rid of pain of death then it’s useful for many other souls! Whole world will be in benefitted! Without interfering in the trifle things in this world, try to save your life! Then you can help other living beings with complete love and compassion! This is real jeeva kaarunyam! Deathless education is available to the whole world with grace of vallalar due to his enlightenment!

Enlightened master Buddha and Jesus had done lots of good things to the society. That can’t be counted!  One who has the inner power (power of soul) can help others!  To live in the bliss and ecstasy first do gnana thavam! It’s not enough to feed food to others? Don’t end your life by just serving food (anna-dhaana)!? That is not life! It is not enough to achive goal of life! Human life is not between kitchen and toilet!!! Don’t spend life time in these places! Do you know there is a pooja(prayer) room in every home?!  In many houses there is no pooja room! Many homes that rooms are not used effectively! They are used only on occasions! People perform pooja only on Friday and Tuesdays!

When there is no devotion in the ignorant people, it is not possible for that person to seek gnana-spirit?!  Devotees who find the God in the temple’s statue, Karmee who find God in doing oblation and sacrifice in fire, yogis who closed the eyes and seek God in the heart and ignorant people follow many other ways to seek God. No one likes to get hell. But finally they end up their life in hell! Like this, these people never pay attention to their soul, and seek God externally! There is no use of these activities! You will get mukthi (salvation) only when you pay attention to your soul with compassion! This is the message of vallalar! If feeding food is jeeva karunya(compassion) then vallalar would have not built Sathya Gnana Sabai! He would have stopped with Dharma saalai!  Do you know why vallalar built sathya Gnana Sabai?  Don’t we need to think about that!?

Vallalar obtained gnana by devotion and got vision of God in places like Chennai Kandha Kottam, Thiruvottriyur , Chidambarm and many other temples but finally he got saw the God with in! As a first step you do the worship externally! Later you do devotion with in you! This is the preaching for us!  Whatever forms we see the God externally, we have to see them as diving light within us is called Gnana! Seeing God externally is devotion! Seeing God within us is Gnana!  Vallalar found Arutperun jothi- Vast grace light within. He wanted us to have self-realization and see God with in! So vallalar built Sathiya Gnana sabai! Jeeva Kaarunya discipline is path of sanmaargam! Your soul is in the form of divine light, know that it is tiny part of Artuperunjothi(vast grace light), do penance by surrendering mind(pay attention, realize) to the holy feet of God, our eyes. Divine light is expressed in our two eyes! Multiply the divine light expressed in eyes by penance and get vision of the soul! Look at your soul with compassion!!!

If you have jeeva kaarunyam, if you are self-realized then you’re the one who have Aanma Neya Orumaipaadu(Seeing all the soul as us)!? Jeeva kaarunam is helping souls to obtain bliss and ecstasy! For your souls to obtain bliss do penance (gnana thavam)! The complete Gnana is you realize that you are everything and merge with God!  Understand , realize and merging with God is Gnana! The vast grace light is Arutperunjothi is God is Paramporul. One has to understand, know and realize that the vast grace light is our soul-athma-spirit. Realizing this is Gnana, mukthi, motcha and ecstasy! To achive this first look at your soul with compassion! “I realized Sathya Gnana sabai within myself” – said vallalar!

Vallalar got this inner gnana , bliss, experience and wanted people of this world to realize this! So vallalar built a holy temple called ‘Sathya Gnana Sabai’ shown jothi dharsan to people after removing seven screens! Temple – Body ; Soul – Jothi ; 7 screen – Karma,maya,ego!! First realize the Artuperunjothi in you, to see your soul, pay attention to your soul with compassion! Vallalar told Pasithiru! Thanithiru! Vilithiru!

Vallalar who built the Dharma Saalai asked us to ‘Pasithiru –Stay hunger’ what does it mean?! He didn’t ask us to starve or do fasting?! Don’t starve for food! It tortures our soul! Vallalar said eat only sathvic vegetarian food based on the need! That means vallalar didn’t mean the hunger feeling (stomach)! What does it mean?! Stay hunger to know you, fulfill the hunger of the soul!

Did vallalar preach us to be alone after having nice food? After having food consciousness will not be active and that person becomes tired! Also if one starves for food, he will be tired! After having food dizziness and dullness are formed, body needs rest and sleep!! Whether one eats food or stays hunger he will have dizziness or dullness! Contemplate to avoid this dullness – Maya! Satsang means where all the people gather and discuss about God ! But Contemplation has to be done alone! Ponder, who am I? Pondering about this is Sath-  visaaram (contemplate)! You have to be alone to do this! Gentleman there is no need for crowd! Gathering of people is not required!  Stay hunger to know the soul! Stay alone to increase the hunger for intelligence! Stay alone to improve the intelligence! Will you obtain gnana? You need jeeva-kaarunyam! Look at your soul with compassion! The soul suffers with the mind and emotions, needs relaxation! You should have sleep without a sleep! Do nothing with the mind! Look at the divine light (soul) expressed in two eyes!  The way for enlightenment is eyes! Do penance with open eyes to attain enlightenment! Meditate on open eyes and with awareness! To attain self-realization and God realization open your eyes, be in awareness!

Stay hunger – be alone – be in awareness to attain salvation! Its way for liberation! Way for heaven!  To attain this you need Jeeva-kaarunyam. Jeeva kaarunyam is doing penance by looking at your soul with compassion! This is the achievement in gnana!

We can help people in many ways! One way is feeding food for poor! If you donate food it’s not possible to attain gnana. You will be a little bit loving people when you donate food to someone! Little bit is not enough? Sympathy should be formed on more love! Only sympathy is converted to compassion! Only on compassion vallalar was able to feel for plants that starve! Built dharma saalai for seekers to have food! Since there was compassion, vallalar constructed sathya gnana sabai.  Vallalar wrote around 6000 songs named Thiru arutpa for this people of this world to obtain deathless life. Thiru Arutprakasha vallalar ramalingam swamigal is our gnana sarguru who has shown eye as path to enlightenment!  Its due to good virtue done by us we are knowing this and It comes to our knowledge!

Dear people of sanmaargam, this humble being supplicate on your holyfeet!  Jeeva kaarunyam does not end at feeding of food! Jeeva kaarunya discipline starts after that! Help any people the way you want it! Its only philanthropy! Do you think its enough? No it’s not enough! To make your soul-divine light to merge with Artuperunjothi(vast grace light) your body also should become divine light body!

Jeeva kaarunyam discipline by donation of food is not enough to achieve that!  Your soul should transmigrated to Arutperun jothi! You should penance on gnana! This is jeeva kaarunyam! Only penance will show the way for you to reach your soul! This is sath-visaaram! Pay attention your soul with compassion! To travel in that path, follow the words of our Gnana sarguru Thiru Arutprakaasa vallalar Ramalinga swamigal, “from qualified guru open center of your eyes” Only who obtains guru will become man of good conduct! Guru sat sat para brahma! Surrender to guru! Offerings to guru should be done! Obtain initiation from guru!

“Sanmaargee is one who has no death!” vallalar clearly expressed this! People who donated food died one day! That means they are not sanmaarkees! One has to attain deathless life! To attain deathless life.

paal kara, ucchipaal kara!(Milk the Milk of top) Consume it! Make a note of siddhas teachings! Do gnana davam(penance) and reach the divine light present in the center of the head! This is the location of soul! To reach there one has to travel using the diving light expressed in two eyes! If you do this you can reach the place where three divine light merges(There divine lights left eye-right eye – soul).

You can own the SIRSABAI and PORSABAI and clear the seven screens and get divine vision of soul which is Artuperun jothi present in the center of the head.  Then you will get blessings from mother of all souls VAALAI. Divine nectar formed from the head will fall as drops in the throat! One who drinks that drop will not die!  Whiteness of hair, seven screen and aging will subside! He will not have hunger and thrust, he is sanmaarkee! He is a siddha! He is enlightened! He is Gnanai! Godess who gives Nectar in our head is mother of all souls – VAALAI! All siddhas enlightened only after the blessings of goddess Vaalai! Goddess vadivudai amman-vaalai fed divine nectar and blessed vallalar! We should also get blessings of vaalai!

We certainly have to obtain jothi-dharsan(vision of divine light) within us!  To make us understand the form and state of the divine light in us, vallalar asked us to see the jothi-dharsan in the sathya gnana sabai! You can understand about the soul when you get to see the jothi dharsan at vadalur sathaya gnana sabai! Open your eyes and look within!

The temple constructed by Saint Maanikka-vaasagar was also a miracle! Only platform was there, no statue was placed in that temple! God in that temple is called AAvudaiyaar who in formless state! This is the message of that temple! Vallalar praised maanikka-vaasagar as guru. Vallalar always praised him in his mind!

Vallalar went one step ahead of maanikka –vaasagr and explained the ultimate gnana to people of this world by showing jothi dharsan at sathya gnana sabai!! Its due to the love-mercy-compassion on people of this world, vallalar constructed sathya gnana sabai!!? Vallalar followed jeeva kaarunya discipline as result of that world got this divine gift from vallalar! One who understands this will become enlighted(gnani)!

Without understanding this incomparable gnana preched by vallalar to people of this world, what to say about ignorant who lives only by donating the food?? People in sanmaargam didn’t understand this inner science.  They lead their life in service! Assuming that through service they can obtain gnana! What to say about these ignorant! People who utter name of the unique-incomparable gnani thiru arutprakaasha vallalar should obtain gnana! They should get enlightened – obtain divine light body! They should enter into the path of gnana! They should make attempt to make this body a divine light! This is my wish!! Don’t waste time in useless ways! Have universal brotherhood, treat people without religious and caste differences! This is the path of sanmaargam! With devotion worship Artuperun jothi! Don’t comment as sutha(pure) sangmaargam and asutha(impure) sanmaargam without having inner experiences!   Don’t disguise like vallalar! Try to have experience of vallalar! Attempt to have inner joy of vallalar! Do penance like vallalar to obtain divine light body! Follow the jeeva kaarunya discipline! “My path is sanmaargam that makes people live a deathlesslife(destroys death)” – this was told by vallalar! Understand this!

Praise all relegions and saints/gnanis! Vallalar is not the only person who came to this world to reform the people!  For ages and ages many saints like agathiyar and many other siddhas lived and made reforms in this holy country India! Its is called land of Sanathana dharma!   “vaalaiyadi vaalyaaga vantha thiru koota marabin vali vanthavar(I am also the one who has been sent by God to make people realize themselves” – Our vallalar is one of the peron who came in the divine generation. Devotion/faith on vallalar is required! But don’t blame others! Vedhas – epics – purana –bible- Holy quran all these holy books explain about almighty one God! They were expressed about God in different languages like sanskirit-tamil-arabic-hebrew!  Water is called in different languages as water-thaneer-vellam-neeru-paani! All means same is it not? Similarly God many saints expressed about one God in many languages! One who doesn’t understand this is an idiot!! How to explain one God in different ways!? Love is God! Where is religion for love? Is there caste for love? Is there a language for that? There is no way to block love!

Swami Vivekananda delivered a discourse in the all religious meet in New York America! He started with brothers and sister of America! In the beginning of the speech, he proclaimed dharma of India as sanathana dharma! If people of this world are brothers and sisters then we have common mother-father (ammai appan) , our parent is God? We are children of God! This is Gnana! People of this world has to realize this and attain prosperity, all saints-siddhas-gnanis put lots of efforts for this! Have people of this world realized this now? Answer is NO? If people of this world understood gnana, would there been fight in the name of caste, religion, race and country?!

All religious people should drop the idea that ‘my religion is the greatest’. If god is one, then what could be the differences in their sayings? All saints preached only love! To improve the intelligence they asked us to do penance (gnana thavam)! There are no differences! How it will vary?

Earth is one! For people on this world there is only one God! “Yaadhum Oore, Yaavarum Kelir” which means, every country is my own and all the people are my kinsmen. “Ondre kulam oruvane deavan” means one race – one god! Let all living beings live in bliss! These are good preaching, is it not? These holy preaching should be imbibed in the hearts of each and every human in this world! These are golden words! Read the preaching! Understand! Realize! Get matured! Act on this! Live in this world! Let others live! Do penance (gnana thavam)! Donate the knowledge of soul and God to all people of this world!

“Let the act of not killing prevail this world”  Sathya Dharma saalai was established by vallalar on 23-05-1867, in Tamil year Prabava, vaikaasi month 11th day. Till now from that date food is being served for people who come there. This is happening continuously for 145 years! On the inaugural day he lit the fire of the stone stove, with a declaration that the fire be ever alive and the needy shall be fed forever. Still people who come daily to vadalur have food there! The oil lamp lit by him is kept perpetually burning! You all are welcome! Come and have  prasaadham!

Sathya gnana sabai was established by vallalar on 25-01-1872, in Tamil year prasorpathi Thai 13! Very first time jothi dharsan was shown to the people of this world! Many people had dharsan! They relay people with good virtues! Vallal perumaan used to say sathya gnana sabai is inner experience! Its interpretation of nature! This is the inner experience which is symbolically represented as sathya gnana sabai!   Soul is blinded by seven veils. If the seven veils of ignorance get melted, we’ll have the vision of the divine light soul (arutperun jothi). We’ll obtain true gnana only after this vision! “I had experience of sathya gnana sabai in me, I got all siddhis of sanmaargam” vallalar told this!

The conclusion of sanmaarga is deathless life! Sanmarrkee is one who never dies! First gnanai who attained siddhi for 3 types of body is our vallalar!  He obtained divine light body! He attained a divinization of the physical body! Nonperishable permanent body!

In Tamil year srimuga Thai month 19th day 30-01-1874 Friday night at 15th naaligai vallalar locked (thiru kaapittu) the room in mettu kuppam siddhi valagam divine room! He merged with almighty lord Artuperun jothi – vast grace light! He became enlightened –incomparable unique gnanai!

Vallalar is our Guru! Gnana Sarguru!


The only website that donates the Gnana to people of this world!

God is one! People of this world are his children! To reach the soul that is located in the center of the head, the entry point in our body is our eyes! Whole world has to understand this! All the hidden secrets, divine code words are explained clearly! There is no caste, relegion, race, language and country! We are all human beings! You will enlightened only when you without these differences!

“Jeeva kaarunya is the only key to Moksha”

You are expressing love on all living beings! You are being affectionate of disabled!  In the same way surrender to Gnana sarguru as told by vallal perumaan! Surrender your mind to holy feet of God, keep thinking, get sensation and Reminiscing in reflections, conscious of awareness, softening in solitude, Love becoming the whole in oneness; the physical; Swamped and drenched by that fountain of tears, do penance of gnana like this! Show compassion on your soul by multiplying the divine light of soul expressed in the holy feet of God! If you soul is helped in this way of penance, your soul will be helped and you will attain moksha! Mother of all souls VAALAI will feed the divine nector and give complete Gnana to you! Door to the home of moksha will open! You can become Arutperunjothi! Vallalar will accompany you to achive this!

The eyes are the way for Gnana! Open your eyes to attain gnana!

Holy feet of God is our eye!

There is only one race! There is only one God!


Thanga Jothi Gnana sabai

Kanyakumari,Chennai, Bangalore


Reader Comments (11)

  1. Shyam April 25, 2015 at 3:57 am

    Fantastic explanation.truly a eye opener.

  2. babjee August 18, 2015 at 5:46 am

    Can you please explain how one has to attain or find the gnana sarguru in his life. I want my soul n heart to accept my gnana sarguru in a natural way rather than just following the masses.

    • admin August 18, 2015 at 3:02 pm

      Hi Babjee

      See the extract below from the article “AadhiGuru Dakshinaamurthy” which will help you to answer your question:

      ” So any how one needs to get a Guru. Even if one gets any type of guru it is important. The duty of one is to be sincere and true to a guru. If a sishya or disciple is true and good it does not matter whether the guru is qualified and good or not. By being true to any guru and if the guru happens to be a fraud then lord aadhiguru on merit of being true and good will bless that disciple and showing him to a true guru. Since aadhiguru is one with ocean of compassion and divinity himself. ”

      The above is taken from the link “”. Read our articles and talk with any person in the contact list if you require more clarity.

  3. krishnpriya dhar January 26, 2016 at 7:18 pm

    sir, vallalar ramalinga swamy was gods incarnation who invited all peaple to enter into deathlessness stateof body but if you would please send me the steps of practice to transform bhysical body into divya deha to liberate onself with a mission to establish sanathanadharma ,the eternal religion .i hope my prayers will be considered.

    • admin January 27, 2016 at 2:32 pm

      Hi Krishnpriya dhar

      Please read all our article(s) it has answer to your query.

      Best Regards
      Thanga Jothi Gnana Sabai

  4. George April 28, 2016 at 7:54 am

    This is a very good explanation. So the first step to begin is to look into the flame of an oil lamp during hours and hours without blinking and we get our mind opened? How many years are necessary for this to be attained? I also need to know the diet in the satya dharma salai as I try to search on internet but I dont find it. What is the exact food that they give to eat? What should I eat to have all nutrients in my body if i dont eat meat anymore?
    thank you

    • George April 28, 2016 at 8:02 am

      I forgot to ask something, I want to know if Ramalingam did yoga or any kind of phisical excercise like kundalini yoga, hatha yoga or any kind of yoga? Because I always tought that to reach enlightnment yoga is the only path. thanks

    • admin May 8, 2016 at 4:52 am

      Hi George

      Read all our articles and e-books in our site. For more information do call us.

      Best Regards
      Thanga Jothi Gnana Sabai

    • admin May 8, 2016 at 4:57 am

      Hi George

      First avoid meat eating. Any one eating Non-Veg food (that includes egg) and does whatever spiritual practice will never realize self or God and will be immersed in illusion.

      So before wanting to know about meditation first leave all these Non-Veg food and Five great sins of (Theft, killing, illegal Lust, Alcoholism-cigiratees or drugs) and then pray sincerely to Vallalar for guidence and he will guide you.

      Best Regards
      Thanga Jothi Gnana Sabai

  5. krishnpriya dhar January 20, 2018 at 6:56 pm

    sir ,
    unable to search from ebook, please send me the explained verses
    swami Ramalinga ji related to secret path of attaing deathless body
    n asht siddhis on my whatsapp no 09419107368 so that i also can
    follow the path of swami ji n attain all what swami ji attained.
    pl do this kind act, thank u.
    krishnpriya dhar

    • admin January 22, 2018 at 6:54 am

      Hi Krishnapriyadhar

      Core of Ramalinga Vallalar teachings is available in the following books written by our Guru Siva Selvaraj Ayya. You can read the books from our site in the link . For doing Penance one has to take Tiruvadi Deekshai. Please contact any person in the contact list for more details.

      Thank You.

      Best Regards
      Thanga Jothi Gnana Sabai

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