Ascension 8 & 2 Mayan

Revelation of 8 and 2 and The Mayan:

Eight rays in Hindu temple

The Truth:

Everyone would have known about Mayan and their Prophecies, Humanity never spoke about their True Origin, How Mayan gained their advanced knowledge and No One did care to trace the source of their Ancient knowledge. All they care about their advanced Solar Clock, which represent shift of ages, though it does not represent Doomsday or any kind of destruction internet is filled with those kind of information. If at all the Prophecies were come to real it will be us who is manifesting the destruction.

In History of humanity Ancient Wisdom which kept close guarded secret for many centuries about Humanity is going to be revealed in here to achieve the Balance and the Last hope for humanity to be one with its Divine.

(In Mayan belief a serpent rope emerges from the center of the galaxy, symbolized by an 8-rayed or 8-spoked wheel. Cosmic sap oozes from this world tree or cosmic cross)

The Temple Body:

In all our Ancient spiritual text directly or indirectly there is The True wisdom hidden underneath .One that read this Text with True wisdom with love in their heart and followed has realized the truth about our true divine nature. In all Hindu culture it been said every Hindu temple represent our human physical body and Temples are build with unique ancient knowledge.

Hence our own Physical body is considered to be Divine which follows the universal principal of golden ratio and has 7 important energy center for our manifestation in this dimensional space , Many ascended master understood about this and did kept repeating  generation after generation about the Truth, But Humanity clouded with materialistic, ignorance and karmic did not consider this has true knowledge.

Mayan Revelation: The Ancient architecture

Maamuni Mayan was an Ancient architect from Kumari Kandam(lumeria) who lived on or Before 20,000 BC.who was architect of the pyramids of Egypt , Babylonia and South America, and other great structures in ancient civilizations which was created through a deep involvement with Maamuni Mayan from his cosmic architectural science.

Cosmic ‘Vastu’ And ‘Vaastu’ Science:

Maamuni Mayan called his science “Vastu” and “Vaastu”. “Vastu” denotes the subtle vibration of energy. ‘Vaastu’ refers to energy vibrating as matter, which becomes the physically manifested universe. The Vastu/Vaastu principle is that matter exists in energy and energy exists in matter, on both subtle and physical levels. The difference is the shift of emphasis from the non-physical to the physical universe. In modern terms, this is partially expressed as ‘the unified field of energy and matter.

“Vastu” and “Vaastu” are two different words each indicating the same “cosmic energy”, or “eternal essence”, or “substance” in two different forms. Vastu stands for the inner and cosmic source consciousness activated as energy, and Vaastu denotes this energy manifested as the material universe. In it’s deepest meaning “Vastu” encompasses “All That Is” on the subtle or etheric/spirit level of reality; and “Vaastu” indicates “Vastu” manifested into the material or physical universe. Vastu becomes Vaastu; and Vaastu returns to Vastu..

Or in more modern terminology, “Matter vibrating as energy becomes energy vibrating as matter”. This is the baseline for the universal astrophysics of the Vaastu Purusha Mandala; which is, in turn, the foundation for all aspects of Vaastu Architecture.

Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati is a most remarkable man. He has spent his lifetime resurrecting and interpreting Vaastu or Mayonic science as founded originally by the mythological and very real man, Mayan. Various manuscripts reveal that Mayan taught and practiced extensively in India approximately in the time period between 25,000 and 13,000 B.C. His original spiritual and holistic science was taught all over the world during that time.

In recent years, about one million verses of Mayan’s original texts and/or ancient transcripts have been rediscovered in South India. These records have lain mostly in oblivion for millennia. They are couched in both metaphysical and highly technical language, and even today, cannot be readily comprehended by the untrained and uninitiated mind.

Vaastu principles when utilized with understanding assist in restoring the natural bio-electromagnetic, crystalline energy balance on an internal rhythmic level. This assists the normal transfer of electro-pulse, biotic information at cellular, metabolic, and DNA levels for human beings and for all life forms.

“As in Micro, so in Macro,” says Mayan. “The whole exists within the minutest particle and the minutest particle contains the whole.”

“The atom contains the universe as the universe contains the atom.”

“As within, so without.”

“As above, so below.”

These three concepts contain the most basic and fundamental secrets of astro and nuclear physics.

Much of Mayan’s original science has come down over the ages through the traditional practice of Indian Vaastu. This, too, almost disappeared in its full glory and knowledge in more recent times. Today it is being reclaimed by key individuals in India. There is considerable confusion being passed around in this respect. I have found the most stable and reliable sources of information to be the traditional Vaastu Sthapati’s or builder/architects. This is a distinctive class or race within India with an unbroken lineage or ancestry, who have professionally practiced this tradition for centuries and even for millenniums. Until recently, this traditional knowledge and practice was not shared outside of this race of the Shilpi/Sthapati clan (‘Shilpi’ = builder: ‘Sthapati’ = architect/builder). I feel that it is safe to say that India’s and the world’s foremost Vaastu authority today is Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati.

Vastu, the spiritual science founded by the world’s greatest cosmic scientist, Mayan, defines and reveals the secrets of life and the principles of universal manifestation. Pulse (cosmic Time), light, sound, space, air, fire, water, and earth are subtle elements of life and energy, which also manifest and contain all dimensions of the material universe. The British have termed this vast science, “Mayonic Science.

Bringing the power of Spirit or subtle energy into architecture and building construction incorporates the marriage of spiritual and physical, or subtle and material worlds of experience. This involves UNIVERSAL HARMONICS at all levels and dimensions of reality. The potential held within this idea of cosmic creativity is truly awesome.

Sacred and holistic architecture, above all else, is a musical and purposeful symphony of cosmic and terrestrial harmonies. This is a symphony which marries the vibrational qualities of the primal and natural creation.

Comprehending the divine order, language, or grammar inherent in all of cosmic creation is the key to co-creating holistically, with full power and benefits to all aspects of life. The ultimate potentials of such harmonic creativity are unlimited.

Mayan’s holistic science holds the keys to constructive civilization and technologies. All Vastu/Vaastu sculpture and architecture is multi-dimensional. This kind of creativity marries One Source of all Energy and Consciousness, two polarities forming space and time, three primary aspects of creation, four directional waves of energy times four equals 16, five facets (energy waves) underlying all of creation, the basic universal grammatical form of eight, nine principles of multi-dimensional relationship (8 = 9 in the transmutation of energy into matter), twelve energy points and chakras (the thirteenth is the Source Aspect), twenty-five as significant in light/sound force, plus all of the multi-dimensional aspects of cosmic creation.

In the deep mathematical comprehension of Vastu/Vaastu physics, zero manifests as one; one becomes two; two becomes four; four becomes eight, eight = one. Eight becomes nine; eight and nine are also one (8 = 9) = (1). The transformation of eight into nine contains the secrets of the transmutation of energy into matter.

Universal Creation :

The principles of mathematics and geometry from very ancient times, are founded upon the spiritual and natural resonance of cosmic creation at all levels, both subtle and physical. The universal grammar or (science of) language based on the vibration of light and sound is the resonance of primal creative consciousness, itself. As in music, these primal vibrations of creation are measurable and definable. Through the precise and highly evolved principles of vaastu geometry we measure the vibrational frequencies and wave patterns of feeling and thought consciousness and then transfer these subtle qualities into mathematical measures and geometrical forms. This concept is quite literally the “Physics of Love”.

These principles give rise to what are known as vibrational measures which are based upon the wave lengths of energy at the subtle levels of sound and light. These same principles allow us to “fine tune” a sculpture or building in much the way that a master “tuner” may fine-tune a musical instrument. In Vaastu mathematics, this “fine tuning” is a multi-dimensional practice and of inestimable value. Even as love and joy may be consciously resonated through music and art, so may they also be effectively resonated through sculpture and architecture by way of rythym.

Vaastu science accounts for both atomic and subatomic particles, frequencies, and interactions at these levels. The micro universe is vibrated into existence and the life span of each particle determined through its internal relationship with the cosmic thread of absolute consciousness. This consciousness manifests as a universal thread of light. This thread of light exists on both micro and macro planes, and throughout all dimensions sequentially and simultaneously. The macro universe is manifested through the vibrations and qualities of the micro universe; which, in turn, receives its qualities through time based relationships with the universal thread of light (compare with today’s superstring theory).

The original Vaastu science was written in an ancient form of the Tamil language. Actual historical evidence increasingly supports the concept that Tamil may be the oldest and most scientifically complete language on earth and still in use today. Sanskrit and a variety of other languages from ancient times, as well as many in use today, spring from this same grammatical base. Vaastu vedas state that the “OM” (AUM) light frequencies and sound vibrations hold the potential for the vibration of the subtle atomic principle into physical matter and experience.

The Tamil language of Lumeria is highly scientific. It is based upon frequencies of light and sound at micro levels of sub-atomic particles, etc. At least 80% of all languages used on the planet today were originally influenced by the Tamil language; likewise most or all numerical systems in use today sprang originally from the Vaastu Vedas.

Final Revelation of 8 and 2:

In Mayan’s holistic science 10 which completes each expression, 64 universal energy grid (double helix, genetic strands), 72 (the marriage of subtle and physical worlds), and 81 (the universal number of creation at the material level.

All Vastu/Vaastu sculpture and architecture is multi-dimensional. This kind of creativity marries One Source of all Energy and Consciousness, two polarities forming space and time, three primary aspects of creation, four directional waves of energy times four equals 16, five facets (energy waves) underlying all of creation, the basic universal grammatical form of EIGHT, nine principles of multi-dimensional relationship adds up again to (8+9=17=1+7)=8 (8 = 9 in the transmutation of energy into matter), twelve energy points and chakras (the thirteenth is the Source Aspect), twenty-five as significant in light/sound force, plus all of the multi-dimensional aspects of cosmic creation.

human merkaba field

Using same principal human Physical Body was created and is capable to Connect to its multidimensional existences, but there is 7 Spiritual karmic barriers one has to pass to attain the perfection of Light body transfiguration or Ascension.

Sacred Number 8 and 2 was spoken in all ancient siddhas leaflets, defining our Right eye and Left eye Which is a gateway one has to pass through it.

Right eye is Solar Eyes 8 and left eye is Lunar Eyes is 2 whole expression of both eyes completes 10 which represent our Pineal gland seat of the soul with 7 Spiritual karmic Barriers. We can tap in to this universal spiritual energy only when we open our eyes understand true Divine wisdom knowledge. At the Same time People with wishful thinking cannot even pass 7 spiritual Karmic barriers. They should live and Practice “Jeeva Karunyam“(path of compassion and mercy) and follow the Ancient Meditation followed by Vallalar to break the 7 karmic barriers to achieve Light Body Transformation.

Read Below Link for More info About how 8 and 2 was Hidden


Satya Gnana Sabai is the temple of wisdom which reveals how to attain the light body transfiguration.

Satya Gnana Sabai inner shrine coverd with 7 screens

To pass 7 spiritual karmic barriers it is Purely Depends on Karma of an individual, to tap in to our multidimensional awareness, we need to clear our karma with an Ancient meditation techniques passed on generation after generation by sidhhas which carried on to us on or before 25,000 BC ,which is no more a secret to Humanity who has waited for this very moment.

Humanity with Pure heart and Love are Welcomed to take participate in Diksha  a Ascension Process which ignites our Divine inner Light within our eyes, Begins the process of clearing our Karma, getting us closer to Light Body Transformation or Ascension and stop our reincarnation process.


I request you to please share this knowledge with others, there are Many Higher souls waiting Long Time for Ascension Process or Light Body Transformation.


Cosmic ‘Vastu’ And ‘Vaastu’ Science : Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati

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