Sanathana Dharmam – Birth

The below section is the translation of the “Introduction and1st Chapter” of the Tamil book “Sanathana Dharmam” written by our SarGuru Tiru.SivaSelvaraj.
Requesting you to read it attentively and completely and write to us if you have any queries.


Sanathana dharmam is the twenty fifth book written and published by me the humble being with grace of god.

In the year 1992 with the grace of Thiru Artuprakasa vallal Ramalinga Swamigal my first book “Kan Mani Maalai” was published. Then it continued for twenty five books.

Lots of enlightened masters are there in this land of grace and compassion! I was blessed and protected by so many enlightened masters! With grace of those masters I was blessed to write book about them.

I was born in the year 1956 and in the age of fifty I was blessed to write and publish this book Sanathana dharmam by the grace of Guru.

Tiruchy GnanaSiddhar Jothi Ramaswamy Desikar gave me Tiruvadi Deekshai in the year 1980. I am immensely pleased and glad to publish this spiritual revolutionary book “Sananthana Dharmam” after completing 25 years from the year of my Initiation (Deekshai).

In the first twelve years after getting Deekshai(Initiation) I was blessed by Saint Ramalinga Vallalar to publish the first book “KanManiMaalai“ which started the spiritual revolution.

Saint Vallalar in his great work Thiruvarutpa (Song Num 1371) mentions about the greatness of “KanMani Maalai”. Saint Vallalar knew 150 years before that “KanMani Maalai” will be published and hence sings about its greatness in his work Thiruvarutpa.

In second twelve years after getting Deekshai(Initiation) from my Guru Jothi Ramasamy desigar, Saint Ramalinga vallalar selected this humble being and made me to sit in the honorable seat of GuruPeda as Guru and give initiation(Thiruvadi Deekshai).

With blessing of saints who put forth the Sanathana dharmam, I’m doing the work as per their instructions.

Serving in the Guru Peeta and in the golden jubilee year of taking body, in silver jubilee year of surrendering to Thriuvadi(Gods feet) I’m immensely pleasured to publish this twenty fifth book. By this my Birth has attained holiness.

The book “Sanathana dharmam” is considered as peak of all my published books!

No one in this world has openly and explicitly written about en-light-enment /Deathlessness/Gnanam/DivineWisdom!

This truth is infact expressed by Saint Ramalinga Vallalar, residing in this humble being for the sake of all the people in this world to attain deathlessness!?

Sanathana dharmam is sanmargam!
One who attained deathelssness is a true sanmarkee!

This humble being is giving Initiation/Deekshai in kanyakumari on all days. During Thai Poosam I am giving Deekshai in Vadalur.

Come here! Get initiated for deathlessness!

Get abundant blessings and live a great life!

The hidden secrets maintained by multiple people for many long time is now purely, openly and explicitly expressed in this book. This is a excellent treasure for enlightenment or Gnanam!

Goddess Vaalai who is doing Penance in KanyaKumari in standing Posture is the one who provides Ambrosia (Amurtham) and immortality for the people doing penance regularly. She is the one who is hailed and praised by all the Siddhars, Saints and Enlightened masters. This mother Goddess Vaalai gave her darshan to me and showered her graces on me. By her grace only this humble being is living in this world.

It is also because of the grace and blessings of the great Siranjeevi (Eternal and Immortal) Anjaneyan (Hanuman) who rushes to protect this humble being when I face danger, I am living in this world.

In each and every situation all the enlightened masters and saints have shown their grace and has blessed me. This is the pride/reputation attained by a person who follows Sanathana dharmam.

I have expressed! What is expressed to me! What is here!

Experience it! Realize it! Live with supreme bliss!

Let all living beings live in eternal bliss.

Let Sanathana Dharmam be eminent!



1 Birth

2 Death

3 Life

4 Who is Guru

5 Next Birth

6 Upadesam

7 Deekshai(Initiation)

8 Sanathana dharmam


1 Birth

Saints say in order to attain human body one should have done immense penance.

Tamil saint Avvaiyar said “it’s rare, very rare to take birth in human body”.

We who attained human body are controlling all other living beings.

We know our date, month and year of birth, but from where did we get our birth?

Do we know/remember that we were in mother’s womb for ten months?

We understand many things in this world only after our birth and with our growth.

We learn one by one in the following order – Mother, father, environment and world.
Knowledge is communicated and imparted to us and our knowledge is influenced by our environment and the situation in which we grow.

Our Knowledge is also influenced by the knowledge of the teacher who teaches us.

So how all these things were happening?

When Man and woman unite fetus/embryo is formed. But all the fetuses are not transformed as complete baby.

Still there are Crores of couples who are longing for a baby.

With the union of man and women only physical body is created.

Who is the one who is creating this ‘marvelous machine’ the human body?

For body to function the soul is a necessary, isn’t it? Who gave us the soul?

Can human beings give a soul to the fetus? What is soul?

We feel happy only if the baby comes out of the mother’s womb alive. If new born baby cries we feel happy, if child didn’t cry then we’ll cry.

How does soul come to the fetus after its formation in the mother’s womb? Who does this?

We can maintain the fetus properly only after it got created, but we can’t create it.

There is some power beyond us which is driving this, isn’t it? What is that power? On what basis does it function?

Answers to all these questions are clearly explained by saints in our land of grace.

When this world got created? When human beings appeared on this earth?

There are countless teachings, books of saints/enlightened masters, who lived in various time periods.

There is only one norm for the whole world ! Only one lifestyle! Only One god! Only One culture! That’s called “Sanathana Dharmam”.

All human race, irrespective of place of birth were one race only. Male and Female differ only in physical body but as humans we are all one.

All of us who have attained human body are of same race! Our race is human race!

It is fools who have introduced very big trouble in the form of religion, caste, and race. So many other differences were also brought to divide the people.

We need to remove all our differences and realize that we are all one and the whole world has to realize this.

Humans of any nation, poor or rich, speaking any language, belonging to any caste or any religion, can stay only for ten months in the mother’s womb.

All human body has heat inside the body, have red color blood, have same components in body and their body function is same.

There is only one race in the world! God is only one! These are the significant teachings of Indian saints.

God is one! We are his children! This is the truth!

Parents are responsible for the creation of physical body, only the Supreme Lord who is our father and mother gives the soul to the body.

We call one as human only when the soul and body coexists! Sivam! Without soul the body is called corpse!

Don’t we need to know our parents who gave us the body and the Supreme Lord who gave us the soul? Don’t we need to realize them?

How does God gives soul? Parents who gave us this body can’t give soul to it.

If soul coexist with body then birth, otherwise its death.

As a human beings we take birth in this world and we belong to only one race. But there are 700 Crores people in this world; they are 700 unique characters in this world.

Body is similar to all human! Soul is also similar. Then why are there differences? How? Indian saints give answer for this.

A power decides everything like when a human should take birth and to whom should one born and in which place should it take birth and in what environment should it grow.

Each human gets different types of birth based on the good and bad karma gathered by them in their previous births.

Karma is the reason behind all the birth! We are not aware of number of births we have taken! We don’t know how many punniya(good deeds) and pavam(bad deeds) we have done.

To know this, to know about birth, we have to ask god who has given birth to us with soul along with karma.

So Birth happens along with karma!? Karma decides the type of birth. No one is exceptional to this.

“Karma is the reason for the human birth, none can stop it till karma is there” -Saint Words

While taking birth we bring only a part of whatever karma we have accumulated in our previous births.

Karma that comes along the birth is called (Piraraptha karma) Piraraptham. Karma that comes because of our deeds in this birth is called Akaanmiyam. If we reduce the Piraraptham from the accumulated karma it’s called sanjitha karmam. So there are three types of karmas.

Out of these three, Piraraptha karma is the one that comes along the birth for all humans.

The Supreme lord takes some amount of good Karma (Punniyam) and bad Karma (Pavam) from our accumulated karmas and combines this with our soul and made us to take birth. This Karma is kept in Suksamam.

When soul merges with the body our karma also joins with them.

Soul joins the first formed organ of the body. This is the truth found by our saints. Which organ has formed first in our body? Saint Agasthiar says one who tells this truth and explains the nature of the soul is the true saint.
In the mother’s womb EYE is the first organ to be formed. When father’s semen and mothers egg joins together first organ formed is the EYE.

It becomes two, two eyes. The divine light present in the Semen and eggs displayes itself as the light in two eyes and using the heat of this light the fetus starts developing.

After some level of development in the body, soul is covered by the karma and the supreme lord merges the soul in to our body.

This is the secret of the birth!?

Body grows and soul merges, takes birth based on the karma.

Karma is the root cause for the birth. If there is karma for a soul then there will be a birth. If you want to discontinue the birth then there should be no karma.

Due to karma only, soul takes birth. We have taken human body to stop this birth chain.

Why we take birth? To stop the birth hereafter! To identify and destroy the karma which is the root cause of the birth.

If we want to destroy the karma, then we need to surrender to the supreme lord who has given us the soul.

The Supreme Lord who is Omnipotent and omnipresent is also accessible and displaying himself as small divine light-divine fire-Jothi of the size of needle tip in our eyes and he is the one who is present within us as our soul.

This is the truth expressed by saints.

So why we have taken birth? It’s due to the karma done in previous birth(s).

Where is this Karma? It’s in the eyes of our body hiding the soul and present in the sukshma state.

Humble before the saint who teaches this and get educated by him and realize it.

We already took human birth and in order to stop this birth cycle we need to destroy all our karmas as karma is the root cause of our birth.

It’s in our hand to stop the birth cycle or allow it to continue. This is possible by retaining the Supreme Lord who is displaying as divine light in our two eyes and also by retaining the soul in our body.

“With mother’s warmth and love a human grows.”
“With fathers care a human matures.”
“With Guru’s guidance human realizes God.”

Our birth did not happen by our preference.

Our human birth is the boon given by the god. This is the chance for us to get rid of the birth chain.

God has given the chance to see if at least in this birth will the human, realize himself? how did he came here? how did he live here? Will he stop the birth cycle? God has given this chance and blessed us.

God’s great blessing and grace is the human birth that he has given to us! Know this! Realize this! Stop the birth chain!

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