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The below article explains the significance of 8 & 2, its meaning and its significance. By the grace of our guru vallalalar and ShivaSelvaraj we are openly revealing the information about 8 and 2 which was kept hidden so for.

They know not Letter Eight (“A”) and Two (“U”) its bliss
They the ignorant and poor ones, know not what “Eight” (“A”) and Two (“U”) are;
Eight and Two (AUM) are but ThreeTwos and Four
Represents the divineholyfeet in siddhantha Sanmarga.

ThiruMoolar’s ThiruManthiram (Song 986)

In the above song Thirumoolar tells about the significance of 8 & 2. He tells that who knows the real meaning , its importance and significance of 8 & 2. Those who know its significance can achieve supreme bliss. One who doesnot know about 8 & 2 were the ignorant and poor ones. The people who donot know about 8 & 2 cannot get any divine bliss and hence Thirumoolar calls those people poor as they cannot abtain spiritual bliss and spiritual wealth.
He tells 8 & 2 are two three and Four. Now let  see what is two three and four. Two three is to be taken as Two Three (which is 6) and Four is (6+ 4 = 10). We know 8 and 2 gives 10. Everone knows 8 and 2 makes 10. Then why this such a small information Thirumoolar has written in his song with so much importance. The divine secrets were very simple as the supreme lord himself is very simple. Our seers wanted us to think , that’s why they have codified all these information in the songs. They are not meant to be hidden.
Now let us see what Thirumoolar is saying:
The letter 8 in Tamil is represented by the first alphabet “Aa” (அ) and this represent sun. This Aa represents our RightEye.
The letter 2 in Tamil is represented by the alphabet (“Uu” (உ) and this represent moon. This represent our LeftEye.
Now combination of 8 and 2 is 10 which is represented by the Tamil Lettter (ya) (ய).
If we unite the divine light of our RightEye(8) with the LeftEye(2) internally and if this go withinus and join with the divinelight of the soul (which is called AgniKaalai or Ya) then one can see the lotus feet of the divine. He can see himself as the divine flame.
This union of three divine lights within our body is told by another siddhar as “The result of union of three divine lights is the divineflame of lotus feet which is of supreme divine bliss and which is not seen by Achutha and Aayan”
Now we know from our scriptures in mahabaratha that lord Krishna danced on the head of poisounous snake Kaalinga in the river Yamuna. This news also comes with lot of divine wisdom in it. Yamuna stands for Ya+Munai (ய + முனை). As we have seen the letter Ya denotes 10 and Munai means edge. The tamil letter ய has three edges in it. The three edges again denotes three lights of sun, moon and Fire. The meeting place of these three is where you find Kaalingan (who is responsible for all the demonic things like greed, lust, anger , envy and non-truthfullness). Now as per the story lord Krishna won over this Kaalingan and did a divine blissful dance on its head. Now Krishna is called Kannan in Tamil meaning one who is as light inside our eyes. This is the divine explanation of the incident that has to happen on every’s ones body.
If we join the three edges of the letter ய it will look like a spear. In our scriptures Lord Muruga uses divine spear. So everyone should unite his three divine lights into one and this is the divine penance and by this divine penance divine blissfull flame should be lit and divine bliss to be enjoyed. Let everyone of us enjoy this divine bliss and know the divine truth.
The above said divine truth will be known only if someone imparts this to us. Without someone imparting this truth we ourself cannot know. So whenever you read the teachings of great saints/seers think about their meaning with lord as divine light and accessible through our Eye and everything will be known. Think and you will gain wisdom. The first step in divine realization is knowing that the lord is supreme divine light and is present in every human being and can be realized through the light of his own eyes. This truth when told by Guru is called
Upadesha. The divine act by which Guru enables one to do penance or meditation on one’s divine light of the eye is Thiruvadi Theetchai.
Upadesha -> means Upa + Desha (Upa means 2 and Desha means Place). So upadeha means two place which is our two eyes.
This same information has been told by all the saints in all the countries according to the language and time of the people who lived there. Only a qualified guru can impart this knowledge told by all the seers to their people.
In India Upadesha is done as an elaborate ceremony. It signifies new birth again. This means any person once he gets upadesha from a qualified guru he is considered to be born again. A person who has got upadesha and knows the meaning of 8 and 2 and the way to attain the divinity is considered as the twice born one.
From bible we come to a information which tells that jesus distributed to 5000 of his followers 2 fishes and 5 breads and the remaining he kept in 12 baskets. If we take this information literally it doesnot make sense.
2 fish denotes our two eyes. 5 breads again denote our eye, because eye is the only place on our body where all the panchaButhas were present. (pancha buthas means air, light, earth, water and sky/ether). The incident signifies that jesus initiated 5000 of the people through the divine light in his 2 eyes and by using his eyes. Now the remaining he kept in 12 baskets means after initiation he stood/kept his mind in the place of sun (sun has 12 kalai with it). Sun denotes our right eye. All these information will be easily understood by a person who has been initiated by a qualified guru. My humble request is to try to understand the meaning of the above said things using your wisdom instead of just denying it. It has been said in the bible “Seek and you will receive, ask and you will be given and knock and the door will be opened, seek the truth and you will get to that”.
Bible also says “Eyes were the lamp of one’s body. If your Eyes were full of light then your complete body will be full of light”. “Our father is of divine light”. “If you walk in the light you will see the divine father”.
All this tells if you increase the light of your eyes and make your body full of light then you can see the divine father who is of divine light. Now think of all these information that has been presented here. Koran and all other holy scriptures tells the same information. We should think and then realize the truth.
Now let us consider a small example. If we want to reach for a person(say our close and very good friend) we should have correct address/contact information of that person. If we have the correct contact information we can reach him. Now let us consider we have the right address of the person we wanted to see and we reach to that address. We find the person inside the house and find the door of the house to be locked. What we will do. We will knock his door. As soon our friend finds out he will come immediately to the door, opens it and takes us in. He will serve us inside with all the happiness. Similarly the lord our god is residing inside our body in the center of our head (This is the meeting place of our two eyes inside our head and denoted by the letter ய), our eyes were the door to reach this place. When we knock this door with our mind by meditating on our eyes our pupa in the eyes. If we knock the door in the correct way he will come and open the door for us and take us in. He will give everything to us of whatever we desire and shows his grace on us as he is our supreme friend. So our only duty is to do penance or mediatate on our eyes and on our eye’s pupa continuously. This is the only divine duty a human has to do. Can’t we even do this small divine duty of us. Knock the door of divine kingdom and it will be opened.
Get a good qualified divine guru and get Deekshai(spiritual initiation) from him. Get the company of good divine seekers and discuss the spiritual things with them. By this all the doubts of the mind will be cleared off.
“Let every one of you get the divine bliss and happiness I have got”
“The mantra of consciousness which is clinging to our body will be ours if we cling and cling to it”
The mantra of consciousness is the divine light of our eyes which is holding the body together and if we get this consciousness and cling on to it then our soul which is the tiny divine light of the supreme will be ours.
One devotee in his song tells “Worship the divine light and raise oho mind”. By this he tells our mind to worship the divine holy feet of lord which is in our two eyes.
Saint Poet ThiruValluvar in his poem also tells
“Number and Other Letter were the two eyes of the living beings”.
Number in Tamil is called Enn which means (to count, Number). It also denotes 8. 8 in tamil represents Aa which is the first Tamil Letter and it represents our RightEye. So obviously the other letter is our left Eye. So he asserts that 8 and 2 were the two eyes of the living beings.
So know the significance of 8 and 2 and by this way attain divine wisdom and bliss.

Let all the living beings live in divine bliss and happiness.

Reader Comments (2)

  1. BG Venkatesh September 17, 2013 at 10:46 am

    On contemplation , I can come to a conclusion, two eyes dont meet at SOUL point – they unite to form Light of Jeevan – Jeeva Oli

    this Jeeva OLi should be made to unite with Light of Soul thru sadhanas which is the most difficult thing in the world – it doesnot manifest thru human efforts – it happens thru gods grace
    when this jeevan unites with soul – it completes the union of 8/2 becoming great TEN – Yagaram – SOUL – only SOUL – no reflection of Jeevan over SOUL

    bringing into reality is very very difficult – it requires no motion of body/mind /breath – everything becoming still – absolute stillness of body/mind/ Jeevan itself

    Pl correct me if I am wrong

    BG Venkatesh

    • admin September 17, 2013 at 12:39 pm

      Only if you get the experience and increase your knowledge (Arivu) you can realize the truth. We are telling the way. To experience and know first you need to surrender to the Guru and take Deekshai and then do penance. Every thing will then come to light. Till then all are theory only. You can never know which is correct and wrong.

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