State Past the good Four

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The below is the English translation of the 4th chapter of the book VallaYaar written in Tamil by our Sad Guru Thiru.Shiva Selvaraj.  Previous 3 chapters were already posted in the website.

State Past the good Four

(Chapter 4)

Our saints and seers have showed us four states for the humans to progress on spirituality. They are named as Sariyai, Kiriyai, Yogam and Gnanam (divine wisdom).

These four states were divided such that each has four states within it. They are Sariyai in Sariyai, Kiriyai in Sariyai, Yogam in Sariyai, Gnanam in Sariyai and Sariyai in Kiriyai, Kiriyai in Kiriyai, Yogam in Kiriyai and Gnanam in Kiriyai and Sariyai in Yogam, Kiriyai in Yogam, Yogam in Yogam and Gnanam in Yogam and Sariyai in Gnanam, Kiriyai in Gnanam, Yogam in Gnanam and Gnanam in Gnanam. In this ways our saints have defined 16 states in spirituality in which one goes in his journey towards the supreme lord.

If a human knows and realizes the importance of two and understands the greatness of three institutions and does penance then he will get divine wisdom or Gnana.

In order to achieve this divine wisdom or Gnana one has to go past the state of Sariyai which is also called BhaktiYoga and then go past the state of Karma Yoga which is also called Kiriyai and then go past the state of RajaYoga which is also called Yogam and only then he can have the state of Gnanam in Gnanam.

A man can get also Gnana in BhaktiYoga or Sariyai state. He will be born again. Similarly he can get Gnana in Kiriyai state and still he will be born again. Likewise one get Gnana in Yogam state and he will be also born again. Only the Gnanam he achieves in the state of Gnanam will give him the great state of no rebirth.

So in order to avoid rebirth one has to do penance of Gnanam/divine wisdom in state of Gnana.

Attaining Gnanam/divine wisdom in the state of Sariyai is called Saalokha Mukthi.

Attaining Gnanam/divine wisdom in the state of Kiriyai is called Saameebha Mukthi.

Attaining Gnanam/divine wisdom in the state of Yogam is called Saaroopa Mukthi.

Attaining Gnanam/divine wisdom in the state of Gnanam is called Saayuchiya Mukthi.

Those who have completed their life in Sariyai will take birth again to do Kiriyai. Similarly who have completed their life in Kiriyai will take birth again to do Yogam. Only those who have completed Gnanam and who have attained Gnanam in Gnanam only will attain the state of avoiding rebirth. Only those people will win over their death and attain a deathless life. So Gnanam in Gnanam is one of the highest states. So to overcome death and attain deathless life Gnanam is the only way.

Our saint Vallalar saw the supreme lord who is beyond the four states and –is supreme divine light – is lord of supreme divine wisdom (Gnanam)- and got overwhelmed with supreme joy, pleasure and bliss and because of this he got the divine light body and got the great deathless life. He told all his experiences and attainments and way to the supreme lord to all the people.

Our vallalar called the people telling them “It is possible for everyone to reach the lord! I will show you the way and guide you in the journey!  I will directly raise you to the 13th state of Sariyai in Gnanam. Come on oho my beloved people of the world”. He is calling all the people of the world. What a great mercy and compassion do our Vallalar has.

So for all the saints and seers who have come to this world have reached the lord step by step from one state to another state and their teaching also helps one to move from one step to other step. All their teachings were also written or told in coded words or in symbolic way.

But our Vallalar takes one directly to the 13th step of Sariyai in Gnanam in the start itself. This is possible for all the souls who have taken birth and live as human. He gives upadesha/teaching in the 13th state. By showing the way – the way of eye and also showering us with divine wisdom/Gnanam he is praised and welcomed by the beloved people as “Thiru ArutPrakasa Vallalar” (meaning the philanthropist who showers one with divine grace) whose name is Ramalingar.

Now let us see this with the happenings of the present time. Till some time back everyone will go to class 1 and from there will rise step by step and complete their school education and then will go to the college. But now we have got postal education also isn’t? So if you complete 15 years you can write 10th standard exam and if you have talent you can get into any college and complete any graduation.

So today our government has done educational revolution.

But our vallalar has done spiritual revolution that day itself.

He told and called every people of the world that anyone born as human can get Gnanam (divine wisdom) and thought the first step in Gnanam, which is 13th step in spiritual state (sariyai in gnanam) and showered everyone with divine wisdom.  Is it possible? Yes it is cent percent true (sathyam) and is definitely possible.

“If you come definitely you will get good attainments”

Recently you may have come across news in newspaper, that in north India a boy aged 9 has written exams for B.A and M.A and got graduation on it.

In lot of fields there are so many boys who have done lot of accomplishment. How is it possible for them? Are they also not humans like us? Why can’t we achieve like them? It is also possible for us. If we try hard anything and everything is possible. “Effort will always fulfill one’s wish” – Saint Tamil Poet Thiruvalluvar.

In Spirituality there were 16 steps and our vallalar teachings (divine Upadesha) is of 13th step.

Doing penance with our eyes open and with constant thinking on our eyes, pupil of our eyes and on the divine light on the pupil of our eyes and with consciousness and with tears flowing out from our eyes is the 13th state of Sariyai in Gnanam.

If a man by ,using the grace of the lord which is his two eyes and by getting deeksahi from a qualified sadguru and with this if he does penance then he will move from Sariyai in Gnanam to Kiriyai in Gnanam to Yogam in Gnanam and finally Gnanam in Gnanam step by step. This is satyam.

Sastras and Vedas will lead one to confusion.

Way through our eyes will let one to know the truth.

The Supreme lord created this world!

This creation is for Manu.

He created Manu for worshipping him!

He created the world for the purpose of humans to live here. When will a human live here. If he knows who is he and knows how to worship then he will live. He will live without death. He will not born again. One who learns to worship himself will be delivered. One who knows who is he and who is the Soul inside him, is a human. If he gets realization then he will become saint.

“One who knows himself, for him there is no hindrance and sorrow”

Which is the place to know ourself? That is the place which is formed first in the womb of the mother!

Because of the union of father and mother, the first organ to form in the fetus is the Eye. That will become two and because of the heat present there it will form the body.

In that eye – in that pupil of the eye – divine light in the pupil of the eye is the one that we have to know, realize and increase.

“Without any doubt open the lock in the center of the eye by seeing and with joy, and after opening the lock always remain there”

Our Vallalar tells the 13th state of Sariyai in Gnanam beautifully in the above poem. The explanation is explained below:

Without having any doubt one need to open the lock in the center of the eye. In the center of the eye we have pupil and in the center of the pupil we have a tiny hole of the size of tip of the needle and it has been locked by our karma. Only if we open it we can go inside and get the vision of siva. How to open it? By seeing and with joy.  By seeing – by constantly thinking and with joy and bliss, by getting the consciousness due to which mind becomes calm and peace and due to which love and compassion develops. Only during this time will the lock in the center of the eye will be opened.  This is the achievement one gets in penance. So when the door is opened we get the vision. We get the vision of divine light. Always be there indicates the second state in the penance.

Our vallalar in just two lines has completely conveyed and blessed us the complete Gnanam (divine wisdom).

Each and every Sanmargi should know and understand only this.

Do not just waste your time by providing food only. Providing food is the act of Puravinathar. If you want to become Agavinathar then realize the MeiPorul (Divine thing) and know the Thiruvadi (Lotus feet of the lord). Do penance in the state of Sariyai in Gnanam in the way defined by vallalar.

“One who does penance, for them there is no futility or sorrow even for a day” – Saint Poet Avayar.

So don’t stop just in the Dharma Saalai. What is the purpose of establishing Siddhi Valaagham? Think what the need of Sathya Gnana Sabhai?

Just reading ThiruArutpa is of no good. You have to follow the teaching and put them in action.

Just saying is not sufficient. You have to lead your life as per the teachings.

“One who doesn’t die is a Sanmargi” – This is the words of Vallalar.

People who just provide free food to the needy alone were not Sanmargis. Providing food to the needy is one way which helps one to develop love and compassion on others, that’s it.

So just don’t complete your life just by doing donation of food.

He who told us to eat after giving to others has also told that seeking and accepting from others is a disgrace. Don’t you find both contradictory?

Our vallalar prays to lord as “Do not make me to seek help from others and if someone seek help from me do not make me to a state where I cannot help them”. So we should not beg others. We should give donation. If begging is considered to be a disgraceful act, then by giving donation are we not making others to commit this disgraceful act? Think here. If you think deep, then you will get clarity.

When you think all lives as yours then like feeding yourself, you can also feed other life which is also like yours isn’t? This is the greatness of donation of food. While donating food and feeding others we should be in a state of seeing all the soul as our soul. This is the reason why our vallalar has created Dharma Gnana Sabai.

We have given food to one, is it sufficient? Is it sufficient if we remove the hungriness of the body?  When do we realize that the one who is feeding and the one who is taking are same?

Anna Dhanam (Donation of food) means one is providing food to himself. The soul that is feeding and the soul that is taking are same only. This mentality one has to get and develop and this is what our vallalar stresses.

The purpose of doing food donation is not to display oneself thinking “I am providing free food to 100 members daily, and during the holy day of Poosam I am providing free food “ and getting pride with this act.

“See the face of people who are hungry”

“Whoever were hungry provide them with food”.

This is the basic character every human should have and develop. We call this act of Anna Dhaana (donation of food) as Maheswara Pooja.  Why? I have asked this to many people and no one can give answer.

When you provide food to anyone who is taking it first? The food we take goes through our mouth then goes down to our throat and then reaches the stomach. In our body there are many bases or chakras and the chakra or base in the throat belongs to the demi god Maheswara. So the food that we take first goes to the Chakra of the throat and it is the first accepted by Maheswara. That is why we call the act of Anna Dhaana as Maheswara Pooja.

Anna Dhaana means Maheswara Pooja only. People tell of all the donation the donation of food is the best. It is not correct. The best donation one can do is the donation of divine wisdom or Gnanam.  In order to remove the hungriness of body our vallalar established Dharma Saalai and for the sake of fulfilling the hungriness of soul he established Siddhi Vaalagham and Sathya Gnana Sabhai. In Dharma Saalai donation of food is done and in Siddhi Vaalagham he did donation of divinity.

Divine Donation is the best donation and is very great and noble.

People who call themselves as Sanmargis just by providing food or doing donation of food were not Sanmargis. Those who donate divinity or Gnana Dhanam were the true Sanmargis. One who doesn’t have holy ash in his forehead is not a pure Sanmargi. People who do food donations were not true Sanmargis. People who just read ThiruArutpa were not true Sanmargis.

Those who dress themselves like vallalar and the one who do not apply holy ash in their fore head and one who just do food donation and the one who just read ThiruArutpa were not Sanmargis!?

“One who doesn’t die is a Sanmargi” – Vallalar.

In order to avoid death and to get a blissful and great life of deathlessness one who learns the spiritual education of deathlessness is a true Sanmargi. One who teaches this spiritual education of deathlessness to others is a pure Sanmargi.

Vallalar did not come to this world just to provide food. He came with a noble purpose of teaching the education of deathlessness. The reason why Vallalar came to this world is to teach the people of world the way of Sanmargam, and make them realize the oneness of soul of all the souls and make us get the great deathlessness life. Everyone has to understand this very clearly.

Four Vedas shows us the way to reach the supreme lord. The important verses in that were “Ekham That Sat”, “Agam Brahmassi”, “Thatuvamsi”. The almighty supreme lord is only one. He is within you. You are that. That has become as supreme divine light and illuminates the whole universe and is as atom within an atom. It is as your soul and as your life.

The same divinity is present as tiny divine light in the center of pupil of eyes in a place of the size of tip of the needle. This is the greatest divine secret. The secret told by all the saints and seers.

Because of his karma the human is continuously taking birth again and again. In order to deliver the people from the repeated cycle of birth and death and to take the human to the state of divine deathless life all the saints and seers were showing us the way.  This is because of their compassion. Following their way there are millions and millions of humans who have got divine wisdom (Gnanam).  In that line our vallalar is the latest saint. The verses written by him in ThiruArutpa were full of divine wisdom or Gnanam.  In order to uplift us he has written these holy verses in ThiruArutpa.

“One who completes the worship of lord as idol and visits the holy places and bathes in the holy waters, and for them guru will be available to tell the words of divinity”.

So instead just doing free donation of food and visiting Vadalur during the holy day of Thai Poosam and instead of just avoiding the holy ash and instead of just dressing like vallalar, the so called Sanmargis should seek a guru and learn the spiritual education of deathlessness from him and try to become a true Sanmargi. Vallalar will always protect you and guide you.

One day in Dharma saalai the workman there informed our vallalar that there is no food for serving to people the next day. Our vallalar told that supreme lord will take care. In the early morning of the next day food came to Dharma Saalai in loads in many vehicles. From the last 150 years using the donations given by the beloved people the Dharma Saalai is providing food 2 times daily to the people who come there. The fire that vallalar ignited is still burning in the stove of Dharma Saalai.

Similarly the fire that vallalar kindled in the eyes of people using the divine light of his eyes is still burning and giving them divine wisdom (Gnanam) and guiding them towards divinity. Even today through this humble being our vallalar is giving the divine fire to the eyes through Deekshai. We cannot say the greatness of vallalar through words. We can’t write his greatness. So is his greatness.

One who knows will know with their knowledge.

Being in Dharma saalai and by doing penance the attainments he got is not got by any one. He got all the blessings and attainments that one can get from supreme lord. He also got the divine light body.


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