Aananda Maalai (Garland of Bliss)

Aananda Maalai

(Garland of Bliss)

Transliteration of the Song:

TiruVarudun TiruvadipPor Silambasaya Nadanthen

     Sinthaiyilae PugunthuNinPaar SernthuKalan Tirunthaal

TheruMaalar ruyarnthaMaraich Siraththamarntha Punithai

     Sivagaama valli Perun TheviUlang Kalippap

PooruvaruMei yanbudaiyaar IruvarungKan duVanthu

     PotraManip PothuvilNadam Purikinra Thuraiyae

ParuvaralAr radichChiriyen PeruVaramPer runaiyae

     Paadukinren PeriyaArut Paruvamadain thananea


The holy divine mother Shakthi who rubs the holy Supreme Lord who is as divine light with the divine consciousness, we hear the divine sound tone (Naathaththoni) of Anklet inside the holy feet which is the pupil of our eyes, we go inside of us – inside of our consciousness and find that the Supreme Lord Sivam who is as divine light is in union with the Shakthi who is as divine sound. The Supreme Lord who is as Light and Sound is united and standing as Siva Shakthi.

Without any anxiety the one who takes Guru Deekshai and does penance by “Just Being in the Consciousness and doing nothing” will never be agitated. This Spiritual Saadaka will make the divine mother holy SivaKaamaValli who resides in the higher summit of the Vedas happier. As per the Puraanas, the Supreme Lord Natarajar did the divine blissful dance in Thillai (Chidambaram) for the two great incomparable Seers Pathanjali and ViyaakraPaathar to see. Here what Vallalar is talking is not the Puraanaas but the spiritual expereince. In our body the two great incomparable thing is our two eyes, in order for this two eyes – Right and Left Eye to see and feel happier is the place where the two eyes meet and unite inside which is the common place for both the eyes. This common meeting place of two eyes inside our head is where the divine art of Fire (Agni) is located. This place is also called as ManiManram. In this place the divine arts of Sun and Moon will unite and start the divine art of Agni. The movement of this divine art of Agni is called as the Dance of Nataraajar.

Because i saw this all my greater sorrows are removed. My three impurites went off. This humble being got great boon and with higher and greater bliss i am singing happily on you – oho my Supreme Lord – my hero sitting within me. I am blissfully adoring you with garland of songs.

“Periya ArulParuvamadainthananae!” (Got Maturity for Greater Grace) – I got eligibility to receive the complete grace of the Supreme Lord by doing Penane by just being in the consciousness of the pupil of the eye and doing nothing. I became qualifed to receive the grace of the Supreme Lord. In order to enjoy the greater spiritual bliss one has to get maturity in grace! Even to enjoy the bodily pleasure of smaller bliss – union of male and female also a girl should attain maturity. After attaining maturity – puberty only a girl becomes qualifed to marry and enjoy the smaller bliss of bodily pleasure. After girls womb matures only she is given in marriage.

In this world man and women unite and enjoy smaller bodily bliss and then gives birth to child. This is worldly pleasure. Sitrinbam (Smaller Pleasure or Bliss). Due to this Smaller Pleasure , great grief is waiting later!

But in the state of Grace all the souls are girls despite being identified as male and female with body features. So all man and women were all girls in the state of Soul. Soul-Jeevathmaa is the feature of girl. Only the Supreme Lord – Paramathma is the feature of man. Similar to the world where there is union of man and women the union of Jeevathma and Paramathma is important. In this world because of the union of man and women one get smaller pleasure and due to this children are beget. The effects of Karma will continue. The Union of Jeevathma with Paramathma will result in greater supreme bliss and pleasure. The Karmas that we have will be ridden off with this union. After this union we will never again enter in the womb. All our three impurities will be removed and the Karmas of Praptham, Aagaamiyam and Sanchitham will go off. We will become pure and holier. For union of Man with a girl the girl should have attained maturity isn’t! Similarly if the Jeevathma has to unite with the Paramaathma it is important for us to attain maturity. The lower enjoyment is Sitrinbam. Higher Enjoyment is Perinbam. This is not ugly information but important information that everyone of us must know, understand and realize.

In this world we all know how a girl matures!? But how does a Soul-Jeevathma which is the feature of girl matures? Who Knows? Gnanis have told us this information. In our house if our daughter matures how does we tell her? In fact we organize a function to celebrate this! How? We call this funtion as “PoopPunitha Neeraatu Vizha”. Even this represent divine wisdom!? A mother tells about the secret of femine nature to her daughter. This is not revealed openly to all! It is told as secret. The Secret which the whole town knows! Similarly a soul attaining maturity is called as Deekshai! Guru is the mother her! Guru who is as mother giving Tiruvadi Deekshai to his disciple is the “PoopPunitha Neeraatu Vizha”. Poo means Flower. Neeraatu – bathing with water.

Tiruvadi Deekshai is the function in which the Guru using the divine consciousness gives consciousness to the pupil of the eyes of the disciple and bathes the flower (pupil of the eye) of the disciple with water that gushes out due to the divine consciousness got in the pupil of the eyes. Guru Upadesam and Guru Deekshai is the function that is held to announce the maturity of the soul. Showing the way for the soul to attain maturity. How means in the center of the pupil of our eye there is a needle tip size hole. This needle tip size hole is covered by a thin membrane. After getting Divine Consciousness in the pupil of the eye and on doing penance the divine light will increase the divine heat and will melt this thin membrane. One who has got his thin membrane removed by this way get eligibility to unite with the Supreme Lord who is our husband. The holiest husband is the Supreme Lord only. In order to unite with my husband – the supreme lord i have to attain eligibility and maturity in this way. For that first we have to take birth again as child of Gnana through Tiruvadi Upadesam and Tiruvadi Deekshai from a Gnana Sarguru. Gnana Sarguru who gives Upadesam and Deekshai becomes as a mother to us in Gnanam. After taking birth again like this and we do Penance by just being in the divine consciousness in the pupil of the eye and doing nothing the thin membrane which is in front of the pupil of the eye will melt due to divine light and we the child in spirituality will attain maturity. Only after this we will undergo holy marriage. We the Jeevathmaa will marry the Supreme Lord Paramathma. After this we will attain supreme greater divine bliss. This is the secret of Gnanam.

Mother tells her daughter the secret about the eligibility and maturity of the marriage. This is told in secret. Similary Gnana Sarguru gives Tiruvadi Upadesam and Tiruvadi Deekshai to his disciple and gives his grace for him to marry the Supreme Lord. This is also a secret. Secret known to the world! This is Gnanam! Divine Wisdom.

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