Aaludaiya Adigal ArunMaalai (Garland of Brightness for Aaludaiya Adigal – MaanickaVaasagar)

Aaludaiya Adigal ArunMaalai

(Garland of Brightness for Aaludaiya Adigal – MaanickaVaasagar)

Transliteration of the Song:

Thesagaththil Inikkinra Thellamuthae Maanicka

Vaasaganae Aananda Vadivaana Maathavanae

Maasaganra Neethiruvaay MalarnthaTamil Maamaraiyin

Aasaganra AnubavamThaan Anubavikka Aruluthiyae


The great saint ManickaVaasagar (One of the four great Nayanmaar) – You are like clear Amirtha (divine nectar) that gives sweetness to our body. You are always in deep penance which is the embodiment of bliss. You gave this world from your holy mouth, the great spiritual tamil work of Tiruvaasagam which is faultless. Kindly give me your complete good grace so that i get the experience of Sivam (SivaAnubavam) which is complete without any other thing.


Transliteration of the Song:

Anburuvam PetrathanPin Aruluruvam Adainthu

PinnarIn Buruvum Aayinai!

ManiVaasaga Perunthagayae Un Merumai

Yaaraalum Kura Mudiyaathae!


TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar praised and honoured the great four saints TiruGnanaSambandar, TiruNaavukkarasar, Sundarar and ManickaVaasagar as his eyes. The spritual work of Devaaram (Spiritual Poems of TiruGnanaSambandar, TiruNaavukkarasar, and Sundarar) and ManickaVaasagar Tiruvaasagam are like the breath and soul of Vallalar.

Vallalar respectfully praises them as Aaludaiya Pillai, Aaludaiya Arasu, Aaludaiya Nambi and Aaludaiya Adigal. These great fours got the complete grace of the Supreme Lord , excelled and lived as examples for the four great paths. TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar often sings happily the poems of Devaaram and Tiruvaasagam and get bliss. TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar has given the Attribute of Aaludaiya Aaludaiya (One who Rules) to these great fours. These great fours led as an example for the great four paths of SathPuthraMaargam, DaasaMaargam, SagaMaargam and SanMaargam. The led their life with the complete dominion of the Supreme Lord. These great fours realized themselves and are with the skill of Ruling. So there is nothing wrong in what Vallal Perumaan has told.

In this four let us see some more information:

The great Saint TiruGnanaSambandar in his age of just 3 drank the divine milk (Amirtham) from the mother goddess Sivai (Vaalai) and got Gnanam (divine wisdom) immediately. He started singing the Devaaram Songs with the verse “Thodudaiya Seviyan”. Vallalar praises TiruGnanaSambandar – “the one from Seerkaali who sits in the sittham (Will) and has good great strength and the wealth of attachment with the Gnanam (Divine Wisdom) and is my SarGuru”


Transliteration of the Song:

“ParaNaathaMaanthalaththae Oththa ThanMayamaam Ninnai

NeeInri Utridal Uyiranubavam”

“Param Parththutpuramaagi Inippura Onrum Iyampuraa

Iyalbaai Irunthathae Arulanubavam”


By the above following Song Vallalar Praises TiruGnanaSambandar as his Sarguru one who graced him the above song.

For TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar it is the great saint TiruGnanaSambandar who graced and told Vallalar about the Experience of Soul and Experience of Grace. TiruGnanaSambandar showed the last eye to Vallalar and graced him that the “holy feet and head were within you only”. The meeting place of two eyes inside our head is the place of third eye – last eye.


Transliteration and Explanation of the Song:

“Enbu Pennuruvodinnuyirathu Kondelunthida Purintha”

The great Saint TiruGnanaSambandar gave soul and bought back to life a dead women from her skeletal remains. The dead women was bestowed with her lost shape as well.


Transliteration and Explanation of the Song:

“Perumana Nallurth TirumangKaana Petravar Tamaiyelaam Gnana Uruvadainthonga Karunai Seithaliththa” – The great Saint TiruGnanaSambandar in his 16th age during his marriage showed compassion to all the people who came to his marriage and with his grace everyone who came to his marriage got upliftment to the form of Gnanam and united with the divine light. This is called as “Koondodu Kailaasam” meaning union with the Supreme Lord (divine light) without leaving the physical body by converting this physical body in to divine light body! Who can Shower such a compassion!


Transliteration of the Song:

“PavalaMalaik Kannin Mulaitha Karpagamae”

By doing Penance our eyes will become reddish and will look like coral. The divine light that germinates and grows in the eye during this time is called Karpagam. This divine light is the tree of Karpagam which bestows one with whatever he wishes. It is the Sweeter Sugarcane. It is the divine fruit. My two eyes and  the pupil in the eyes!

The great saint TiruNaavukkarasar is praised as “Aalumai Petra Arasu” meaning “the king who is bestowed with the skill to rule”. He is the one who is overwhelmed by the Supreme Lord and ruled as king over his holy tongue. This great saint TiruNaavukkarasar also praised as Appar Swamigal remained as jewel for the path of Saivam. TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar praises TiruNaavukkarasar is the following songs:


Transliteration and Explanation of the Songs:

“EmPaavamellaam Agatri ArutPaanmai Nalgum Panbudaiya Perumaanae”

“KathiTharu Karpagamae Mukkaniyae Gnanak Kadalae En Karuththae En Kannulaanae”

Appar Swamigal Sings about the Supreme Lord as below:

“Kaalaththiyaan Avan En Kannilullaan Kaan”

In the above Song Appar Swamigal Praises the Supreme Lord as “the destroyer of time is in my eyes, you see it”. In similar way, TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar Praises the Supreme Lord as “The one in my Eyes and he is the Karpagam who gives Salvation and is like three great fruits and is ocean of Gnanam. This holy one is also as knowledge in my sittham”.

Vallalar following TiruNaavukkarasar sings as “Onnukullae Onbathu Vaay Vaithaay” – “You kept nine gates in one”. We know that there are 9 entrance in our body. For girls the 10th gate is the gate of womb. This gate is created by the Supreme Lord for enjoying the Sitrinbam (Inferior Pleasure). But for Gnanam for the human race the 10th gate is the place where our two eyes meets inside our head and is denoted in Tamil as “Ya”. This is the place of divine art of Agni (Fire). In this gate when 8 (Right Eye) and 2 (Left Eye) unites it becomes 10 – “Ya”. Doing Penance to open this gate is the spiritual Saadaka (Practice). Catch hold of this 10 so that your attachment which is your Karma goes off. For that first catch hold of the holy feet! “Katrrunaiyaar Kadal Kadanthu Karaiyil Ponthu”. A cruel person tied Naavarasar (TiruNaavukkarasar) in a stone and put him in the sea. But by reciting the holy mantra of Panchaatcharam , the great saint TiruNaavukkarasar made the stone itself as the boat and floated back to the shore in the stone itself. This Saint is the younger brother of the holy Tilagavathi Ammaiyaar. He is the elder brother in getting the grace of Supreme Lord Sivam. This great saint was as the slave devotee of the Supreme Lord. For this Slave Devotee the great Saint Appothi Adigalar was the slave devotee. TiruNaavukkarasar blessed this true devotee Appothi Adigalar with the divine wisdom (Gnanam). TiruNaavukkarasar bought back to life the son of Appothi Adigalar who was dead by the bite of snake.

The great saint who is completly overwhelmed by the Supreme Lord and is praised as VanThondar (Tough Devotee) is our holy SundaraMurthy Swamigal. He is incomparable Gnanai who is bestowed with the skill of ruling himself. TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar praises this saint as “Aaludaiya Nambigal” (The excellent one who had the skill to rule). This saint is a wonderful siddhar who dropped the gold given to him by the Supreme Lord in the ManiMuthaar river and collected it from the lake in the place of TiruVaarur. Another great miracle performed by this great saint SundaraMurthy swamigal is as follows “In the town of Avinaashi lived a boy and he was swallowed by a crocodile in the lake there. After 12 years when the saint SundaraMurthy Swamigal visited this place he bought back water to the lake and bought the crocodile back and from the mouth of crocodile he bougth back the boy alive again.”. This is such a wonderful incomparable miracle performed by SundaraMurthy Swamigal. TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar Praises this Saint with wonder and delight as “Oho honourable saint from TiruNaavalur, yourself in a While Elephant followed by CheraMaan Perumaal in a horse went to the holy abode of TiruKailaayam to be seen with wonder by the celestial deities, Lord Tirumaal and Lord Brahma”.

The Supreme Lord himself came as a devotee to this true devotee SundaraMurthy Swamigal and walked in the streets of TiruVaarur as his messenger! Who will get such greatness and boon as SundaraMurthy Swamigal which is not even bestowed to the great brahma and TiruMaal. TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar thinks and melts with thoughts on SundaraMurthy Swamigal and praises and spreads his glory in his songs.

The great saint TiruGnanaSambandar is the child who is bestowed with the skill of ruling by the Supreme Lord.

The great saint TiruNaavukkarasar is the king who is bestowed with the skill of ruling by the Supreme Lord.

The great saint SundaraMurthy Perumaan is the excellent one who is bestowed with the skill of ruling by the Supreme Lord.

The great saint MaanickaVaasagar is the devotee who is bestowed with the skill of ruling by the Supreme Lord.

All these four uplifted themselves in the four holy paths.

TiruNaavukkarasar led as an example and served in the path of DasaMaargam. (Considering one as Slave to the Supreme Lord).

TiruGnanaSambandar lead as an example in the path of SarPuthiraMaargam (Considering one as the child of the Supreme Lord) who is uplifted by the goddess shakthi by the divine milk. Mother Goddess Shakthi gave golden cymbal to TiruGnanaSambandar to avoid the pain in his soft hand.

SundaraMurthy Swamigal led as an example in the path of SagaMaargam (Considering one as the friend of the Supreme Lord). The Supreme Lord Siva went as a messenger to him. This Saint is a best friend to Lord Siva.

MaanickaVaasagar lived as a good example for the path of SanMaargam. He realized that “You are me and I am you” and preached the same. He lived in the divine light. All these four great Gnanis attracted TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar. People use to say that TiruArutPrakasa always will talk about the greatness of TiruVaasagam written by MaanickaVaasagar.

Who can measure or talk about the greatness of MaanickaVaasagar who is bestowed with the skill of rule by the Supreme Lord and who conveyed the great spiritual work of TiruVaasagam!

Transliteration and Explanation of the Song:

“KaruVelikup PeruVelikup Pitthagi Tirikinroor GuruVelikkae Ninru”.

Here Karu means Womb which in spirituality represents the place where our soul resides. This place is inside of our two eyes. Open Space / Sky (VettaVeli) is situated in this place? One who roams with zeal having immersed themselves in this VettaVeli will stand firm in the GuruVeli which is the residing place of Sivam in the great space. They will roam with the intention of “Sittham Pooku Sivam Pooku” (Way of Will is the Will of Sivam). “ManPuruva Nadu Muthalaa Manam Puthaithu” – (Bury your mind in the middle of EyeBrow). For a human the “center of eye brow” represents the gate in the middle of the the pupil of the eyes – ManiVaasal (Gate in the bead). One who does penance by burying their mind in the eyebrow center ie one who always immerses in this bead will get as Guru the Supreme Lord himself and will hear his Verses. These divine words are ManiVaasagam. (Mani means bead and Vaasagam means verses). Only these people will first get Anburuvam (Form of Love) and then Aruluruvam (Form of Grace) and only then Inburuvam (Form of Bliss and Pleasure). Oho Hero of VaathaVur – my great guru , in your gracefully revealed work “TiruAnda Paguthi TiruAgaval” your blessed words “You be there” , i considered it to be told to me and i am rejoicing. TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar furthur sings as “Vaan Kalantha MaanickaVaasaga Nin Vaasagathai Naan Kalanthu PaadungKaal En Oon Kalanthu Oyir Kalanthu Vuvattaamal Inippathuvae” (Sky Unitied MaanickaVaasaga – When i get united and sing your verses it mixes in my flesh and in my soul and gives unsatiated pleasure. “MaanickaVaasaga I took only one verse of your TiruVaasagam as the word from the Guru and i need nothing else” – TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar.

The Supreme Lord himself came as Horse Caretaker and carried the sand for a small confectionery and graced the high aged lady Vanthi. The Supreme Lord also took the beatings of the King. All these the Supreme Lord did for the sake of the great MaanickaVaasagar. Lord Siva who went as the messenger for SundaraMurthy Swamigal carried the sand for MaanickaVaasagar.  The Supreme Lord enacted these divine play to make the world know the greatness of MaanickaVaasagar. The Supreme Lord took the beatings for the sake of his devotee. We sing this for the Supreme Lord who is a devotee to the devotee.

MaanickaVaasaga, by hearing your TiruVaasagam even the birds and animal will get Gnanam, in that case will i not get it?! In order to get interest in Divine Wisdom read and hear the bead revealed verses of TiruVaasagam. In order to hear the great verses of TiruVaasagam my ears should have done billions of good merits. In order to read TiruVaasagam my mouth should have done billions of good merits.

“One who does not melt for TiruVaasagm will never melt for any other thing”

TiruVaasagam is a divine treasure and should be present in every one’s house.

The Supreme Lord himself wrote the TiruVaasagam by hearing it from MaanickaVaasagar. Such is the greatness and incomparability of this holy work. There is no limit to its greatness and magnificence.

TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar immersed himself in TiruVaasagam and sang the divine spiritual treasure of TiruArutpa. The greatness and wonder of TiruVaasagam can be heard from TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar.

“Of all the Praise Worthy holy Songs of Salutation TiruVaasagam is the best”


         TiruArutpa Fifth Canto Complete


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