Aaludaiya Pillaiyaar ArunMaalai (Garland of Brightness for Aaludaiya Pillaiyaar – TiruGnanaSambandar)

 Aaludaiya Pillaiyaar ArunMaalai

(Garland of Brightness for Aaludaiya Pillaiyaar – TiruGnanaSambandar)

Transliteration of the Song:

Ulagiyal Unarvor AnuthThunai yenum

   Urrilaach SiriyaOr Paruvath

thilagiya Enakkul Iruntharul Neriyil

   Etrravun Tharamilaa maiyinaan

Vilagurung Kaalath Thadikkadi Era

   Viduththuppin Vilaguraa thaliththaay

TilagaNar Kaali GnanaSam Banththath

   Thellamu thaanchSiva Guruvae


The great Saint, Gnanai and Nayanmaar TiruGnanaSambandar took birth in the famous place of Seerkaali who is a great clear dispenser of Gnanam and also a great SivaGuru. This humble being in the younger age with no knowledge of worldly things had TiruGnanaSambandar standing in my inner state to qualify me for the holy grace. When this humble being deviated from the holy path due to insufficient qualities you (TiruGnanaSambandar) prevented and protected me and made me stand in this holy refined path and from that mature to the true higher states by your grace. Your great grace is of greater compassion.


Transliteration of the Song:

“Uyir Anubavam Utridil Athanidaththae

Ongarul Anubavam Urum … Siva Anubavam Urum” – Song 2


Uyir Anubavam – Experience of the Soul – When we do penance on the divine light of the pupil of the eyes without doing anything and just being in the divine consciousness in the pupil of the eye we will get the experience of the soul. When our Penance continues further we will get the grace. Furthur penance will get us the spiritual expreience of SivaOli (Divine Light of Sivam) which is as Soul within the Soul.

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