Aanandha Nadana Padhigam

ParaSiva nanthaPari poorana Sadaanandha

           Baavanaa theethaMuktha

ParaMagai ValYasai ThanyaNish KalaBootha

           Bauthigaa thaaraYuktha

SarvaMang galaSachi thaanandha Soubhakiya

           Sambava Vinaasaragetha

Saasvatha Puraathara Niraathara Abethavaa

           Saamago SaraNirubaa

ThuruvaKaru naagara Niranthara Thuranthara

           Sugothaya Pathithva Nimala

SutthaNith thiyaParoo KshaNubava Abaroksha

          SomaSe garaSoroobaa

AaraHara SivaayaNama EnruMarai Oolamit

          tanuvalavum Arigilaatha

Arputha Sithaagaasa GnanaAm balamaadum

          Aanantha NadanaManiyae


The one who is as divine bliss of Sivam (light) that is spread everwhere (ParaSivaanantham)!

The One who is as  Divine bliss and pleasure that is filled everywhere!

The one who gives Mukthi and is beyond imagination!

The one who is the highest attained thing of Gnanam! The One who is without faults!

The One who operates the five basic elements and their components!

The one with all auspicious character!

The one with truth, intellect and eternal bliss (Sachithaanantham)!

The one who is the greatest wealth and who is seen as divine light form of SambaSivam (SupremeLord with Divine Mother)!

The one without any evil!

The one who is a lover of the people having indestructible, ever existing body!

The one who does not have any source or base for him!

The one who is omnipresent!

The one who doesn’t have any materialistic forms!

The one who gives constant grace!

The one who is existing in all times!

The one who is ever unchanging!

The one who sustains everything!

The one who is without any faults and always gives bliss and pleasure!

The one with a form of bliss who comes down and gives Gnanam (divine wisdom) to everyone!

The one who is marvellous and magnificient who is unknown even to the smallest atoms and is praised in vedas as “Aranae SivaayaNama”.

The one who is as divine dancing bead dancing in the vast space of pure intelligence (Sidaagaasam) available with everyone.

This great one who is the Supreme lord is available to us as divine light in our head which has the vast space of pure intelligence and this divine light is the one that is expressing and accesible in the center of the pupil of our eye.

The pupil of our eye is dancing bead and the dancing divine light in this bead (pupil of the eye) is the Supreme Lord also called as NataRajan. The Word NataRajan means the king or Lord who is dancing.


“Jothi Maniyae.. SagachaNilai Kaati VinaiYoti

Arul Neeti Uyar Samarasa Subhava Maniyae

Suyam PrakaasangKulavum” — Song 2

The divine light (jothi) in the pupil of the eyes (Jothi Maniyae)! In our natural inherent state if we meditate on the divine light of the pupil of the eyes and do penance on this divine light then our Karma will be ridden off. The grace will be increased. We will get the natural state of Sanmargam which is the character of seeing all as equal without any differences. The divine light of our eye is genuine , pure and is source of its own (Suyam). The divine light of the pupil of our eye is also the shining one.


“Gnana Nilaiyai Kannaara NelliKaniyena Kaati” — Song 6

In the state of Gnanam or Gnana our Eyes were represented as the fruit of Gooseberry (NelliKani) in coded or technical terms.  Siddhars and Gnanis in Coded terms tell that there is a black Gooseberry available. In this world there is no black Gooseberry. The pupil of our eye is termed or coded as black Gooseberry.


“ManiKonda Neadiya Ulagaai Athil Thangum

Aanmaakkalaai Aanmakkalin MalaMolzhithariyaatha

PeruValzhvinaith Tharum Vallalaai” — Song 10

ManiKonda – In the center of the pupil of the eyes there is a needle tip size hole and inside this there is a vast celestial space and in this long, vast and great space, the divine light of the Supreme Lord stays / resides as the soul.

This means our soul is available as the divine light which is residing in the vast space available in the needle tip size hole in the center of the pupil of the eye. The Supreme Lord is the philanthropist who removes the three impurities (Karma) of the soul and provides with his grace and bestows the greater blissful divine life.


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