Aanma Visaarath Thalungal (Weep during Contemplation on Soul)

Aanma Visaarath Thalungal

 (Weep during Contemplation on Soul)

Transliteration of the Song:

Pogamae Vilanthen PulaiManach Siriyen

   Poopinum PunarnthaVem Poriyen

Eegamae PorulEn rarinththilen Porulin

   Ichchayaal EruthuNoo variyaak

Kaagamae EnapPoip PirarThamai Varunthik

   KaliththaPaa thagathTholir Kadaiyen

Mogamae Udaiyen Enninum Enthaai

   Muninthidel Kaaththarul Enaiyea


Oho my Supreme Lord i always desire to unite with you. Because of me doing penance on the Pupil of the eye which has impure mind, the flower of my eye blossomed. Divine Light of my Eye got increased to fullness. During this time i did penance by union with the inner light and got supreme bliss! This state is the only state of single full higher supreme blissful state! This state is bestowed only by the divine light in the pupil of the eyes which are the holy feet of the Supreme Lord. Without realizing this truth i kept my desire and attachment on the worldly things and gave trouble and sufferings to others. This is like a crow sitting on a ox and pecking it without realizing the sufferings of the ox. Oho my Supreme Lord try to save this humble being who has lust and provide your grace.

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