Aatra Maattaamai (Inability to bear)

Aatra Maattaamai
(Inability to bear)


Ippaar MuthalEn Moorththamaai
        Ilangum Karunai Engkoovae
Thappaa yinaTheerth thennaiyum Mun
        Thaduththaat Konda ThayaaNithiyae
Eppaa lavarum Pugalnththethum
        Iraivaa Ellaam Vallonae
Appa Arasae Inich Sirithum
       Aatra Maatten Kandaai

Explanation of the Song:

In this world in the beginning you became as the eight shaped one (EnMoorththam) – “8” – shinning pupil of our eye with the form of compassion, oho my Lord! You removed all my wrong things which are my karmas and you refrained me and took me in your shelter earlier and gave me your grace oho my dear Supreme Lord with the form of love , mercy and compassion. You are the source of my great wealth. In all the worlds you are the one who is praised and worshipped Supreme Lord who is as great infinite divine light. You are the one who is capable of doing everything. You are the father, king and Lord of all the souls and this humble being no longer can bear my inability. Please come soon and deliver me. Please immerse me in your grace.

“Kannaar Amuthak Kadale En Kannae
Kannut Karumaniyae Thannaar Mathiyae
Kathir Parappith Thalaiththa Sudarae Thanikkalae” … Song 3

Explanation of the Song:

Oho Supreme Lord who is available and expressings as the divine light in the eye – pupil of the eye. Only if we go inside of us through the way of divine light of the eyes we can reach the ocean of nectar(Amutham) and can drink the nectar. This is as three eyes – Thannaar Mathi – Moon – Left Eyes, “Kathir Parappith Thalaiththa Sudar” – Sun – Right Eyes and ThanikKanal – Divine Art of Agni – the place where our two eyes unite inside our head – third eyes – inner eyes. For all of us it is as three eyes. If one does penance through our two eyes and increase the divine light in our eyes, only then the third eyes which is the eyes of Agni will get expressed and become available. This is the spiritual wisdom (Gnanam). The eyes of forehead should appear.

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