Abaratha Vinnapam

“Ulagam Paravum PorulaeEn

               Uravae Enran UyirkuUyirae

Ilagam Parathae Paramparamaai

                Inba NadanchSei Em Iraiyae

Kalagam Paravum Manathenaik

                KaiVit tidaNee Karuthiyoo

Thilagam Paravum NutharPaagan

              Enba Tharulin Thirathranrae”


In this world light is the one that is spread and prevailing everywhere. Light is present inside every atom as well. This divine light that is prevailing in the whole world is my relation. This divine light is what is as soul within my soul and also spread throughout the world.

Ambarathae – Ambarm is the one that is present inside our head. This is called Gnana Aagaasam (Sky of Gnanam/Wisdom) and Space of Gnanam (Gnana Veli). In this space of Gnanam, the Supreme Lord ArutPerum Jothi Aandavar is dancing in two places as divine light. This divine light which is Supreme Lord himself is in the down side at the Pupil of the Eyes and also in the inner top side of the head. The divine light will not stand still. That’s whay saints say the Supreme Lord as divine light is dancing. This dance will give supreme bliss if we see and realize.

Oho Lord don’t forsake me because of my mind which always creates trouble and generate bad and impure thoughts. Show Compassion and Mercy on me and Protect me.

The pupil of eyes which are like a round marking worn on the forehead and in this round pupil of the eyes, the divine light is spread and prevailing everywhere. The prevailing of the divine light in the pupil of the eyes is due to the grace of the Supreme Lord who is as divine light. The Supreme Lord will not forsake me any time.


“Kanni Naliyap Padum Paravaik KaalPol ManakKaal

Katunnap Panni NalanchSer TirukKuttam Pugutha..” — Song 7

A bird’s leg will struggle hard to fly which is caught in the net spread by the hunter. Similarly my mind is struggling and suffering due to it being caught in the net of Karma. Oho Lord, control and purify my mind which is like my feet under your holy feet which is the divine light in the pupil of the eyes and take me in your holy assembly of holy people and save me.

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