Abayam Iduthal (Seeking Refuge)

Abayam Iduthal
(Seeking Refuge)


Uruvaai Aruvaai Oliyaai Veliyaai
        Ulavaa OruPer Arulaar Amutham
Tharuvaai Ithuvae Tharunam Tharunam
        Thariyen Sirithun Thariyen IniNee
Varuvaai Alaiyel UyirVaal KalanNaan
        MathiSer MudiEm Pathiyae Adiyen
Guruvaai Manamae Munamae Idamaak
       KudiKon davanae Abayam Abayam

Explanation of the Song:

Oho Supreme Lord who earlier came as Guru to this humble being and stayed in my mind, please provide me refuge and shelter. The Supreme Lord takes the form of the bead of the eyes and expresses there. As formless one he is as divine light in the pupil of the eyes. He shines as the divine light of the pupil of the eyes. In order for everyone to know him he is available in the open space in the pupil of the eyes as divine light. Oho Supreme Lord please grace me and provide me with the ever holy nectar. For providing all these this is the good time. I cannot wait any more time. You Please come immediately and give me the divine grace nectar and also your divine blessings. If not then i will not live! Oho my Lord Sivam having the divine arts of Moon matted in the hair and also available as divine light of eyes.

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