Adimai Paathigam

“AallVinaiyaal PayanUruvaar AsathiAada

                Antho Ip PulaiNaayen Anbaal NinPaal

Velvi Seyum Perunthavarkae VelviSeyya

                Vendum Ithar KemPerumaan KarunaiSeiyum

NaalVilaivil Sinnaalae IthuThaan Unmai

                Nambum Ena Navinrunaiyae NambiNinraen

Kelviyilaath Thuraithanamoo Alathu Naayaen

               KilakuMurai Kilakilanoo Ketilaayae”


People who achieve with their hard efforts were talking ill of me. This humble being who is like a dog and because of love towards you, should serve your devotees who does Penance and divine sacrifice. Oho Supreme Lord please give me your compassion and mercy so that people who talk ill of me will praise me. I want your grace immediately. I am believing you completely. I also donot know how to ask or seek from you. I also do not know if it is my extravagant and imprudent behaviour, oho my Lord you only should see and show your grace on me.


“Aandaaru Moonraandil Aandu Konda”  — Song 3

TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar was overwhemled by the Supreme Lord at his young age of 9. What does it mean?

The divine light that is present in the pupil of the eyes is not stimulated or kindled by any one. Hence the divine light in the pupil of the eye is called as “UnStimulatedLamp” (ThoondaaManiVilaku). Vallalar here refers to the Supreme Lord who glows as ArutPerum Jothi (Supreme Divine Jothi) within him as his Guru who has overwhelmed him in the age where Vallalar doesnot know himself.

TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar here praises the lord as the life of his beloved soul, as the Pupil of his eyes, as his Guru and the divine medicine for him.

“Ambalathen Guruvae” – The divine light that dances in the Ambalam is the Guru. Who is this divine light? It is the Supreme Lord himself. The divine light which is of the size of needle tip present in the needle tip size hole in the centre of the pupil of the eyes is our life and our soul! This divine light will become our Guru and will guide us and shows us the way and also enlightens us.


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