Adiyaar Peru (Boon of Devotees)

Adiyaar Peru

 (Boon of Devotees)

Transliteration of the Song:

Adiyaar Varuththam ThanaikKandu Thariyaar

   Inbam Aliththiduvaar

Vadiyaak Karunaip PerungKadalaar Enra

   Periyar VarththaiElaam

Nediyaark kariyaay KodiyenEn OruVan

   Thanaiyum Neekkiyatho

Kadiyaak KoduMaa PaathaganMun Kanda

   Pasisung Kandilanea


“He comes very quickly and protect his devotees unable to see the sufferings of the devotees. He is the perennial supreme ocean of Compassion” , if the above words of the greater saints are true then the Lord Tirumaal is also unknowable ParamPorul only, is this humble great sinner alone any different! In earlier ages you gave grace to a Vediyan who did a great Sin, like that why can’t you kindly give your good grace to me as well!


Transliteration of the Song:

“Unran TiruvadiMel Aasai”  — Song 12


Oho my supreme lord, i donot have any desires in this world!? My only desire is your holy feet! My great Desire is on your holy feet which is divine light in my pupil of the eyes which is also the only true thing. I will definitely acquire and attain your holy feet!


Transliteration of the Song:

“Ellaam Udaiyaay NinSeyalae Ellaam Enraal

 En Seyalgal Ellaam Ninathu Seyal Anroo”  — Song 19


“The Supreme Lord is one who is as everything, He is filled everywhere, He is the mightier one with ulitmate strength, Oho Supreme Lord you have everything and every deed is yours!! Without you not even a single atom can move!! Hence there is no deed which belongs seperately to me! My deed is also your deed only! ” – TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar Ramalinga Swamigal. In this place no one should be confused?! For Gnanis like Vallalar, self realized Gnanis – Karma less Gnanis have no seperate deeds. For them all deeds as the Supreme Lord’s deed. But for sinners like us who has supreme lord hidden within , hidden by the Karmic layer where our deed and action is determined by our fate, where our Karma acts and hence we go as per the whims of our mind the supreme lord is like as stone within us without acting but just watching us. We act as per our karma and suffer. Even in this state if we surrender to a SarGuru , get Tiruvadi Deekshai from him and do penance and surrender our mind which is like a monkey and which troubles us like a ghost to the holy feet of the Supreme Lord then we are delivered. So allow the Supreme Lord to act! In order for you to get delivered surrender to the pure holy one. Your only work is to do penance ie “Do Nothing and Just be there”. Everthing else is his deed.

So if you remain silent and do nothing he (the supreme lord within you) will act & function? Everything will become his deed! If your mind acts then he will remain silent and do nothing! So oho human surrender and “Summa Iru” (Do Nothing and Just be there).

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