Ammai TirupPathigam

“Ulagin Uyir VagaiUvagai Ura Iniya Arulamutham

                       UthavumAa nantha Sivaiyae

UvamaiSolaa Ariya Oru Periya Siva NeriThanai

                       UnarthuPer  inbaNithiyae

IlaguPara AbaraNilai IsaiyumAva ravarParuvam

                      Iyalura UlanKol Paraiyae

IrumaiNeri OrumaiYura ArumaiPeru Perumaithanai

                        Enthenai Alittha Arivae

Kalagamuru SagasaMala Irulagala Veliyaana

                      Kaatchiyae Karunai Niraivae

KadaKarada Vimalagaya MugaAmuthum AruMugak

                       ganaAmutham Uthavum Kadalae

AlagilValam Niraiyum Oru Thillayam PathiMevum

                       Annalaar Makilum Maniyae

Agilaanda MumSaraa saramumEen rarulParaSi

                         Vaanantha Valli Umaiyae”


[ The above song is sung in the praise of divine mother]

Oho Divine Mother Vaalai, You are the one who with your grace provide sweet divine nectar (Amirtham) to all living beings in this world, so that they attain Supreme bliss. The Divine Mother is united with Sivam and hence called as Sivai. The incomparable , highest and noble law of SivaNeri which is divine light is made to be realized by your grace, oho my mother of vast blissful form and wealthy one. Inorder to uplift the people who do penance and make them mature, you provide your grace by expressing and being available both in the upper and lower region, oho my mother of great love. Divine Mother is called as Parai which means she belongs to Supreme Lord who is also called as Param. She is called as ParaaSakthi and the one who is always with Paran. Paran means light and Parai means Sound. Sivam is light and Sakthi is Sound – divine Sound. ParaParai – State of being both divine light and divine sound. To save one from the suffering of duality of the present and future life, you show way of uniting the dual divine lights of the eye, immerse me in the penance, gave me excellence and glory, saved me and gave me wisdom and became my knowledge and wisdom. The three impurities gives us suffering and trouble and you changed that by providing me with divine light oho compassionate filled divine mother of divine light and vision in the celestial space. The divine light vision that eminates from our body, the celestial space , divine sound and the divine thing.

In this world, for all the living beings to attain supreme bliss, sweet divine nectar (Amirtham) is given and supreme bliss is graced by divine mother Vaalai (Supreme Lord as Divine Mother). Since she is always with Sivam she is Sivai.

Oho divine mother you are Goddess Parvathi having ocean like compassion who gave Vinayaga Perumaan with face of infruiated Elephant, Ganapathy with face of impure less eminence, Six faced MurugaPerumaan with face of wisdom like eminence, for the purpose of providing grace and divine nectar to us.

All the wealth is available in Thillai* Celestial space and in this celestial space the Supreme Lord dances as Lord Nataraja who delights by the bead and the light in the bead which is the pupil of our eye  divine light in the pupil of the eye.

[*Thillai – Thillai in the outer world means the temple city of Chidambaram which has the famous Nataraj. This temple was regularly visited by Vallalar and has sung many songs on the deity. This place symbolizes one of the five basic elements of sky. The inner meaning of Thillai is the dense wild forest of illusion that covers the divinity in the center of the pupil of the eye. ]

The divine mother is one who gave birth to the entire universe and everthing in this universe. She is the power of the lord siva and she is the power which gives divine bliss and pleasure.  She is the mother who gave birth to every thing and she is the one who blesses us with everything. The divine mother Vaalai is one who gives us Amirtham. She is Umai. “U” alphabet in Tamil denotes number 2 and it represents Left Eye. She is in the 2 as divine sound.  She is called Ammai. “A” alphabet in Tamil denotes number 8 and it represents Right Eye. Since she is always with the “A” She is called Ammai. Ammai Umai is divine mother Vaalai. She is the one who protects us, blesses us and gives us her grace. She is as divine Sound and Music. “Naatha Mudivil Nallaal Irupidam” – This is the word of Siddhars which means “the divine good lady resides in the End place of the Music”.  If you catch hold of this power of divine musice and sound you can reach the divine light Vindhu Sivam. “Natha Vindhu Kalaathi Namoo Nama”. Praise to the one who is as divine words (Manthiram) in Vedas. This blissful – ParaSiva – AananthaValli Umai is our divine mother who gives us divine nectar and then takes us to the Supreme Lord. She is praised as Vaalai by all the Siddhars. The word Umai when split becomes U+Mai , U denotes left eye and mai denotes the center. Since she is in the center of Pupil of the left eye she is called Umai. Since she is in the center of pupil of the right eye with the lord she is called Ammai. From the center of the eye she is ruling us. She is as SreeChakaraBindu. This divine mother is the form of compassion. This divine mother in the state of penance and as a small child is giving blessings and grace to everyone in the temple in the place of kanyakumari. The work KanyaKumari when split becomes Kanni + Ya + Kumari. Kanni means Virgin, Ya denotes 10 in Tamil which represents the place in the center of head where our two eyes meet inside, Kumari means unmaried girl. Come to see the divine mother in KanyaKumari. See her in the place of 10 “Ya” – which is the meeting place of two eyes inside the head. If you see her you will get divine nectar. You will get divine deathless blissful life. With her blessings you can see the Sivam (Supreme Lord) and attain him. In order to get the celestial pleasure of Sivam (divine light), ParaSivaAnantha Valli- Umai – Vaalai is the only way and hence surrender in her holy feet.


“Iyaana NamKonda Thillaiyum PathiMaruvum Annalaar Makilum Maniyae” — Song 4.

“IyaanaNam” = Iy + Aananam = Inthu + Mugam = Five Faces. Here Five faces denotes five basic elements (PanchaBhutham). The Lord of Thillai is the Lord of 5 elements united together which also contains infinite celestial space. This is the place where Sakthi is unitied with Sivam. Which is this place? All the five basic elements were united in the pupil of the eyes and in the pupil of the eyes Sakthi is in union with the Sivam – divine light. The divine mother is called SivaKaami. The divine sound is always with the divine light in the pupil of the eyes. Natham is always with the Vindhu. Parai is always with Param. Sivai is always with the Sivam. Divine Mother is called Gnanambhikai meaning Mother who gives Gnanam (Divine Wisdom). Half of Lord Ishwara is Ishwari. The Supreme Lord who is Agilaanda Kodi Pramaanda Nayakar (Lord of the billions of universes which were vast and infinite) has his half the divine mother who is Agilaanda Kodi Pramaanda Naayaki (Mistress of the Lord of the billions of universes which were vast and infinite).


“Nin TiruchSaranamae Saranam ArulVaay” — Song 5

“Nin TiruchSaranamae” means “Your Holy Feet”. TiruchSaranam means holy feet. Saranam here also represents the state of surrender which is surrendering in the holy feet of the Lord. It is we telling the Lord “Oho Supreme Lord i have completely surrendered to you”. So Saranam indicates two things , one is holy and the other is in the state of Surrender. Only the one who have surrendered themselves to the lord will attain the holy feet which is called Saranam. Surrender is the only way to attain the holy feet. Saranamae Saranam.


“Moonam Enum Nanritta Amuthundu Summa Iruthi” — Song 6

Only the one who seeks a Sarguru and get Upadesam and Deekshai can understand what is Moonam!? Moonam means being silent. The silent organ in our body is eyes.

“Moonam Enum Nanritta Amuthu” – Getting the divine light in the center of pupil of the eye through Upadesam and Deekshai from a GnanaSarguru and realizing this and doing penance with this consciousness. Amuthundu -> Amuthu + Undu. Amuthu means divine thing and Undu means feeding in or eating. During Deekshai GnanaSarguru through the divine fire gives the divine light as divine consiousness in our eyes. This divine light consiousness is the nectar that is got in the Moonam – in our eyes. Increasing this divine light feel and consciousness and getting greater bliss by doing penance is what is meant by feeding in the nectar. Nectar tastes sweet isn’t and similarly the divine light feel and consciousness gives us greater bliss when increased. In order to get again and again the divine feel and consciousness one has to remain silent and do nothing by being in Moonam. This is what is called as “Vaalaa Iru”(Be in Silent), “Seyalatiru” (Be without any action), “Mounamaaga Iru” (Keep Quiet). “Doing Nothing and just being in Moonam gives Pleasure”, “Moonam is the boundary of Gnanam” expounded by Saint Avvaiyaar explains this only.  Eating or Feeding in the divine light of eye , drinking nectar and doing penance keeping silent is what gives us Gnanam. “Greater Immortal blissful Life”, “State of doing nothing and being in Moonam” when will i get Oho Lord, will it be today or tommorow? I have surrendered to your holy feet oho my Lord, Immerse this humble being in Moonam, provide me with nectar and overwhelm me with your grace.


“Vevinaik Keedaana Kaayam Ithu Maayam” — Song 8

As per our good and bad merits we are given our present body by the supreme lord and were sent to this earth. Since our body acts as per our Karma, everything is illusion or Maya. Everything is fruits of karma. If this state continues our body will perish and others will destroy it either by burying or by cremating. To make this perishable body non-destructible, one has to see, feel, realize and do penance on the divine light of the pupil of the eye. This incomparable penance is what is “doing nothing and just being in silent” (Summa Iru). “Vinai Bogamae Oru Thegam Kandaai” – told by a Gnanai which means one gets a body based on his Karma. So if one wants his body to be imperishable and non-destructible one has to see that there is no karma. The Spiritual Saadhana of Gnanam – Penance – Doing Nothing and just being in silent is for destroying all our karmaas only. One has to seek a Gnana Sarguru, get the divine light of the pupil of the eyes from him through Deekshai and has to realize and do penance on this divine light. When done this way the divine light increases and our karmic layer which is in the state of Sukshama will melt and dissolve in this divine light. Decrease in Karma will result in increased availability of divine light. This available divine light will spread throughout the body. Our perishable body will become divine light body and after than we have no more births. When Karma is not there, we have no more births.

Karma is of three type 1. Praptha Karma, 2. Aagamiya Karma and 3. Sanchitha Karma. A spiritual practitioner who gets Deekshai from a Guru and does penance, first his Praptha Karma will be go away slowly. Since a spiritual practitioner who gets Guru Deekshai lives a noble life, Aagamiya Karma will not be created. Even if Aagamiya Karma Occurs Guru will stop and protect him. “Aagamiya Karma of spiritual practitioner goes to his Guru only”. With Continued Penance and increase in the divine light and divine fire in the pupil of the eyes, the Sanchitha Karma also comes and will be done off with. Even if one is worn and torn apart due to his karmas, the supreme lord will not forsake him. This is the conclusion and declaration of all the four vedas. Action should be done to get rid of Karmas. What Action will get rid of Karmas? Action of Siva (SivaKaariyam) only will get rid of karmas. SivaKaariyam means doing nothing and just being in silent in the eyes. If we surrender to this divine light, divine pleasure is got all the days. We can also live. We can also make others to live. We can raise ourself as Guru and save this world.


“Nin TiruvadiThiyaanam Illaamal Avamae SiruTheiva Neri

Sellum Maanidap Peygal Paal Seraamai Vendum”    — Song 9

Oho Supreme Lord who is as light, on receiving just a atomic proportion of your grace, even a tiny dust particle will get the power to perform three divine acts of creation, maintenance and destruction. Without knowing and realizing this, human beings without performing meditation on Lord’s holy feet and not acquiring divine wisdom (Gnanam) were dying out!? These human beings who have got father and mother were not trying to get a guru and attain divine wisdom and thereby not realizing the God. On seeing these human beings who were immersed in illusion (Maya), all the saint and Gnanis felt pain and were frustrated. This state of human beings who without trying to get Gnanam but doing other activities which will lead them to hell faster is what made the saints agonized.

Oho Supreme Lord, the beloved good people of Sanmargam who have realization of oneness of soul and who do Lords’s Holy Feet Meditation were living and lived a great blissful divine life with all the good boons by your grace. They will continue to live this greater life even in the coming days. In the holy book of TiruManthiram, Siddhar Tirumoolar says “Tiruvadi Gnanam Sivamakuvikum” meaning “knowledge and wisdom of Holy feet will make one as Sivam”. A human being who do not want to take birth again should have Tiruvadi Gnanam. Oho Supreme Lord, this humble being got TiruVadi Deekshai from Gnana Siddhar Tiruchy RamaSwamy Desikar by your grace. More than 30 years have passed. This humble being who was a disciple was made as a Guru by my Guru. Sarguru Moulded me. The divine mother KanyaKumari Vaalai made me as the central point for disclosing the hidden Gnanam. Great Saints and Gnanis polished me.  By God’s grace i adorned the Lord and the great Saints with divine songs. The great Gnanis, Saints and Siddhars made this humble being to write and publish numerous books of Gnanam to be praised by the world. I was overwhelmed by TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar. He made me to write the true commentary for this divine work TiruArutpa. It is by the grace of TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar that this humble being got deekshai and by his grace only i am giving Tiruvadi Deekshai and Tiruvadi Upadesam to the people seeking me. TiruArutPrakasa Ramalinga Vallalar moulded me and is guiding me and in order to give Tiruvadi Deekshai and Tiruvadi Upadesam from KanyaKumari, he has given me “Thanga Jothi Gnana Sabai”. He made me as a Guru and by his grace i have so for provided Tiruvadi Deekshai to more than 1000 members. This Tiruvadi Upadesam and Tiruvadi Deekshai is what helps one to get rid of his karma and takes him to the Lord. My only duty is to give Tiruvadi Deekshai and Tiruvadi Upadesam. Oho Supreme Lord, Oho my Guru need your grace and blessings everyday. Bless and Grace me.

Being born in this holy land India which teaches Gnanam (divine wisdom) to the whole world by the presence of innumerable Gnanis here and still if one does not know about this Tiruvadi Gnanam what can we say of him! Not Just Lacking to Know Lord but also these people commit acts which were against the nature of the Supreme Lord and hence keep increasing their sin. What a pity state it is. Oho Supreme Lord please provide your grace to these people who are immersed in ignorance so that they will get intelligence.

Oho Humans without knowing and realizing the Supreme Lord, you do incorrect and evil worship and get spoiled. Think! Who are you to kill a life and do animal sacrifce when the Supreme Lord himself is the creator of life. Is it not against the lord by Killing a life which was given by him?! You are incapable of even moving a small dust and how is that you thought of killing and slaying a life? One who gives suffering to other life is definitely a animal. They are demons in the disguise of humans. How can a ignorant fool who offers meat and alcohol to the Lord, show love to others?! Because of these people with demonic character only, five great sins of Killing, Alcholism, Stealing, Lust and Cheating occurs in this land.

Oho Lord please see that these demonic humans do not come to me, protect me and make me to live a noble and good life with your grace. This is what Vallalar is seeking from the Supreme Lord.

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