Apayath Thiran (Strength of Refuge)

Apayath Thiran
(Strength of Refuge)


Aadaga ManipPor Kunramae Ennai
         AanduKondaruliya Porulae
Veedagath Thetrrum Vilakkamae Vilakkin
         Meiyolik kulloli Viyappae
Vaadagach Siriyen Vaattangal Elaam
        Thavirththarul Valangiya Manril
Naadagak Karunai Naathanae Unnai
         Nambinen Kaividel Enaiye

Explanation of the Song:

The Pupil of the eyes which contains the dancing holy feet reddened by penance, appearing like bright shining golden hill oho my Lord, divine one who has overwhelmed with his grace, the true one! Oho Pupil of the Eyes! Oho the divine lamp lighted in the pupil of our eyes in the house of our body! Oho the divine light within the divine light of the pupil of the eyes! You are the Jothi inside the inside of Jothi of Jothi! This is astonishing! This is wonder! Kindly remove the distress got due to karma of this humble being , provide me your grace and give me divine wisdom (Gnanam). Oho the hero dancing in the open hall of Ambalam, i am completely believing you. Do not forsake me. Even if the whole world forsake us , the Supreme Lord will never forsake us.


“Kannilae Enathu Karuththilae Kalantha Karuththanae
Ninranai Allaal Mannilae Vayangum Vaanilae
Pirarai Mathithilen Mathikkinror Thamaiyum Nannilen” —- Song 5

Explanation of the Song:

Oho my lord who is mixed and glowing in my consciousness and in the pupil of my eyes! Oho my God! Lord of all things! Oho Supreme Lord other than you i will not respect and go beyond any demi deities or the celestial ones. Nor will i worship any other small deities. I will also will not join with any one involving in small deity worship. I will never befriend them. Oho Supreme Lord, ParamPorulae, one for the world, expressing everywhere as the supreme divine light, also available and shining as the divine light in the pupil of my eyes i am fully believing in you only. Please protect me and give me your grace. Kindly protect me and give me your mercy and compassion.

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