Atthuvithaanantha Anubava Idaiyeedu (Rendering of Blissful Experience of Advaidam)

Atthuvithaanantha Anubava Idaiyeedu

(Rendering of Blissful Experience of Advaidam)

Transliteration of the Song:

TiruththaguPon Ambalaththae TiruNadanchSei tharulum

    Tiruvadigal AdichChiriyen SenniMisai Varumo

UrththaguNaa nilaththidaiNeel malaththidaiPoi Gnana

    Uruppadivam Adaiveno Onriranden naatha

Poruththamuru SutthaSivaa nanthaVellam Thathumbip

    PongiAgam PurangKaanaa thenguNirain thidumo

AaruiththagumAv vellaththae NaanMoolki NaanPoi

     Athuvaagap Peruveno ArinthilanMel Vilaivae


Will this humble being get the Holiness expressed Grace filled holy feet dancing in the Ponnambalam (golden hall) in my head! In order to become worth while in this world, will i get inside the three great impurities and remove it and also get your grace and will uplift myself! Will the One becoming, standing and uniting as two and the pure flood of blissful sivam – flood of divine light increase and flow and fill inside ,outside and everywhere! Will i immerse myself in this pure blissful flood of Sivam and lose “Me” and become that – will “I” become “Supreme Lord” i.e Will the Soul become Paramathma! Oho Supreme Lord please provide me your grace! There is nothing to get more than this!

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