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Spiritual Science of Human Immortality

(Saakaa Kalvi)

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Dear All. My humble respect and obeisance to all. With my SadGuru Thiru.ShivaSelvaraj Grace and NyanaGuru Vallalar Grace i am translating the Tamil book  Saakaa Kalvi written by our SadGuru Thiru.ShivaSelvaraj.  This book is the only book which shows us the path to achieve immortality. It explains everything divine and which were kept secret from the mankind so for. Please read the book attentively and with faith. Raise yours questions if any to us so that we will talk with our Guru and let you know the answers.

I have tried my best to translate the book in English. I found some difficulty to find appropriate words to convey the same meaning as told in Tamil. So i have put a reference page for people to refer to. If one has difficulty to understand any of the words, sentence or paragraph please mail us. We will try to answer you.  As much as possible the translation was done literally, but at places the meaning of the sentence or paragraph was conveyed.

I request to keep the Reference page open alongside this book for quick reference.

If possible please translate this in other known languages of you so that people can benefit. You will also gain the blessings and grace of Vallalar.

I am dedicating this to our Guru ShivaSelvaraj and Nyana Guru Thiru ArutPrakasa Vallalar.

From the next page starts the translation from the original book.

Chapter : 2        Birth and Death

Because of the ignorance, man has been held in the repeated cycle of birth & Death. The Supreme being’s divine play is to get the man out of this repeated cycle of birth & Death. In Ancient Holy Indian Scriptures this birth & Death cycle is called as Samsara Sagaram.

“Death is like sleep and birth is like waking from the sleep”

–        Divine Poem Thirukural by Thiruvalluvar

By Saint Seer Poet Thiruvalluvar conveys that only the body contains the soul is undergoing death but soul is ever there and is immortal. When the soul goes to deep sleep then the body dies and coming back of the soul from this sleep is birth. This birth happens in a new body. This divine wisdom and told in simple words by saint poet.

What is the end of this never ending cycle of birth & death?

Siddhas has sung “When i attain the state which gives the bliss of sleeping without really sleeping”. So sleeping in one way is equivalent to death. Human Beings ! do not sleep. Get Up and do work. Keep working till you attain your destiny (true destiny of human beings). Our True Destiny is attaining immortality (Ascension) and divinity.

Birth is called when Soul incarnates in to Human body. Divine wisdom (Nyana) of soul is to live ever in this body (state of Ascension), surpassing the death allows Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul to live forever and This state is said to be divine deathless life. We will take a new birth only if our Body Dies, there is no birth if there is no death, isn’t. Avoid Death to avoid rebirth (not through any Technology or Medical Means).

Why does our body Age and Dies? Why the soul leave the body? Only if we know this we can see the ways to prevent death. Death is not the unavoidable thing. One gets death because he does not know how to live. Our seers have told the ways how to live our life. They have told ways of what to do from morning to night.

“Good Character and Virtuousness is to be given more importance than our own life”

–       Divine Poem Thirukural by Thiruvalluvar

Virtuousness is the only thing that makes the man to become divine. We have to treat our virtuousness more than our life and have to follow the good character and behaviour throughout our life. If one treat this virtuousness more than his life then this virtuousness will show the way for one’s to realize god. This is what told by the saint poet Thiruvalluvar.

The Virtuousness is of two types. 1. Virtuousness of the body and 2. Virtuousness of the soul. Since both the soul and body were related we need virtuousness to keep it together. This virtuousness of the soul is what our saint vallalar calls as Jeevakarunyam(Compassion to all living beings) and everything comes under it.

People will understand better if we tell what are things that were non-virtuousness and what are the things to avoid to get virtuousness. Whichever destroys our body and which makes our soul to leave our body soon were non-virtuous things. These were called as Panchpadagam(Five Great Sins) in Ancient Holy Indian Scriptures. What are they 1. Lying 2. Killing(violence), 3. Theft, 4.Liquor and 5. Lust. (Remember 7 Commandments told in Bible, it is similar to this).

Do not even think or go near to anything which makes our intelligence dull and reduces our alertness. Avoid persons Whoever posses them. “Move away from a person lacking virtuousness”.

Food is the necessity for the body. To live we require food, water and air. We have to drink only well boiled water. Plant more tress in our surroundings and get pure air. Eat only pure vegetarian food.

“All Souls will worship a person who has done away with killing and eating meat(Non-Veg)”

–       Divine Poem Thirukural by Thiruvalluvar

By the above poem thiruvalluvar tells that any person who doesnot harm other life forms (who abide from eating non-veg food) will be the person who will be worshipped by all other souls. We should behave in such a way that at least no souls will have any grudge on us.

One who treats all the Souls as his is a true spiritual person. He is called a person having the virtuousness of seeing unity across the soul. Since our soul is GOD means all life forms were the forms of GOD. All life forms are worshipable. One who realizes this is Nyani or Seer or Siddhan.

First we can become as humans if we follow the path told in the Tamil Book Aathisudi by Women Saint Avvayaar.(

“A person who has Ghee after melting it and who drinks water after boiling it and increases the intake of buttermilk will get cosiness”    – Siddhar Therayar

As we see from the above content one has to take ghee after melting it and drink water after boiling it. Donot take curd, but add lots and lots of water and then intake it as buttermilk.

Our life is for living only. We have taken birth for a good and divine living. We didnot take birth to Die. We have to live such that our virtuousness is praised by all life forms. Only such a life will leads us to immortality.

We have to live our life as told by our seers who were realized persons. Our life should be modelled as per their teachings. Our seers have told to get a Good guru and know the MeiPorul and do Penance on it.

Life is not just for eating and sleeping. If we sacrifice our sleep our lifespan will increase. If one practices and achieves to sleep just one hour a day (Here not sleeping also means being alert and avoiding dizziness), then he will get a lifespan of 1 thousand years. This was told by our saint and seer Vallalar. Now why we are sleeping for so many hours a day? If we lose our sleep we become tired and dull. Why is it?

Depending on our food intake, state of our mind and physical work, our body becomes tired. When it becomes tired all the internal organs of the body needs rest. So we sleep. Once we awake from our sleep, we feel fresh. In Tamil when one gets heavy sleep we tell Sleep is binding the eyes.  Since our soul is inside our eyes (Eye is the gateway of soul) and it needs to take the state of rest or sleep we tell our soul is getting binded in sleep.

When we sleep our soul is suppressed. When our soul is suppressed we struggle to do any work or we feel energy less.

There were many saints who have suppressed their soul in the divine source and go to the jeevaSamadhi State. But our saint vallalar says such a state is not the final one to attain.

Without consiousness if the soul is suppressed it is sleep. Knowing the soul and suppressing it wilfully in the divine source is Samadhi. For ordinary people sleep is considered as a blessing. They get rest in sleep. So what is rest? It is a state of “doing nothing.” “Doing Nothing leads to divine wisdom”. Without your consciousness doing nothing is rest. With Consiousness and with realization doing nothing leads us to get divine wisdom. To be with consciousness and to do nothing we need a Guru to guide us.

Knowing our soul and without suppressing it in the divine source and being with our full consciousness is the divine wisdom state or Nyana nilai. This is also called Mona Nillai in Ancient Holy Indian Scriptures. “Attaining Samadhi State is not the correct thing. Being in the blissful state without doing anything is the correct thing”. – Saint Vallalar. Being in the divine blissful state without doing anything will lead us to immortality.

God has made us to take birth in this world. What our saints and seers tells us about our birth is as “Whatever a soul does in a body becomes as karma. Good thing comes to us because of our good deeds or good karma and bad thing happens to one based on his bad deeds or bad karma. So whatever one does it come back as karma.  A Soul is born in this world with a little karma that it has commited so for in all its births. What type of karma one soul should take while in a particular body is decided by the God. This Karma is what is called as Prarathuva Karma. Based on this karma and by the will of God soul takes birth in a particular place, to a particular parents and at a particular time.”

Without knowing about himself a man grows and lives. Time goes on. Lord of  Death (Yama) is also called Time in Tamil waits for a suitable time to come and take our soul from the body. When a man is living in the body god provides him with various means to realize him. This is god’s divine grace. If god does not bless us by showing us the means to realize him we can never know him.

Only few of the human beings try to realize him and these were the ones who have done lot of good deeds (good karma) in previous birth and who have gods’s grace. Even these people will first will follow the path of  Bhakthi yoga (Saraiyai), Karma Yoga (kiriyai) and Raja yoga (Yogam) and at the end if they have good karma will get a True Guru called SadGuru. One who has got a SadGuru and Nyana Guru is really a lucky guy. Nyana SadGuru is one who tells about the “MeiPorul” and makes one to realize it. He is MeiGuru (Can be taken or called as True Guru”).

It is just not sufficient to know what is meant by MeiPorul.  One has to get Deeksha from a Nyana SadGuru.  A person who has got Deekshai from a Nyana guru has the advantage to attain the Divine Wisdom. Such a person is called “Anma Saadhagan”. He is the one who can walk in the true path shown by the saints and seers.

A person will come under the direct monitoring of a seer if he has got Deekshai and who has got the divine consciousness in the pupil of his eye and does penance. A seer takes care of him by giving Deekshai. Such a person is called “Duvichan”. Such a person is said to have been “born twice”. Du – means twice and Duvichan – born twice. A person who takes the first birth in the mother’s womb and by the compassion and grace of a Nyana Sadguru he takes birth in the subtle body. Guru Deekshai is the other birth. One who has taken birth again like this only can attain the Divine Wisdom or Nyana. Duvichan is not some one who has dead and has taken the birth again. Duvichan is called the disciple of a guru.

This is conveyed by Siddhar Agasthiyar as “Need to know how to born again”.

Jesus has told this in Bible as “One who doesnot take birth again will not be eligible to enter the Divine Kingdom”.

As told earlier Prathuva Karma is the karma with which one takes birth. This karma is responsible for all the things that happens in one’s life. A man who responds to this karma or whatever deed he does in this present birth is called Aagamiya Karma. For Duvichan this Aagamiya karma has no effect on him. It goes to his Guru. Duvichan when doing penance Guru will take care to see that karma is not affecting the person.

A person born with PrathuvaKarma if he gets a NyanaSadGuru, then Guru will see that Aagamiya Karma will not affect him. By the grace of Guru and by doing penance continuously all the karmas will come and go off just like a arrow aimed at a person’s head going off with head’s hat. When the karma starts to go off like this one will start becoming purer and purer. With this one walks towards the divinity.

When the Prathuva Karma and Aagamiya Karma goes off then remaining karma that is Sanjitha Karma will start coming and affecting the Duvicha. But it does not matter what comes and what goes. If one continues to do penance all the karmas will be burned down by the grace of Guru.

So the first thing one has to become is Duvicha. This status is got by the grace of Guru and one become duvicha when he gets the Deekshai of the guru. After this the Duvicha should start doing penance and by this penance and also by the grace of guru a duvicha will realize the supreme blissful lord.

A person born with the physical body realizes the subtle body within him through the grace of guru and attains it. He also realises the god who is responsible for all these and get the divine blissful state and attains immortality.

One who takes birth again in this present birth is eligible to become Muktha, Siddha and Nyani. We get this rare human birth only after many incarnations. One who neglects this birth will need to take lot of birth again to get this human birth again.

Of the total 84 lakhs possible births available, this human birth is the best of them and the rarest of them. We all have got such a rare human birth through our parents. So is it not that we need to get the other birth (through Deekshai) through our guru. Only through a Guru we can burn off all our karmas and can realize and attain God. God is ocean of compassion. He is ocean of grace. One who seeks him will certainly reach him.

“ To get rid of ignorance of birth seek the wisdom available through Reddish thing”

–       Divine poet Thiruvalluvar.

Here Thriuvalluvar tells birth is ignorance. Whoever is in the clutches of Ignorance will take birth again. To avoid this ignorance that is to avoid birth our wisdom & knowledge should grow. We need to go to a SadGuru , get deekshai and know from him how to do penance. When we do penance our eye will become reddish. This is what Valluvar tells us as reddish thing. One who is able to get this reddish thing will able to avoid birth again.

During our sleep our soul is suppressed. During death it goes out of our body. When we are unconscious or intoxicated the soul is in confused state. In short during sleep or during intoxication its divinity decreases. We should keep the state of soul such that it’s divinity is not lost. We should keep the state of soul such that the divinity of it increases and by its divine light it spreads completely throughout our body. By this the divinity of soul which is just of the size of tip of the needle is now throughout our body. When this happens our body has acquired the divines of the soul. This is divine wisdom. Our handicapped body by this will turn in to divine body and in short this is divine wisdom.

One who has completed the process of seeing god as deity as statue, in temple and has bathed in water of holy places will get a SadGuru by God’s grace”

–       Divine Saint Poet Thayumana Swamigal

If a person has true bhakthi towards god and if lives the life with humbles, with full of virtuousness he will get a good SadGuru by the grace of lord. Guru will come to such a person by his grace. Listen carefully if you are a true and dedicated bhaktha of lord then god’s grace is such that if you get a good Guru.

We have to gain divine wisdom by doing penance by the grace of Guru. Study the life history of all the saints and seers, we can see all has done penance and all has suffered a lot. Without suffering or doing penance no one has got divine wisdom? You won’t be paid without doing work right? Similarly unless you go to a Guru , get to know the MeiPorul, realize the consciousness and do penance continuously you will not get divine wisdom and you will not realize GOD.

In Today’s world people think spirituality means going to the temple or doing puja or bathing the deity in milk and other noble things or going for places of holiness or providing food to the people or doing pranayama or singing bhajans or doing meditation. All these things were the steps to achieve divine wisdom or Nyana. All these will come under Bhakthi, Yogam and Karma Yogam.

Divine wisdom is first realizing oneself. Getting to know who am i. To get this divine wisdom , to get God’s grace we definitely need bhakthi. Bhakthi is the foundation for getting near divinity. Without Bhakthi there is no divine wisdom. You could see people talking and debating about god by studying scriptures. They are the egoish people. They are more interested to display their knowledge of scriptures. For them there is no possibility of even nearing the supreme divine lord. One who surrenders to the lord in humbleness will get the divine mercy of lord. Love and Humbleness only will give you the divine wisdom.

In Today’s world there are so many people claiming themselves to be ture gurus. They are more interested in establishing ashramas and they attract so many people with their glamorous deeds. They utmost teach yogashanas and pranayamas. We can see all these Gurus life getting over and they suffer threehold miseries of age, disease and death. There are some gurus who will never talk about lord or divine wisdom. They donot even know what is divine wisdom. They are more interested in doing worship to small deities and have acquired small powers. But the world goes beyond these people only. Today these type of guru’s has established big schools, hospitals and temples and have consistent income through it not helping humanity.

Beware donot go to these type of Gurus and get yourself cheated. See all type of gurus. Find yourself who is teaching about god and who is teaching you to attain divine wisdom. Read scriptures from all the religions. Read the life history all the saints and seers. Realize the truth.

Is not all the religion talk about the same supreme lord? All religion teach you that way to god is through love and love for all the souls. To reach god one needs good virtuousness, humbleness, love for all living beings, merit full character, one good sadguru and listening to the discourses of  the holy saints and seers.

There is no difference among people in terms of caste, creed, race, language, nation or religion. All the people of the world were the children of that supreme divine lord who is called paramathma. We are all jeevathmas. We all are equal before the lord. He is within us as divine light in the size of tip of needle for all the humans. Take this strongly in our mind and avoid seeing differences within humans.

“EveryLand is mine and EveryOne were my brothers and sisters.

Goodness and badness will not come from others”

–       Divine Tamil Poet KaniyanPoongundranar

This whole world belongs to the humans only. We all belong to the same divine family. We are all brothers and sisters. We are all Jeevathmas. For all the living beings god is the true father and mother. That supreme diving being is only one. This is the divine truth. No one can deny it.

One who does not know this is equivalent to a child. One who doesnot understand this has no knowledge. One who doesnot accept this is a bigger fool. One who doesnot take this is not a human being at all.

Whatever good things and bad things happen in one’s life is due to his deeds (his karma) only. One is responsible for the happenings of one’s life. No other one is responsible for it.

Depending on one’s deed it becomes either as good karma or bad karma and comes back to him. One has to be responsible for all his deeds. This is divine law.

“If you do bad thing in the early hours of the day it will come back to you in the late hours of the day”.

–       Divine Tamil Poet Thiruvalluvar.

Whatever good or bad we do to other beings it will definitely come back to us.

Whatever you sow you have to reap it.

The deeds were like a ball thrown on a wall, and it bounces back on you. We have committed lots of good and bad deeds in lots of our birth and these were present is sacks of sacks. We cannot be paid for everything in a single birth. We can’t tolerate it. Since god is merciful on us he didnot give all the karmas in a single birth. Instead he has taken some good karma and some bad karma of us and attached it with our soul and made to take birth in this world. This is the Prathuva Karma which we have seen already. This is the secret of birth.

“Only our two deeds follow us everywhere and in every birth.”

The above is a song by a siddhar. This is the divine truth. So when we take birth the karma we take in to this world is Prathuva karma. With this karma or in response to this karma whatever karma a man does in this present birth is Aagamiya Karma. Prathuvam which is our fate will combine with Aagamiyam to increase or decrease our goodness or badness. That is if we commit good deeds our good karma will increase and if we commit bad deeds our bad karma will increase. By doing either of this and increasing his load of karmas a man dies. After dying he carries with him the karmas alone and nothing else.

So the karma that come with us during birth will be carried on during death. It might have reduced or increased depending on one’s action.

Now think about this very carefully and attentively. With god’s grace we came to this world with some karma and why we need to die with karma. Instead of doing something as per our wishes dictated by our senses and going to death, if we can burn off or erase our karma by living a life as told by our seers can’t we live forever. Only if we have karma we take birth. Only if we have karma we undergo death. If we get rid of all our karmas we have no death. If we have no death then there is no birth. Isn’t.

So following seers words and putting in to practice is the best way to ward of our karmas. This is the divine way. This is the intelligent way. This is the only way told by our seers. This is the way to attain divine wisdom. The way to this way is in our eyes, alert full eyes.

Our divinity is in our eyes and this divine thing is in the size of tip of needle and shining there. We have to realize this through a True Sadguru, do penance on this to realize ourself and lord. The lord who is as our soul is hidden by our karma and this karma has taken the form of fate and hindering our vision to see the lord. If we get deekshai from a guru and continue doing penance the layers of karma which is hiding the divines of our soul will go off. The karma will be removed slowly but definitely. It is possible. For everyone it is possible. We need not take a separate birth to do this. In this birth itself it is possible.

“One who tries will achieve success”.

To give you the grace of divine wisdom and to remove your karma our saint Vallalar is eagerly waiting to help you.

“Take a steps my Brothers and sisters, you can all achieve immortality and live a divine blissful life” as told by our great saint Vallalar Ramalinga Swamigal. He is calling all the people. you all can achieve the divinity and become immortal. Come to Thanga Jyothi Nyana Sabhai. Come to kanyakuamri.

Without any tiredness/dullness of the mind if one does penance continuously even all our karmas can be won over. This is told by divine poet saint thiruvalluvar. If we keep doing penance continuously and our mind is kept on the divine light of our eyes and being one with the consciousness without doing anything then all the karmas which is coming and which is about to come will burnt down. If we get rid of our karmas then there is no death to us. This is possible for all the human beings as we have seen earlier.

“Sorrowness does not affect or comes to a person even a day who does penanace”

–       Saint tamil poet Avayaar

This is the encouraging words told by avayaar. Who does penance on the divine consciousness as told before will not be affected by the effects of karma even for a day. This is divine truth.

“One who tries will achieve divine success”

Get a Nyana Sadguru and get Upadesha and deekshai from him and do penance continuously and your karmas will be done away with and you will be one with the divine lord. This is again divine truth. Only if we have karma it is me. If it is done away with there is no hindernce between me and lord. I am god. I am that. That is me. This is what we want.

When we become divine where is birth, death and sorrow. We will be always in divine bliss and divine happiness. The hindrances which were hiding our divinity is removed by divine light and by this we achieve the blissfull divine light body.

3  Chapter to Be Continued…

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  1. BG Venkatesh September 23, 2013 at 3:31 am

    one big doubt lingering in my mind for very long time

    why is siddhar saints attained samadhi not deathless body like vallalar ??

    what is the diff in practices / sadhanas ??

    they too are emphasising about thiruvadi – 8 & 2 , sagathalai, v’kal , p’punal and had experiences of amritham etc , but still attaining samadhi means , something gap is there – what is it

    many have attained samadhi like bhogar, konganar , and many in many temples , barring few like Andal, sivavakkiar, bhathragiriyar etc

    what is the difference ?? where is the gap ?? what is lacking in their way ??

    why no physical body transformation ??

    pl clear the doubts

    BG Venkatesh

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