“Aananda Kootthanai Ambalath thaanai

           Arputhath ThenaiEm AadhipPiranaith

Thenanthak KonraiEm Senchadai Yaanaich

           SenKanVi daiyaanai EngKanM  aniyai

Monandhath ThaarPerum Thaananthath Thaanai

           Muthanai Mukthiyin Vithanai Muthai

Eenanthak Kaatenai EenruKon daanai

           InraiI ravilE thrinthuKol Vaenae”


In the center of the pupil of the eye which has needle tip hole, the supreme lord is expressing and dancing with bliss inside this needle tip size hole as needle tip size divine light (Jothi) to be seen by all. The Supreme Lord is one who gives divine amurtha and hence he is like divine honey. He is my begining and the first. His Hair Mates are of divine light which eminates divine honey and nectar. During Penance our eye becomes red and the Lord apperars as divine white light. One gets the Supreme Lord in Moonam and when the “Mine and Me” dies. The Supreme Lord is the seed of Mukthi and giver of Mukthi. The Supreme Lord is one who protects me from sufferings and i will meet him tonight itself. Vallar is telling with such a zeal that he will meet the supreme lord tonight itself.


“Kannuthalaanai En Kan Amarnthaanai” — Song 6

The Supreme Lord Shiva who has three eyes is sitting in my eyes. Sivam is as divine fire inside the needle tip size hole in the center of the pupil of the eyes. In more than 1000 songs it is mentioned that the supreme lord is as divine light in the pupil of the eyes.


“Kannamar Netrik Kadavul Piranaik

Kannanai Aanda Mukkannanai”  — Song 8

The Lord who has eyes in his forehead is sitting in our eyes. The Supreme Lord Shiva who has three eyes is sitting in my eyes. He is Sivam.

Our Eyes – Pupil of the eyes which are also called as KrishnaMani is what is called Kannan (Krishna). Who is the one ruling our Eyes? It is three eyed Lord Siva isn’t?! That’s why Vallalar sings here as the one (Lord Sivam) who rules over Kannan (Krishna – our eye).

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