“Seriyaatha Nenchaga Vanchaga nenIch SiruThalathae

Ariyaa Tharinthavan PorSila Seithidal IyaNinThaal

Kuriyaa tharithala ThaanaiMatr rillaiEng Kotravanae

Muriyaa TharulSeithi yooTheri YenEnthai Munniyathae”


My Supreme Lord SivaPeruman, Vast Column of Supreme divine Light & Fire, you are shining and expressing yourself as divine light in the pupil of the eyes. This humble being possessing mind with all the bad qualities acting as if i have known and realized you. Oho Supreme Lord, i swear on you, please uplift me from my lower state of not knowing and realizing myself and make me to realize your golden lotus holy feet and uplift me. Also bless me with the complete knowledge and wisdom of your holy feet.

Oho Supreme Lord you are appearing in my mind and guiding me. You are making me to realize you. These all are your graceful acts. These are not due to my deeds or action. Everything is your deed and action. There is no me. It is all you only.


“Maranthum EnNaavaal Uraikka Maaten

Siru Theiva Naamangalai”… Song 9

Oho Supreme Lord, Lord of Supreme Divine light, ParaBrahmam (1), this humble being thinking and singing of you, will never ever indulge in worshipping or thinking of small deities even forgetfully.  I will not even tell the names of the small deities with my mouth. I will not even go to worship these small deities.


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