Kunjitha Paatha Padhigam (Song of Praise to the Young Holy Feet)

TiruVanna NadhiyumValai OruVanna MathiyumValar

                    SevVannam* NannuSadaiyum

TerulVanna NuthalVizhiyum ArulVanna Vathanamum

                ThigalVanna Vennagaiyum Ohr

MaruVanna ManiKuvalai MalarVanna Midarum Malai

                MagalVanna Maruvum Idamum

ManVanna Miguthunaip PonVanna AdiMalarum

                Maanicka VannaVadivam

IruVanna MaamEnMana ThoruVannam Aagiyae

                Idaiyaraa ThennumVannam

Evvannam Avvannam Ivvannam EnriVan

                IyambalUn KarunaiVannam

KaruVannam AraUlam PeruVannam UraNinru

               KadalVannan Ennum Amuthae

KanagaAm BalaNaatha Karunaiyang Ganapotha

                KamalaKunj     ChithaPaathanae

[* Vannam represents colors. Kunjitha Patham – Kunjitha means young and Patham means feet. In this song Vallalar describes the various colors of the lords feet and benefits one attains by meditating on the lords feet]

Oho the lord of Ponnambalam and Form of Compassion – You dance by holding and lifting the lotus feet which is the union of five elements and consciousness.

In order to get rid of miseries of birth one should always keep his consciousness in the bigger lotus feet of lord , remain there steadyfast and think again and again on the blue colored Krishna (called Kannan in Tamil Kannan means one who is in eyes) who is available , standing and expressing himself as divine light of eyes. By being in this way one will get divine nectar (Amirtham).

Perennial water of Ganges flow depicts the tears flowing from the eye where the lord is displaying and expressing himself. Two Eyes are represented as two caves. One eyes is White Moon. The other one is red sun.

In the two eyes which are like caves, reddish hair of lord denotes the divine art of red light that lengthens and grows inside.

The eyes containing light which is clear and bright and the Grace that flows from the eyes because of the increase in Penance (Thavam)is where the pure white light will be expressed and displayed.

Like a beautiful closed lilly which throws different colors of light rays, shines our golden feet of lord which are our eyes! This Divine Feet is as soft as flower. These are all our eyes which shines with light like a ruby.

Our mind which does two karmas of Punniyam (Good Merit) and Paavam (bad Merit), if united in the Golden feet of lord (which are our eyes) all times and if we remain in this state which gives us bliss doing nothing (Summa Iru) then the lord will shower his grace on us.

The Lord has shown his grace to tell this divine wisdom (Gnanam) which is “Golden Feet of Lord is what is displaying and available as divine light in our two eyes”. This is what is told and graced by Tiru Arut Prakasa Vallalar Ramalinga Swamigal.

Kunjitha Paathanae – Kunjitham means young, Paatham means Feet. Kunjitha Paathanae means the feet that is always young. In our body the organ that is always young and beautiful are the pupil of our eyes.  Take this in this way – The eyes which has compassion and showers the grace are the Lords Young Feet ! Lotus feet.

The great poet “MahaKavi Bharadhiyaar” sings in his poem as “I saw the Young little fire (Agni Kunchu)”. Inside the pupil of our eyes there is a tiny hole of the size of needle tip and it is where the Agni / Fire is present.

So our eyes are the AgniKunchu (Young fire). Kunchita Paatham – Feet that is always Young.


“ManaMaayayaam Kaatai kadanthu Nin Gnana Arul

Naatai Adayum Naal EnthaNaal”

“Vinnuru SudarKellaam Sudar Alithu OruPeru

Velikul Valarkinra Sudarae”     ….. Song 2

It is our mind which is making us to expereince our Karma. Our mind is under complete control of Maaya (illusion). It is what defining and ruling our life as per our Karma. Our mind is also like a dense deep forest. On going inside it keeps on expanding. One Siddhar in his song describes this as “Come let us roam inside the forest which is of the size of needle tip”. Do you know where is this forest which is surronded by Maya/illusion is located? It is in front our eyes! In the Iris of the eyes – in front of pupil of the eyes it is located as tiny membrane. Yes our mind is located in front of the pupil of the eye. In the center of the pupil of the eye there is a tiny hole which is of the size of needle tip. This hole is covered by the illusionist membrane of mind. Since there is a great forest inside this tiny hole the siddhar is calling us like this “We can roam and be inside the needle tip size forest. Come and See.”

To cross this forest of illusion we need a companion and guide. Companion and guide is the light filled golden feet of lord.

In order to go inside the dark forest we need light isn’t? Only with the help of the divine light of our eyes we can get inside the deep forest of mind. We can cross this forest of illusion only with the help of divine light of the pupil of the eyes. Only if we get inside and cross this forest we can know , realize and attain the Lord.

Oho Lord of Supreme Divine Light, your feet is available and displaying as divine light in the pupil of my two eyes and in order to reach your kingdom of grace and wisdom today itself and to cross the forest of illusionist mind please give me your complete grace.

Oho Lord you are Supreme Divine Light!Supreme Divine Fire! You are the one who provides light to all the lights in the sky! You are one who is radiating inside all the divine lights! You are light inside the light!


“ParaVeli Kandu Kondu KandaVilaiVinri

Naan Inri Veliyinri Veliyaai VilanguNaal”

“VaathaNeri NadaVaatha Potha Neriyaalar”   –  Song 3

How to see the celestial space and the greater celestial space?! This is the subtle skill (Sutchumam). The Celestial space which is available in the infinite vast outer space – in the vast space of sky – in the space which is broad and unfolding and also as atom within atom and as the divine light within light.This Celestial space cannot be searched and found outside!

This Celestial Space is inside us. This means we have to search it inside us. Seek and you will find. Inside the needle tip size hole in the pupil of eyes is where you will find the celestial space. If you find and stay steadily in this celestial space you will get divine bliss. We have to be very careful not to become arrogant in this celestial bliss.

I have to lose myself and with my Celestial Space i have to express and become as the broad Celestial space. Oho lord of Space within space and ocean of grace and compassion – give me your grace so that this will happen today itself.

In order to get this greater celestial bliss don’t argue. Do not see difference. Become Calm. Lit the divine fire of wisdom within you. You will get Gnanam (Divine Wisdom).

Only way for this is to always have the divine light consciousness and feel (got during deekshai) in the pupil of the eyes. Do not lose your consciousness. If you lose your consciousness people will call you dead and will take you to crematorium. Only if the divine light consciousness is there always one can get greater deathless life!Mukthi! DivineWisdom!


“Nin InaiAdigal Maravaatha Manam OnruMaathiram Enkk Kadaithal Vendum” … Song 6

In this world whatever a person gains or lose, according to his karma birth will occur! No one can stop this! Good or bad will definitely happen! Then how to come out from this? What is the way for a human to be delivered from the sufferings of the birth cycle?!

“Piravi PerungKadal NeenthuVar Neenthaar

Iraiva Nadi Seeraathaar”  – TiruKural

Who gets hold of lord’s holyfeet will swim across the ocean of birth, whereas others cannot swim across the ocean of birth.

What TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar have said and what Saint TiruValluvar have said and what all the holy divine messengers and Gnanis of the world have said are same and it is only one thing. That is the secret of divine wisdom (Gnanam). This secret is “inorder to get rid of the disease of birth cling and stick to the holy feet of lord.”

Do you know which is Lord’s holy and golden pair of feet? Do you know where is it? In order for the humans not to search for him anywhere in the world, the lord with his vast unique compassion has compressed himself in to a tiny divine fire and light of the size of needle tip and is available inside the needle size hole in the center of the pupil of the eyes. The lord who is as ArutPerumJothi (Supreme Divine Light) is expressing and available as the divine light of the eyes.

Divine Supreme and Everlasting bliss will be got Only if we know and realize the pair of divine feet available in the pupil of eyes! Only then our Karma will be got rid off. Because of this only all the Gnanis have prayed to Lord like this “Oho Lord give me the mind that will never forget your holy feet”. Is it not sufficient to get the one which gives everything!?  Only the intelligent will ask for the holy feet!  Only the intelligent will get hold of the holy feet! Only the intelligent will realize the greatness of the holy feet and will try to get the Tiruvadi Upadesam and Tiruvadi Deekshai. (TiruVadi means holy feet).


“Patruvathu Bandam ApPatruthal Veediththu

ParamaVedharTham”  … Song 7

Bandam means attachment. Whether we get attached to something or something gets attached to us, the result is same. It is like we falling on dirt or dirt falling on us. The result is always suffering. All the attachment becomes Karma. Whichever way or from whomsoever it comes it gives sufferings only! why? It is all because of our desire and lust. Desire give raise to likings, hatred and attachment which becomes as our karma and because of this we are born again and again.

So attachment is the hinderence for us to attain the boon of divine house (salvation). Leaving aside everything and leaving the outside attachments we have to cling to the holy feet of the Lord strongly. If the desire of the outside materialistic world is south pole then the Love of Lord is North Pole. If you want to go to the North Pole move away from the south pole and walk towards the North Pole.

“Atrathu PatruEnil Utrathu Veedu” — Saint Avvaiyaar

If the attachment is gone then the Salvation (God’s Kingdome) is attained.

“Patruga Patratraan Patrinai Appatrai

Patruga Patru Vidarku” — Saint TiruValluvar

Cling on to the feet of the one who has no attachement (Supreme Lord) so that your attachment will be got rid off.

The divine lady saint Avvaiyaar and divine teacher saint TiruValluvar are preaching the same thing. Same is what preached by TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar.

“Only for those, who have no attachment on the outside world will get the attachment of the inner divine world”. Our inner self will be lighted and we will be overwhelmed by ArutPerumJothi (Supreme Inifinite Divine Light) and can attain the holy feet of the Lord.

“Patratra Kannae Piraparukum” — Saint TiruValluvar

The eyes which have no attachments will cut off the births.

If we lose the attachment of the outside world, we will get Salvation? How is it? It is not enough to lose attachments on the materialistic outside world. It is also must to cling and attach with the holy lotus feet of the Supreme one. The divine fire in the holy feet should be kindled. It should burn bright. Only if this divine fire is kindled in our eyes the Karmic layer or membrane in our eyes will be burned down. Only if this karmic layer is burnt down will our eyes will be one without attachment. Only then will our birth cycle will be get rid off. For doing all these we have to cling on the inner divine light of our eyes.

So to get rid of the attachment of the karmic layer which is outside of our eyes it is very necessary to cling on the inner divine light of our eyes. When this outer karmic layer goes off due to our attachment to the inner divine light our birth cycle ends.

The divine wisdom or Gnanam to know is “Cling and kindle the inner divine light to get rid of outside karma”.

We have got this human birth by the grace of the Supreme Lord only to know, understand and realize this truth and to do penance on the above said way and to attain salvation. Only to do this we have taken birth.

“The Purpose of human birth is to get rid of births” – This is the core message of Vedas.


“Nin Adiyaar Ennum Nal Thamar Undu” – Song 9

Oho the Supreme Lord of Divine Supreme Light, you are always with me and you are my father! Goddess Sakthi who sits on you left side is also always with him and she is my mother. Your devotees are my friends and are the one whom i always salute. This peaceful devotees are the loved ones who always show love and respect towards me. Desireless mind is my wife. My knowledge is the children that i have beget. My residing house is the one which has no noon and night and which is the divine celestial space and which is the inner space inside my eye. The Lord has given me so many wealth which are his grace. In this way this humble being is always in the state of divine supreme bliss. This is the boon of pleasure that my soul gets on union with the Supreme being. Meaditating on the inner divine light inside the needle size hole in the pupil of the eyes and remaining silent without doing anything is the state of union with lord. The water that oozes out from my eyes during penance is my armor which protects me. Because of the increase in the flow of water from my eye during penance the divine light of the eye increases both inside and outside and is protecting me. The holy ash that is smeared on my forehead is also like this only. The Rudraksha beed that i have worn on my neck is also my armor.  Rudraaksham means eyes of Rudra. Rudra means divine light and hence Rudraksham represent our pupil of our eyes. All the five basic elements (Pancha Bhutha) are in our eyes only. Our eyes are as the five worded mantra (Na, Ma, Si, Va, Ya) and the five basic element.

The divine donation given to us by the Supreme and the army of mantra are our eyes only. Only our present divine blinded eyes becomes the Eyes of Wisdom due to increase in the divine light. One who gets this state attains the refuge of siva. He is the one who gets the divine supreme bliss and deathless life.

In this song TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar tells, who are the true devotees of the SupremeLord. Devotees means the good ones who knows the “Thamar”. What is meant by Thamar!? Thamar means hole or cavity in Tamil. One would have observed people asking carpenter whether he has made Thamar (hole) to unite the tree parts. The carpenter drills a hole using the nail made of wood and will strike and stitch the wood pieces together. He will cut and shape the wood as per our requirement and then joins them together by drilling a hole and uniting it using wooden nail. We are also like that. We the sinners are reformed by a Gnana Sarguru by Tiruvadi Upadesam and through Tiruvadi Deekshai he makes us to realize the light inside the needle tip size hole. So a carpenter unites the wooden pieces by making a Thamar (hole) whereas GnanaSarguru makes us to realize and feel the Thamar and grace us with his divine light. By this way Gnana Sarguru through the Thamar shows the way to unite and bind Jeevathma with Paramathma. Guru uplifts us through the way of our eyes. One who knows and realizes the Thamar are the good devotees and the perfect ones.

“Orumaiyudan Ninathu TiruMalaradi Ninaikinra Uthamar Tham Uravu Vendum” – Vallalar

(I want friendship only with the good devotees and the perfect ones who always think about the lotus feet of the lord singularly.)

Uthamar word when splitted in to two becomes Ul + Thamar. Ul means inside, Thamar means hole. So the perfect virtuous devotee is one who have realized the inner hole (needle tip size hole in the center of pupil of eyes) and does constant meditation on the divine light inside the Thamar. This is also one of the divine secrets revealed to me by TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar.

In order to know and realize the inner “Thamar” come to Thanga Jothi Gnana Sabai in KanyaKumari. You can get guru’s and holyone’s grace and also get a great life of deathlessness.


“UUn Mugachc Seyal Viduthu UnMugap Paarvaiyil

Urum Thavar Perum Selvamae” — Song 10

UUn Mugachc Seyal Viduthu – Leaving aside the actions of bodily face – In our face we have all the five sense organs of skin, mouth, Eyes, Nose and Ears. The action of all these five senses are feel, talk, see, smell and hear. Through these senses we interact with the outside materialistic world. Because of these sense actions Karma is beget. Every Action gives its equivalent results. If you do good , good merit (good karma) will be got, similarly if you do evil, bad karma will be got. By these actions one accumulates the karma and unable to bear the results of these karma one dies. Our Gnanis and Saints have show us way to escape from this. Our mind which goes outside through these five senses, if stopped and kept in the inner light in the pupil of eyes and if our outward vision becomes inner vision and by just being in this state of penance doing nothing, will one get the wealth of grace! Supreme blissfull greater life and the sweeter nectar (Amudham).

You would have seen three monkey toys with one closing the eyes with its hand, other closing the ears with its hand and the other closing the mouth with its hand. These toys indicate not to see evil, not to hear evil and not to speak evil. Why they have selected Monkey to indicate this? Because our mind is like a monkey. One meaning of the monkey (which is our mind) with closed eyes indicate, not to see the outside materialistic world but to turn and go inside and see steadily inside to see the Lord. Other Monkey (which is our mind) closing the ears means not to hear the impure speeches or sound of the outside world. You hear the sound of your heart beat, hear the sound of your pulses, hear the minute sound of the working of the organs of your body. Greater than this is to hear the ten types of sound that you hear from within you when you do penance. Only these sounds does your ear should hear. Along with the Supreme Lord who is as Light there is divine mother who is as divine sound.  Only this sound should our ears hear.

The other Monkey which is our mind closes its mouth. When one closes his mouth he cannot even speak good words isn’t! What it denotes? Donot speak anything but to remain in silent. “Only in the state of silence without words can we speak and enjoy the Lord” – This is also one of the divine secret. If we talk and do anything then our mind acts and when mind acts Karma is created. So donot speak. Be in Silent. Do Nothing. Always be united in the divine light in the pupil of eyes which is itself silent.

“Moonamenbathu Gnana Varambu” – Saint Avvaiyaar.

(Silence is the boundary of Gnana.)

State of Silence is to do nothing. Not only this do not eat whatever you wish. Ramalinga Vallalar condemns people who gets addicted to the sense of taste as the one having foul smelling wounded tongue. Do not eat for taste but eat for hunger.

“Food for the humans are the Plant food”. In the creation of lord our mouth, intestine and inner organs are designed to eat only plant food. Only animals will kill and eat other animals. Do you know why there is no humaneness and feel of soul oneness in this world?  The population of this world today is about 710 crores. Meat eating animals only occupy huge percentage in this population. There is only less percentage of people who eat only vegetarian food. In this case how can there be sense of brotherhood and compassion!? When there is no humaneness how can be there be sense of soul oneness!? In the disguise of human it is animals who were addicted to their tounges and hence they kill and eat. In this case how can brotherhood or humanness thrive in this world? How can true spirituality grow in this world? How can the sense of soul oneness flower in this world? Who has Love?

Jesus Christ came and thought love but he was crucified in the cross!? Lord Buddha came and thought compassion but he was also shown way to leave the world and he left!? Mohammed Nabi came and to uplift the world he thought good ways but he was stoned by the scoundrels!? Socrates came and he asked people to find the way to know the self, he too was given poison!? Mahatma Gandhi came and asked people to shun the religion and develop brotherhood and he was shot dead!? If you teach good then the prize for it is death!? Good persons were very few in this world. It is because of some noble people who have sacrificed themselves for the life of others does the world survive today!

“Nalaar Oruvar Ulaeril Avar Porutu

Ellarkum Peiyum Malai”

(Rain falls on every one because of single good person.)

Poet MahaKavi Bharathiyaar sings like this “My heart becomes restless on thinking the immoral people of this world”. Even i feel to sing like  this. The death of this great poet is due to hunger. There is no one to feed this great poet. My heart becomes restless.

This present state of the world should change. We have to see a new world. Universal brotherhood should thrive in this world. Devils of Caste and religion should be banished. The Supreme Lord is only one. HE is the one who is everywhere and hence called ParamPorul, ParaBrahmam, Paramathma, Supreme Divine Light. The Supreme Lord is as Supreme divine Grace Light. All the life forms of this world is the creation of the Lord and hence we are all brothers and sisters. The Father and Mother for all of us is the Supreme Lord only. The Supreme Lord is Paramathma and We are Jeevathma isn’t! With this fact let alll the humans of the world unite. Only then True love and True Spirituality will blossom! The feeling of soul oneness will happen. Oho Lord let that day be today itself.

In order for the consciousness of soul oneness to prosper, true love to blossom and the universal divine law of Sanmargam to flourish in this world we all should pray to the lord and the saints. Live and Let Live and make others also to Live.

The Supreme Lord is one and is as supreme divine graceful light. All the people of the world are his children and hence all are brothers and sisters. If the whole world unite on this truth then that is the golden age. Let the Lord bless every one for this noble day to happen soon!


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