Maayai Valikku Alungal (Weep due to Pain of illusion)

Maayai Valikku Alungal

(Weep due to Pain of illusion)

Transliteration of the Song:

Thaavu MaanEnak Kuthithuthuk Kondodith

   Thaiya laarMulaith ThadamPadung Kadaiyen

Koovu Kaakkaikuch SotrilOr Porukkum

   Kodukka Nernthidaak Kodiyaril Kodiyen

Oovu raathulal Eeanap PalaKaal

   Odi Odiyea Thedurum Tholilen

Saavu raavagaik kenSeyak Kadaven

   Thanthai yeEnaith Thaangi Kondarulae


I am lower than the lowest who like a deer jump and run and unite with girls due to excess lust. I am cruel of the cruel without any trace of compassion who doesn’t even give a single bit of rice to the crowing crows. Like Honeybees which relentlessly work to collect honey , i also relentlessly go around seeking materialistic wealth. In the end i will die, oho my Supreme Lord what should i do so that i will not die! Oho Supreme Lord you are the father of all the souls, please take this humble being in your shelter and provide your grace.


Transliteration of the Song:

“Irakkam Enbathor Etunai Ariyen

Gnana Mevutharken Seyak Kadaven”   — Song 9


Compassion means Eight – and that is our support. If we want to acquire compassion – love – mercy we should have Eight as our Companion. Eight – 8 – Aa – divine light of the pupil of the eyes. Only if we get the divine light in the pupil of the eyes as our companion we will become compassionate and merciful.

What should we do to gain Gnanam (Divine Spiritual Wisdom)?! If we get Tiruvadi Upadesam from a Gnana Sarguru and through him know about the divine light of the pupil of the eyes , get Tiruvadi Deekshai and then do penance by Just be in there in the consciousness of the divine light in the pupil of the eye and do nothing we can get Gnanam. The light of our knowledge will brighten and shine.

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