Maayayin Villakkam (Explanation of Maayai (Illusion))

Maayayin Villakkam
(Explanation of Maayai (Illusion))

Transliteration of the Song:

Thidukkara Enaiththaan Valarththidap Paraiyaam

            SeviliPaar Serththanai Avalo

Edukkavum Ninaiyaal Padukkavum Ottaal

            En Seyven InnumEn nidaipPaal

MadukkaNar raayum Vanthilal Neeyum

            Vanthenaip Paarththilai Antho

ThadukKarung Karunaith Thanthaiyae Thalarnthen

            Thanaiyanen Thalarnthidal Alago

Explanation of the Song:

Oho Compassion filled indescribable father Supreme Lord – Param. This humble being who is struck up in the darkness of three impurities is given to foster mother who is SivaSakthi also called as parai in order to grow me in good way without fear. But she will not lift me with her hands nor will she will let me to sleep. What will i do! The divine good mother – Power of Grace who should feed me with milk food also has not come. At least i thought you will see me but you are also not seeing me. Oho my father is it good for you to make this humble son to suffer?

When we do penance by thinking of the divine light in the pupil of the eyes we are child in Gnanam. The Supreme Lord is first giving us to the divine mother Shakthi! The divine light in our left eye by penance should increase, prevail and grow and should reach the divine art of Agni inside us. Till this time our Saadana should continue. This unpleasantness we have to bear. Only after we attain spiritual maturity , we child of Gnana reach Divine Art of Agni by crawling, our divine mother will feed us with the nectar of milk. This divine mother is called as Vaalai Thaai. Spiritual Experience of Meditation is bought out in beautiful way by TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar in this song.

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