Muraiyeedu (Appeal)



Transliteration of the Song:

Marunthariyen ManiAriyen ManthiramOn rariyen

    MathiAriyen VithiAriyen VaalkkaiNilai Ariyen

Tirunthariyen TiruVarulin Seyalariyen Aranthaan

    Seithariyen Manamatangum Tiraththinil OrIdaththae

Irunthariyen Arinthorai Eththidavum Ariyen

    EnthaiPiraan ManiManram EythaAri veno

IrunthaThisai SolaAriyen EnnanamNaan Puguven

    Yaarkkuraippen EnnaSeiven EethumArinth thilane


Marunthu means Medicine – The divine light inside the bead of the eyes is the medicine! It is the medicine for all the diseases! It is important to know about the Pupil of the eyes and the inner light in it! Manthiram means Mantra and it is one only – Pupil of the eyes is the Mantra , How? Manthiram – Manam + Tiram, Manam means Mind and Tiram means Fixedness. THe place where our mind can be kept with firmness is our pupil of the Eyes. Hence the pupil of our eye is the Mantra. Hence our bead – pupil of the eye is the Mantra Medicine. Gnanis call our pupil of the eyes as “Mani Mantra Avsatham”.

Mathi means Moon which represents our left eye. In our eyes our destined Karmas were kept along with the pupil of our eyes! This is called as Fate – Piraaptham! Only if we remove this fate – Karma from our eyes will our life will uplift. If we don’t remove it our life will be determined by the Karmas in the Mathi and our life will lose its state. We have realize all these and should lead a good and honest life. I donot know about holy lords’s deeds. ArapPani – Good Works – Doing Good Meritious work also i could not know.

There is way in our life to realize the Supreme Lord and also not to lead our life by blaming our fate. This way is doing penance (Thavam) by being in the place where our mind subsides. We have to understand the membrane in the door of the pupil of the eye is the accumulation of our Karmas which is our fate. Our mind functions from this karmic membrane. Our spiritual Saadana is to see the mind stop in the pupil of the eyes itself without coming out. This is Penance. THe place where to stop our mind is the place Iwhere it starts. Only here the mind subsides. Only in this place we can stop our mind. Doing this spiritual practice without doing any thing is the Saadana of Gnanam. This is the great spiritual secret. I donot know to humble and worship the Gnana Sargurus who knows and preaches this! The place where my father the supreme lord resides is in the hall of bead (ManiManram) – Pupil of the eyes and i donot know who to go inside it! If we get Deekshai from a Ganana Sarguru and do penance then we can enter inside. The place where the Supreme Lord resides is in the center of the pupil of the eyes as divine light. This is the Spiritual Secret. In order for all the people to know TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar is announcing this to the whole world. For the Sake of all Souls to attain bliss and live he is telling it to the whole world.  For us to get the divine supreme deathless life Vallalar is openly revealing the spiritual secrets which are “The Pupil of our eyes is the True Thing and the Divine Light in this pupil of the eyes is the Sivam”. Come. Let us all live a great and Supreme Life.


Transliteration of the Song:

“SaagaathaKalai Ariyen VeegaathaKaalin Tharam

 Ariyen Pogaatha Thannerai Ariyen”  — Song 8


Saagaatha Thalai – The head that does not die! VeegaakKaal – The feet that does not boil! PoogaapPunal – Water that does not flow!

Saagaatha Thalai – Even if we die the divine light of our Soul will not die and it is always there with us. This deathless divine light is expressed and available in the place which is the pupil of our eyes. This is Saagaatha Thalai. Knowing this is the Spiritual Education of Deathlessness. This is the art of Deathlessness (Saagaa Kalai).

VeegaathaKaal – The feet that does not boil – This is our Pupil of the eyes. Our two pupil of the eyes extends inside and meets and unites in the place of Agni which is the seat of our Soul called as Aathmasthaanam! From the two pupil of the eyes there is a vein which goes inside till the Aathmaasthaanam. This vein Vein is there inside the black iris and in the divine water of the eyes. When doing penance the divine light of the pupil of the eye flows inside and during this time this divine water of the eye will boil and become as spirit! This Spirit and the divine light alone will reach the Art of Agni (Aathmaasthaanam – Seat of Soul). This is the Spiritual Experience of Penance. This Feet – Pupil of the eyes is called VeegaathaKaal as it does not gets boiled out.

Poogaatha Punal – Water that does not flow – The Water of our eyes doesnot flow through the inner vein in the pupil of the eyes!? Only the heat goes inside!? Spirit of Water – divine light alone goes inside! In this state water does not go inside. This is what is called as “Poogaatha Punal – Water that does not flow”.

Only one who does Penance by “Just being in the feel of the divine light of the pupil of the eye and does nothing” will get all these expereince. In order for one to know wheather he is Saadaka of Gnana, people use Code words and ask the person if he knows the meaning. If one is a Saadaka he will immediately tell answer to this. Fake Person without these expereince will not understand this and hence cannot answer it! All these words are told in Code Words and the meaning is kept as secret. All these words “MeipPorul”, “Saagaatha Thalai”, “VeegakKaal”, “PoogaapPunal”, “KaruNelli”, “Tiruvadi”, “TiruchChitrambalam”, “Tiruvaavaduthurai” convey only the true thing.

John who baptised Jesus with Water and also bapitized other with the water only. John pronounced “A Person Mightier than me will come who will baptise with fire and pure holy spirit”. Who is he? It is Jesus! He is the mightier one! Jesue using the divine fire in the pupil of the eyes by doing penance converted the holy water in the eyes as Pure Spirit and using this divine fire and the Pure Spirit he gave baptism to all! Using 2 Fish and 5 Rotis he gave baptism to 5000 people. What does this mean? Two fish denotes our two eyes 5 Rotis denotes five senses – Pancha Buthaas and all these five basic elements unite in our eyes! This means Jesus by seeing through his eyes gave baptism! By using the divine fire in the eye and the inner pure spirit got by Penance he gave baptism.

The Baptism given by Jesus is the Tiruvadi Deekshai given by Vallalar. In this holy land of India this is what is there from Yugas after Yugas and this is the noble holy way of “Sanaadhaana Dharmam”. This is the noble law which makes a human to live like a human and attain the Supreme Lord. All the Saints and Gnanis who came in different part of the world preached this truth only. This is the only truth! In the body and in the eyes increase the tiny divine light by penance and make it as bigger supreme divine light and after this we can reach and unite with the ParamPorul – Father – Supreme Divine Light. This is the Upadesam of Jesus! This is the Upadesam of Agasthiyar! This is the Upadesam of Mohammed Nabi! This is the Upadesam of TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar! In fact this is what told by all the Gnanis who came to the world so for! This is what will be told by the Gnanis who will come in the future! What is there to say other than the Supreme Lord!


Transliteration of the Song:

“MaranaPayam Thavirththidunch SanMaargaththai” — Song 10


The fear of a human is always about his death. He dies daily by thinking of his death! In fact a person struggles daily only for him to die in the end. He moves his days waiting for his death! In between birth and death lot of people life is like a hell. Lot of people lead the life without knowing how to live and without knowing the depth of “Sea of Materialism” they put their legs in it and circle with it! The end is unending birth death cycle! In order to come out of it one has to catch hold of the holy feet of the Supreme Lord. For us not to get drowned in the greater sea of birth death cycle, we have to some how catch hold the holy feet of Lord only then we can swim and reach ashore. One who does not unite with the holy feet of the Supreme Lord will drown in the greater ocean of births! Beware!

The next thing that we face after taking birth is our death! Do we want to die or not? We only have to decide! If you want to die then go as per the whims of your mind! If you don’t want to die then keep your mind in the divine light in the pupil of the eyes and do penance! We can win over our death! It is definitely possible for one who tries! We can definitely win over our death! One who fights with death will not fear the death! In this way we can live a Supreme Divine Deathless life. This is the Spiritual Education of Deathlessness! In order for our Karmas to go away if we think of the divine light of the eyes and do penance then the Karmas which are responsible for our birth will be destroyed. After this there is no birth? If there is no Karmas then there is no death? We can live greater divine deathless life. We can attain Supreme bliss. In this state there is no fear.


Transliteration of TiruKural:

“Theivaththaal Aagaatheninum Muyarchi Than

 Mei Varuththak Kulitharum”


The above song of Tirukkural written by Tiruvalluvar gives us a great knowledge and wisdom! Let us see what it is! Theivam Means God. The Divine light in the pupil of the eyes which is god for us is not acting due to screen of Karma present before the pupil of the eyes. “Theivaththaal Aaagathu” – Thing which is not possible for God, by this Tiruvalluvar tells us the God within us is not acting but the Karmic Layer is one which is functioning for us. In this state we humans if we surrender to Gnana Sarguru and get Tiruvadi Deekshai from him and give our full efforts in doing penance and if keep on doing this penance with constant consistent efforts – ie our effort should be such that true thing – pupil of the eyes repents by thinking , feeling and tenderness then we will get the fruits of our Tapas (Penance)?! The fruit or boon for this is the Supreme Divine Deathless blisful life. We will attain the great state of not borning again. This is the Gnanam! The fruits of our untiring penance is “Supreme Blissful Greater Life”.

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