Nataraasa Alangaaram


Irandae Kaarkai Muganthantheer

   Inba NadanchSei Perumaaneer

Irandae Kaarkai MugangKondeer

   Ennae Adigal Enruraithaen

Irandae Kaarkai MugamPudaika

   Irunthaai EnaikKen ringaeNee

Irandae Kaarkai MugangKondaai

   Enraar Manril Ninraarae



This song also is a great spiritual secret. First Line – Irandae Kaar Kai Mugam Thantheer. This conveys that the Supreme Lord has given two legs and two hands in our face!? How is that?! In our face our two eyes are the two legs of the Supreme Lord. The Same two eyes were our two hands. This is the PariBaasai (Code Words). Our eyes which are the holy feet of Lord is also there as two hands for us.

The Second Stanza read as “Irandae Kaal Iimugang Kondeer”. The meaning of this stanza is the two holy legs of the Supreme Lord has five faces. We have only one face isn’t?! Here five faces denotes five basic elements (PanchBhutha). Our two eyes which are the lotus feet of lord is made of all five basic elements. In two eyes Five faces denotes this fact.

The Third Stanza read as “Irandae Kaal Kai Mugam Pudaikka”. The meaning of this stanza is the Supreme Lord’s two legs – holy feet were our two hands. If we feel and realize the divine light in the eyes and do penance our handface – hands in the face which were eyes will become reddish and swell. It will swell slightly.

The Fourth Stanza – “Irandae Kaal KaiMugam Kondaai”. Kaal in Tamil denotes Leg as well as quarter (1/4). Irandu means two and here Irandae Kaal means 1/4 + 1/4 = 1/2 half. Meaning in the half – in the middle that is in our face by planting our hands if penance is done then our face will blossom. The flower of our eyes will blossom.

Oho Suprme Lord dancing in bliss in the holy feet. I realized it is the true thing (MeiPorul) containing divine light. In the pupil of my eyes you are as divine light – holy feet for my sake! why? In order for me to know, realize, unite and attain your state.

Incomparable secret of divine wisdom (Gnanam) is bought out in this song by TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar Ramalinga Swamigal. People reading this will attain Gnanam. People who hear this will attain bliss. People who do Penance will attain divine deathless great life.

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