Natesar Kummi (Rhythemic Songs of Dance for Dancing Lord)

Natesar Kummi

(Rhythemic Songs of Dance for Dancing Lord)

Transliteration of the Song:

  Kommiya dipPengal Kommiyadi – Iru

  KongaiKu lungavae Kommi yadi

  Nammai yaalumPon nambala Vaananai

  Naadik Kommiya diyangkadi – Patham

  Paadik Kommiya diyungadi.


Kummi Paatu is the song sung by girls. These songs were sung by clapping their hands. In our house when we wash our cloths we tell to wash by striking it well and hard. isn’t?! Kummudal means joining or uniting. In outer world Kummudal means clapping the hands rhythmically and dancing round and round. In Inner Self (Agam) we have seen the meaning of hands for us is the pupil of the eye. Kongai means holded hand – our eyes are like that only. In outer world girls we go round and round and dance by clapping the hand rhythmically. Our Pupil of the eyes are rotating outside. After getting Tiruvadi Deekshai if we keep the divine consiousness in our eye and do penance the pupil of the eye which is rotating slower will start rotating faster and this is the dance. The divine jothi inside will also start moving and this is called inner dance. So everwhere there is dance! We are all Souls – We are all women spiritually and hence the song tells to agitate the hands. When the pupil of the eyes start rotating faster it will shake and agitate.

The Supreme Lord who is ruling us Paramathma and he is dancing in Ponnambalam (golden hall) as Lord Natarajan. Seek him – Seek the divine light in the pupil of the eyes and do penance. Think and realize the greatness of the Tiruvadi (holy feet) and do penance. All the divine songs of Vallalar’s Arutpa contains the blissful experience in the state of divine wisdom (Gnanam).

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