Natraai Kavanrathu (Sadness of Good Mother)

Natraai Kavanrathu

(Sadness of Good Mother)

Transliteration of the Song:

TiruVarut Punithai MagilaNin Raadum
         ThillaiMan ralakanaeEnbaal
MaruVarut Kadalae Maanikka Malaiyae
         MathichSadai Vallalae Enbaal
Iruvaruk Kariya Oruvanae Enakking
         kiyaarThunai Ninnalaa thenbaal
VeruviUt Kulaivaal VilzhiKaneer Thulippaal
        Veythuyirp paalEnran Minnae


For the happiness of Holiness Personified Graceful Goddess Shakthi Sivagaami’s, oho the most beautiful Lord Natarajar you are dancing blisfully in Thillai. The fragrance of the supreme lord is that of divine holy camphor. The Supreme Lord is Ocean of Grace. He is the Mountain of precious Gems. He has the white moon in his matted hair. He is the Philanthropist of Grace.He is greater than the great Tirumaal (Vishnu) and Brahma. He is the rarest of the rare. Oho my Lord there is none other than you for my protection and company. The girls (Soul – Jeevathma) while doing penance were disconcerted with their the mouth babbling , tongues sliping , tears flowing from the eyes and breathing heavy.


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