PaangiMaar Kanni

“Ambalathil Aadukinraar PaangiMaarae – Avar

AatangKandu NaatangKondaen PaankiMaarae”


Ambalam indicates temple and the other meaning for Ambalam is exposed. The Supreme Lord is in the temple within us in the tiny needle tip size hole in the center of the pupil of our eyes. He is available himself here as tiny needle tip size divine fire. Not only  he is exposing himself to everyone in the place where everyone sees ie as divine light in our eyes. The divine light in our eyes is standing and dancing. I saw the dance of this divine jothi and with happiness and bless i kept seeking it oho my friend.


“Karpalithu Kalanthaarae PaangiMaarae – Inru

Kainaluva Viduvaaro PaangiMaarae”


Karpalithu here denotes he destroyed my Karpanai (imaginations). Because of the desire on lord and because of doing penance we would have kept so many thoughts and imaginations. The Supreme Lord will destroy all these thoughts and imaginations and will show himself to us as divine Jothi and will overwhelm us with his grace. The Supreme Lord is divine jothi beyond imagination. He will destroy our imaginations which were got because of us going with the whims of the mind and will protect and grace us. He will never forsake us. We Soul are of girl feature. The Supreme Lord alone is Purusothaman (Supreme Husband). Overwhelming of Jeevathma by Paramathma is bought out Vallalar in this song. The Supreme Lord is beyond our mind, words and body. That is why he is removing all the imaginations of our mind by giving us the divine light and then sheltering us. The Supreme man Paramathma uniting with the us who are Jeevathma is what is called as KanniKalithal (Losing Virginity). This is the Secret of Jeeva Brahma Ikiya Vedantham. This is divine spiritual wisdom (Gnanam).

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