VithiEa laamVilak kenaVilak kiduven

               vilakke laangKondu VithiEna Vithippen

NithiEa laamPera NinaithThelu kinren

                Nilame laangKoolum Ninaippuru kinren

EthiEa laamVeruth titaSir rulai

                InPe laangKola EnniNin rayarven

PathiEa laangKadan thevvanam Vuyven

                Parama Raasiyap ParamParap Porulae


Oho Lord , object and essence of Supreme Spiritual race in Supreme spiritual abode , this humble being will modify the life rules as per my whims and will call the modified rules as the true rule. This humble being desiring and trying to acquire all the worldly wealths. I am also thinking of having the whole world under me. This humble heing is also hankering after lowly pleasures which the renounced ones hates and keep off from them thinking those lowly pleasures as great and suffering because of it. If this humble being is like this then how do get to the spiritual divine space by crossing over the registered karmas and attain the holy feet.

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