Pirappavam Poraathu Petural (Distress due to unbearable vanity in birth)

 Pirappavam Poraathu Petural

(Distress due to unbearable vanity in birth)

Transliteration of the Song:

Kulaththidaiyum KodiyanOru Kudiththanaththum Kodiyen

      Kurigalilum KodiyanAnrik Kunangalilum Kodiyen

Malaththidaye PuluththaSiru Pulukkalilum Kadaiyen

      VanManathup PerumPaavi VanchaNenchap Pulaiyen

NalaththidaiOr AnuAlavum Nannukilen Pollaa

      NaaykkuNagai ThonraNinren PeikkumMiga Ilinthen

Nilaththidai Naan Ean Piranthen NinKaruththai Ariyen

       NirKunane Nataraaja NipunaMani Vilakkae


This humble being is the worst person of the human beings. Even when leading the family life i am horrible. I have no honesty even in my character. I am abode of all the bad characters. I am lower than a worm in the faeces. I am a great sinner with all the worst crafts. I am a Pulaiyan with heart filled with hatred. I never even go near good things. I am laughed even by a worst dog. I am more degraded than a ghost. Oho Supreme Lord why did i take birth in this world?! Why did you make me born?! I am in a state of not knowing your divine will! Oho Supreme Lord – Nirguna Brahmam,  dancing as NataRajan in the bead of the eyes and as divine light of the bead without impurities please provide your grace.


Transliteration of the Song:

“Eruginrem EnaMathiththe Irangukinra Kadaiyen”

 Seivagai Onrrariyaatha Siriyarinum Siriyen” — Song 5


In today’s world lot of people think that they are doing higher meditation and lot more think they are doing greater devotion. By these thoughts they think high of themselves and their ego gets bloated and hence instead of progressing higher in spirituality they go down. Lot of people with less intelligence follow false gurus and lose their money and time. Only these types of people are in more number in today’s world. These people instead of uplifting themselves have earned lot of sins and are suffering. False Guru’s in this part of world in order to earn money and gather crowd mislead people by saying “You do whatever you want and it is enough if you just follow my practice” , Do you know how big nonsense is this teaching? If a blind person leads a blind one they will definitely fall in the pit!

Search and find a true Gnana Sarguru and surrender to him and get the TiruVadi Upadesam from him. Then get Tiruvadi Deekshai as well! Only this will show you the path to higher states of Gnanam. All other things are lower states only. Do not do any thing following any one’s word. Right from Vedas and till today all the Gnanis , First Guru DakshinaMurthy have given the Mona Upadesam which is “Just be there and Do Nothing”!! Our Eyes Seen Lord is ArutPerum Jothi (Supreme Infinite Divine Light)!

The thing to do for you is this only which is to be “Just be there and do Nothing” and get supreme bliss. This will only lead to supreme life of deathlessness. For this you need TiruVadi Upadesam! TiruVadi Deekshai! You need good merits and good virtuousness! Good Conduct! Surrender! To know the true wisdom come to KanyaKumari. Come to Thanga Jothi Gnana Sabai. By seeking the Gnana Sarguru get Tiruvadi Upadesam and Tirvadi Deekshai. Get Supreme Bliss!


Transliteration of the Song:

“Porulariyen” – “I donot know the thing”.


One who does not know the Thing – The True Thing and wealth which is our bead of the eyes – divine light in the bead of the eyes will not get Gnanam. One who knows and feels this will get Gnanam and goodness. Contemplating “Why i am born” and removing the Karmas which are responsible for our birth death cycle by “Just Being there in the feel of divine light of the Pupil of the eyes and Doing Nothing” and with this increasing the divine light in the true thing and by converting our mortal body in to immortal divine light body let us uplift ourself.


Transliteration of the Song:

“Unarchchiyillach SadamPola Irunthen” — Song 8


How are we now? What is our present state? Are we with consciousness? Are we unconscious like a wood? Only the dead body doesnot have consciousness! Are we just dead body? Are we not Sivam? We are with Consciousness isn’t! We have soul isn’t! If only soul is present in this body we have consciousness, feelings and also heat. If Soul goes out all these are lost! Our body will become cold. So we should always have heat , consciousness and feel. When we are sleeping Soul is there and so is heat! But consciousness will not be there! We would call a man sleeping deeply as “Man Sleeping like a Corpse”. When we are sleeping our soul is subdued in Anaagatham. When we wake up our soul starts to function. Rest for our body is sleep. During this time our soul gets conditioned.

“Fainting , Allure and Unconsiousness” is the state where our consciousness is getting spoiled or lost. This is the state where our soul is disturbed. In this state our soul will get subdued. Only after getting the feel will our soul gets functional again. So humans do not get allured. Do not sleep. Always be with Consciousness. Only then you will have divine consciousness in the eyes. Only then we Souls get united with the Paramathma in the eyes and attain supreme bliss. Only Consciousness state will give higher bliss and will grace us with Deathless greater life.

In order for your consciousness to be always present and also to increase the consciousness you always think, feel with tenderness on the divine light in the pupil of the eyes. When Penance done this way by just being in the consciousness and doing nothing our consciousness will increase. We always need consciousness – inner consciousness. Sleeping – Death both were unconscious states.  Awake – In Being were consciousness state. Oho Human in order to have heat, consciousness and feel “Summa Iru” (Do Nothing and Just Be there).

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