Potri ThirupPathigam

“ArulTharal Vendum Potri En Arasae

                 Adiyenen Manathagath Theluntha

IrulKedal Vendum PotriEn Thaayae

                   Elaiyen Ninranaip Paadum

TherulUral Vendum PotriEn Arivae

                  SinthaiNainn thulakidai Mayangum

Marul Aral Vendum PotriEn Guruvae

                  MathiNathi ValarSadai Maniyae”


This song is sung, praising the lord and asking him for various boons.

I Praise you oho my king, provide me your grace. I praise you so that my darkness which is as three impurities and which arises out of my mind is destroyed. Oho my compassionate lord you are my mother and in-order for this poor being to sing many divine poems on you, provide me with good, clear and faultless knowledge. Oho my Lord, you are expressing yourself as my knowledge and i praise you. Due to my karma, my senses and intelligent were spoiled and are bewildered by the materialistic pleasure. Oho lord you are my Guru, Uplift me from my bewilderment and ignorance and make me to live. I praise and salute you oho my Lord. “Mathi” means Moon, “Nathi” means water flowing river. Moon in our body is the left eye, the water flowing out from our left eye is what it is meant by MathiNathi. ValarSadai means matter hair that grows. Maniyae means Pupil of the eye. While doing penance the divine art of light extends and goes inside the pupil of the eyes like the growing hair and water gushes out. This is the state of divine experience. TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar tells us the experience one gets while doing penance in these songs. This commentary is the original true meaning that is conveyed. These things were also delivered by TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar from inside this humble being.

“VedaMeip porulae Potri” —— Song 6

The four vedas which were Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharvana tells us that the true thing is the Supreme Lord who is as vast divine grace light and is residing in our eyes!! Mei means true and Porul means thing – Mei also represents our body and in our body the only true thing is our eyes. Our Eyes were the true thing and this divine truth is what expounded by all the four vedas. Oho lord, you are as divine light in my pupil of eyes and i praise you.

“KanaiEnak Kannan Thanaik kolum OruMuk

KannaNin Kalaladi Potri”  — Song 8

OruMukkannan – indicates lord with three eyes which is Lord as Siva or Sivam. Right Eye which is Sun, Left Eye which is Moon and Agni is the third eye which is the place of union of two eyes inside the head. This three eyed lord siva took Kannan (Krishna) as the arrow. Pupil of our eye is called KanMani in Tamil. So Pupil of eyes is the arrow for Lord Siva. Lord Krishna became as the arrow – the divine light in the pupil of the eye comes out and destroyes whatever is in front of it. If we want to become as Sivam then our three eyes should unite and if this union happens then divine light will come out and will destroy all our devils. Here do not see the story, it indirectly tells us about the divine experience that is got. The devil which is our karma is formed because of our eyes seeing. If we form the three eyed one and unite the three eyes and become as Sivam then we can destroy the devil of karma through the divine light of our eyes. The eyes which were itself responsible for accumulating karma will be destroyed by the same eyes using the divine light of the eyes. Both the existing karma and also the accumulated karma is destroyed by the divine light of the eyes.This is the divine experience of Gnana. This is the divine wisdom (Gnana) expounded by Vallalar.

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