Reference Words

  1. Vallalar –   Saint who lived in TamilNadu in the 19th Century. He realized the supreme lord and attained divine light body. He is ocean of compassion and all the divine knowledge that we are putting here is by his infinite grace only. He is our Nyana Guru.
  2. Katha  Upanishad –  Upanishads were the Hindu holy Scriptures which talks about
  3. Param Porul –  One of the many words used to describe God in tamil, meaning he is spread everywhere as the supreme thing in this universe.
  4. Para brahmam –   One of the many words used to describe God in Tamil, meaning he is the supreme being in this complete universe.
  5. Sitthar / Siddhar –   Seers in Tamil Nadu who have won over death and attained immortality. Their poems were the orgin of Siddha Medicine.
  6. Thriumoolar –    Famous Saint & Siddhar in Tamil Nadu. Author of ThiruMantiram. He is also one of the 63 Shiva Saints (Nayanmargal). He has mediated for 3000 years and every year he gave one poem and this collection is called ThiruManthiram.
  7. Thirumanthiram –     Holy Book written by saint Thirumoolar. Talks about spirituality and ways to attain divinity or lord.
  8. Thiruvalluvar –      Saint Poet of Tamil Nadu who is supposed to have born in 32 AD.
  9. ThiruKural –      Tamil Poem on Life and Ways to Live Life by Thiruvalluvar. Famous world wide and widely translated in other languages.
  10. Guru –      One who initiates a person in spirituality and guides a soul till it reaches god. He is to be considered equal to god.
  11. Deekshai –      Initiation Process done by a Guru. Only After getting Deekshai a person becomes eligible to do penance.
  12. Thiruvadi Deekshai –       Highest Initiation and highest form of Deekshai. Thiruvadi means “Lotus feet of Lord”. Light in our eyes were the Thiruvadi.  In this book Deekshai implies Thiruvaid Deekshai only.
  13. Jyothi –       Divine Flame.
  14. GuruUpadesha –        Upadesha refes to knowledge told by Guru to his disciples.
  15. Nayanmaar –        Lord Shiva’s Devottes who sung his praise in their poems in Tamil Language. They are 63 in numbers.
  16. Punniya –         Good Deeds which elevate one in both material and spiritual world. Results in Good karma.
  17. Pavam –          Opposite to punniya. Demerits one in both material and spiritual world. Results in bad karmal.
  18. Mei –           Divine Truth, which No Death. Our human body is also called Mei indicating it can be made immortal.
  19. MeiPorul –           True Wealth.
  20. Jeeva Samadhi –           One of the highest state in Divine Path. Here the body will not be decomposed even after many years. The mind of the person in Samadhi will be absorbed completly in divine.  Saint Ragavendra JeevaSamadhi  is one of the famous shrine in India known by many persons. Similarly there were so many  JeevaSamadhis unknown to people. More details about this will be explained in the coming chapters.
  21. Vallal –      Person who has infinite compassion and gives to one whatever one wishes.
  22. AadiGuru –      Lord appeared as Guru in the beginning. He is called AadiGuru.
  23. Duvichan –      One who is born again or Twice born. It is getting birth in subtle body by the grace of Guru by deekshai.
  24. Aagamiya Karma –   Karma got by doing deeds in this present birth.
  25. Prathuva karma –   Karma that we got when we took birth. This is what decides or provides the circumstances in our day to day life.
  26. Sangitha Karma –    Total karma accumulated by our deeds birth after birth. A part of this comes to us in this birth as prathuva karma. (Only if we get rid of all our karmas we can realize and attain the supreme divine lord).

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