Sallaaba Lagari (Wave of Pleasent Conversation)

Sallaaba Lagari
(Wave of Pleasent Conversation)

Transliteration of the Song:

Sundara Neerani Sundarar Nadanath TholilVallaar
Vandanar Ingae Vandhanam Enraen MaathaeNee
Manthanam IthuKel Anthanam IlaNam Vaalvellaam
Antharam Enraar Ennadi Amma AvarSuthae

“Sundara Neerani Sundarar” – The beautiful one who is adorned with beautiful holy water. Our Pupil of eyes in which tears flow is the beautiful thing. Because of the shining of divine light in the pupil of the eyes our eyes glow. The shining divine light in our pupil of the eyes is the beautiful one. He is Sivam. He is ever dancing. He will always keep dancing. Because of me doing penance he came before me and gave his beautiful darshan. I gave him my respects. Vandhanam has two meanings one is giving respect and other here denotes “You have come here”.

Sivam-Divine Light came and told the girl (Souls) “Hear and Know this secret. Our life is not permanent and all are illusions (Maya)”. The Secret conveyed by the Supreme Lord to the Vallalar is being told to us by Vallalar here as “Oho Humans this world is temporary and hence you do not give your attention and importance to it. You unite with the Supreme Man (Supreme Lord) and attain great pleasure and Mukthi”. This is the divine secret.

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