“VidaiAarkum KodiUdaiya VithagaEn RunAdiyin

Idai Aarthu NinralumIvv ElaiMugam Paaraamae

Nadai Aarkum Vaalkaiyilae Nalkuravork keeyaatha

Udaiyaarkoo Ennai Udaiyaai Uthavuvathae”


Oho Lord Siva, you are a great master having flag of bull. This humble being has surrendered in your holy feet and is completely dependent on you. Please have your graceful vision on me.  Why your grace has not fallen on me so for, my Lord? Why do you give your grace to people who do not do any charity but keep accumulating their wealth? Please tell me!

“Ariyap Paruvathil TharuVuruthu AatKonda

Neriyaanae NinAanai NinAanai NinAanai

PoriyaarNin Naamam Pugalvathae AnriMatrai

VeriyaarVan Naamamonrum Vendaen Naan Vendaenae”  — Song 10

In my unknowing childhood days itself, oho Supreme Lord you gave me divine wisdom (Gnanam) and overwhelmed me with your grace. I swear on your holy feet and tell this for all the three times that “I will never chant any names other then the divine name of the Supreme Lord, who is as divine light in one of the five sensory organ of the pupil of the eye”. Oho Supreme Lord please give me your blessings and grace.

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