Sivagaamavalli Thuthi


Arangkaaya ManaMaayai Alakkar Aalam

   Ariyaamal Kaaliting Kalunthu kinren

Irangaayo Sirithum Uyir Irakkam Illaamal

   EnManamo NinManamum Iraivi Unran

UrangKaanum ArasiyarKol KodungKol Aanaal

   Oodi Engae Pugunthervaruk Kuraippa thamaa

ThirangKaanaap PillaiEnath ThaayVi taalae

   Sivagaama valli enum TheivathThaai


Our Mind which is like an island is surrounded by Sea of Maya (illusion). Without knowing the depth of this sea of maya i have got in to it and getting immersed. Oho divine mother please show atleast small amount of mercy to me and provide me your grace. Oho divine mother your mind is not like mind which doesnot have even small amout of compassion on souls. You being the mother of all souls is indeed the form of compassion. You are the one who is ruling the Kingdom of Lord. If your sceptre of justice becomes sceptre of injustice where can i go. But that will never happen. This humble being who is in delusion and filled with ignorance is your child without any strength. Oho my mother donot forsake me. Oho divine mother goddess as Sivagaamavalli.

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