Soundara Maalai (Garland of beauty and Loveliness)

Soundara Maalai

(Garland of beauty and Loveliness)

Transliteration of the Song:

Selodum InainthaVizhich SelviPerun Thevi

    SivaKaama Valliyodu SivaPoga Vadivaai

Maelodu KeelNaduvung Kadanthongu Veliyil

    VilangiyaNin TiruVuruvai UlangKollumPo thellaam

Paalodu PalamPizhinthu Then Kalanthu Paagum

    PasuNeyyung KuutiUnda padiIruppa thenraal

Maalodu Kaankinra Kankalukking kiruntha

    VannamIntha VannamEna Ennavum On naathe


Uniting with the Sivam in the Right Eye, the mother goddess shakthi Sivagaamavalli of the Left Eye gets the form of blissful Sivam and is as SivaShakthi. Whenever I see the sight of mother goddess SivaShakthi in my inner consciousness belonging in the Higher Spiritual Space which spreads and grows in the upper, lower, middle and everywhere else, i get happiness and greater bliss which is like taking the food that is made with milk mixed with fruit juices , honey, melted jaggery and ghee. The Vision and Sight that we get in this materialistic world which is surrounded by Maya (illusion) will not know the greatness of the higher blissful vision experienced on seeing the Supreme Lord. It is indeed pity and sorrowful that the eyes that saw the Supreme Lord is still getting influenced by the Maya (illusion).


Transliteration of the Song:

Theivamellaam Vanagukinra Devi Enai Aliththaal” .. Song 5


She is the one who is worshipped by all the deities. She is the premodial energy and power (Aadhi Shakthi). She is Paraparai. Vaalai. She is the one who gave birth to me, who gave life to me. She is the mother who resides in KanyaKumari. My parents gave me only my body. In this body the world mother gave me the soul. She is the heroin of the all the billions of universes. She is Kanni “Yaa” Kumari. Here Kanni means Virgin. Kumari means young matured girl. “Yaa” the Tamil Letter denotes 10. She is the one who is shining in the 10th place in our body like glittering gold. She is my mother.


Transliteration of the Song:

“Gnana Nookudaiyavar Nookkinilae Nookkiya MeipPorulae” — Song 6


Unknown to the Ordinary Normal People but to the people interested in Gnanam who through a Gnana Sarguru have got the divine consciousness by Tiruvadi Upadesam and Tiruvadi Deekshai and does penance. For these interested people when the look through their eyes and keep the divine light of the pupil of the eye in their conscience will see and know the divine light of the pupil of the eye and will feel happier.


Transliteration of the Song:

“Patridayaa thaangkavarKat KirunthaVannag thanaiyaar

 Pagarvaarae Pagarvaarel BagavanNigar Vaarae” – Song 7


One who always keeps his focus on his pupil of the eye and tell about the blissful experience got because of this attachment and teaches the greatness of the Pupil of the eye – holy feet of the Lord via Tiruvadi Upadesam can be equated with the Supreme Lord!?

One who realizes himself that the divine light of the pupil of the eye is the true thing (MeiPorul) and teaches the same to other is equivalent to the God.


Transliteration of the Song:

“Guru SatSath ParapBrahmam”

“Sitridai Em Perumaati Thevar Thozum Pathathaal” – Song 9

“En Pzhai Yaavaiyum Poruthaal” — Song 10

“Karumbanaiyaal Ennirandu Kangalilae Irunthaal” — Song 11


The great noble lady (Perumaati) has small hips. Feminity of great noble man (Perumaan) is Perumaati. She is the primodial shakthi (Aadi Shakthi – Adhi ParaShakthi) who is worshipped even by the celestial deities. The hips are smaller. For everything we have first, last and middle regions isn’t! Our left eye is the feature of Shakthi. In the first region the divine light of the pupil of the eye is bigger. The divine light inside us in the last place where our two eyes meet is also bigger. In the middle region between our eyes (first place) and the last eyes (last place) – the vein that unites this first and last place is very thin of the size of hair. That is “the middle region is thinner and small”. This is what is called as hip is small. Smaller Hip is called Sitridai.

Porpathathaal – The great noble lady who has golden holy feet avoided my desires for Gold and Worldly things. This humble being when doing devotion and Penance on my holy mother had my mind – which told that the only thing i require is the love, blessings and grace of my mother and nothing else. Love, blessings and grace of holy mother will be definitely got. Since she is our mother she will come running towards the child (we) to protect us! Is there anything comparable to the love of the mother! She gives me whatever i need and whenever i need. After knowing this will i get any desires for Gold or Worldly things? My own experience, She told me “It is me who is dispensing the allowance for livelihood”. I came to know and realize that it is her who is giving the allowance for our livelihood and protecting us. After knowing and realizing this fact all my fears and anxiety has gone away! My mother is there to protect me! Where is the place for worry then?! One more great important fact “See all women as the Mother Goddess Vaalai and you will never get lust”! The great Saint AbiraamiPattar saw all women as the mother Goddess Abiraami. For the sake and protection of this great saint the holy mother showed the full moon during the new moon day. She showed the full moon both inside and outside. What a fantastic and great deed it is!

The great poet Kaalidasan always melted with devotion on the Goddess Kaali. Kaali made the great fool Kaalidas to be a great poet and made him equivalent to the king. Kaalidas who stood firmly with the belief that everything is the act of Kali had kali standing for every word of him. This Poet Kaalidas also got the full moon on the day of new moon day.

One who humbles and worships the mother will lead the life praised as ThavaSeelan (One who has the noble virtue of Penance – Tapas) by the world. She is called as Kaamaatchi as she is the one who removes our lust (Kaamam) and gives grace. She is called as Visaalaatchi as she extends and spreads in all the billions of universe in everything. She is the one who resides in our fish like eyes and rules us and shakes us as illusion (Maaya). L  She is the compassionate mother who like the fish (called Meen in Tamil) creates the embryo with her looks. Hence she is also called as Meenatchi. She is ever virgin. She is called as Baala! Kumari! Vaalai! Even though she has temples all over the world, it is in the place of KanyaKumari she has announced her presence and has taken the form of doing penance. Since i humbled and worshipped this mother this humble being became as Guru! This humble being got refined because of her and has written various books and have got many disciples. By her grace this humble being founded “Thanga Jothi Gnana Sabai”. Everything is by her grace and blessings only.

She tolerated and forgave all my wrongs and sins and protected and showered her grace on me. It is mother who has the excellent quality of tolerating, forgiving and embracing. She tolerated my mistakes. She forgave me and gave me excellence. She is the one who is protecting and making this humble being to dissipate the great teaching of Tiruvadi Upadesam and give Tiruvadi Deekshai for the upliftment of the human beings.

Karumbanaiyaal! She is the one who delivers and protect us in all the circumstances and in all states. She is the one who only gives us Love. She is as sweet as the sugar cane. She is the one who is residing in my two eyes. She is the one who protect us like our eyes. Any one who surrenders to this mother who is also as Maha Maaya (Great Illusion) are his children. Don’t we want to become the favourite child of Vaalai?! Come to KanyaKumari and let us humbly worship her.

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