Thanith Tiru Viruththam

“NeerPuutha Veniyum Aanandham Puuthu NiraiMathiyin

SeerPuuth thamutha IlaNagai Puutha TiruMugamum

PaarPuutha Pachaip Pasungodi PoothaSem PaagamumOrr

KaarPuutha Kandamum KanPuutha KaalumEn KanVirunthae”


With hair containing waters of Ganges, With Supreme bliss united, With beauty like a full moon, With face smiling and showering divine nectar, With color like reddish coral, With Umai who created the world and having green flag situated on the left, With blackish neck where the deadly poison settled, With holy feet which is situated on the eyes of Lord Vishnu (TiruMaal) is also available and standing in the two pupil of my eyes and giving bliss.

“Man Uyirkuth ThaayThanthai Guru Theivam

Uravu Muthal Matrum Neyea”       — Song 13


For the Saintly people who were enlightened everything is Supreme Lord only who is as the divine light in the pupil of the eyes.

This world is illusion. All the relatives and friends are illusions. The only companion for us is the Supreme Lord.

One who renounce this world and surrenders in the holy feet only will get the grace of the Supreme Lord.

“Maatrariya Pasum Ponnae Maniyae En

Kannae KanManiyae Yaarkun

Thotrariya SuyanSudarae” …. Song 14


Bead that shines like high quality pure gold is my Eye- Pupil of my eye. The divine jothi that is there in my pupil of the eye cannot be seen by any others. This Jothi is Suyam Jothi (Divine Light that emerged itself without any other source). Only the one who does Thavam (Penance) can see the golden divine fire or golden divine light which is available in the needle tip size hole in the center of the pupil of the eyes. In order to see the your golden divine light come to Thanga Jothi Gnana Sabai in Kanniyaakumari. Come and get the knowledge and wisdom of holy feet.

“Enran Vilzhi Amarnthavare”  — Song 36


The Supreme Lord, who is capable of doing everything, who is everywhere, who is the supreme hero of all the known and unknown worlds is also sitting in my eyes.  The Supreme Lord is sitting as divine light in the center of the pupil of our eyes.

“Thannaruttunaith Thaan MalarthThiyaanamae” — Song 38


Oho the Supreme Lord i don’t want any thing in this word. It is sufficient for me to meditate on the two cooler lotus like holy feet of you. TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar is seeking only this from the Lord. One who meditates on this holy feet will get the supreme deathless life. Only these people will get the divine light body.

This is the only thing that we should also get. One who does this meditation on the holy feet will become a true devotee, Mukthar, Sitthar and Gnani. Come to Thanga Jothi Gnana Sabai and learn the holy feet meditation (Tiruvadi Thiyaanam).

“EnnIruKan KaalUmathu PerunThavamEp

                Bhuvanathil YaarThaan Seivar

Munniruvar Kaanaamal Alainthanaraal

                 InugKaana MuyalaaNinraar

Nannirubar Tholuthethum Ambalathae

                Oridathoor Naal Aadhitthar

Panniruvar OliMaatrum ParaOliyaip

                PaarthuUyarntheer Panbi Neerae”         – Song 42


Oho my two eyes, no one can do great penance like you in this entire universe?! Why? It is because only in the pupil of our eyes, the Supreme Lord is available as divine light. Only because of the this we can see with our eyes, catch hold, feel, realize and meditate on the holy feet. Because of this only Vallalar says that there is nothing equal to his eyes in this whole world. If we get to the place of the Lord we can get Moksha and Gnanam (divine wisdom) isn’t!

In the ancient times seeking the Sivam (the divine light), Brahma and Vishnu went in search of feet and head of the divine light and yet they have not found it!  Only on seeing Thillai can we see the Supreme Divine Light.

“Nannirubar” – means the good two who are ViyakraPaathar, Pathanjalai. These two good Gnanis humble and worship the Supreme Lord who is dancing as the divine light in the Thillai Ambalam.

The Supreme Lord bestowed the boon of seeing the Celestial divine light in the Thillai Ambalam to the divine two. He will give the boon to us also. How? “Aadhitthar Panniruvar” – Aadhitthar means Sun and Panniruvar means “the 12” – Our Right Eye is the sun in our body and it has 12 divine arts of light. When we meditate on the divien light in the pupil of the eyes, the 12 divine art in the right eye will split and then unite with the divine art of light in the left eyes which is moon in our body. Our left eye is the moon in our body and it has 16 divine arts of light. One by one all the 12 divine art of light from the Right Eye (Sun) will unite with the 12 divine art of light in the Moon (Left Eye). The remaining four divine art of light will go inside and unite with the divine art of light in the Agni (Soul Spot which is in the center of the head and also called as third eye).  This is the divine wisdom of the holy feet.

“Sakthiyaam Chandiranai Sengathiron Uuduruvil

Mukthiku Moolam Athu” — Divine Poet Avvaiyaar

[Meaning : Penetration of Moon which is Shakthi by the Red Sun is the base for Mukthi/Salvation]

The above song is what is Meditation on the holyfeet. In order to perfom this meditation the eyes which holds the divine holy feet is the only way. This is the greatest secret of expereince of Gnana (divine wisdom). It is because of the mercy and compassion of TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar this humble being knew this and is able to announce it to the world. Inorder to gain the divine supreme pleasure obtain the Tiruvadi Deekshai.

“Satrum Kaanaatha Kaatchiyai Naan Kandaen

Chitram Balathin Kannae” —          Song 43


Vallalar got greater vision of magestic and beautiful things which can never be seen by doing any other meditation for any number of years. Where did he get all these beautiful visions? It is on the Chitrambalam which is the divine light of our eyes.

“Kaanaatha KaatchiYellam Kannil Kaanumada

KaagaMada Pujandar EnaPerum Petraen”  — Siddhar KaagaPujandar

Siddhar KaagaPujandar tells that one will get vision which are never seen before, in one’s eyes and because of these vision he got the name of KaagaMada Pujandar. This siddhar is still living from the past millions of Kalpa.

“Elaam OthaathuUnara Unarthi Ullae Ninru” — Song 47


TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar by continuously doing meditation on divine light in the pupil of eyes which is called Tiruvadi Thiyaanam, got vision of greater divine things within him and also got supreme bliss and pleasure. Not only this he got to know everything in this world and also all the divine knowledge without asking or learning from others.

By the grace of Supreme Lord TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar was made to know and realize everything within himself. Because of the continuous presence of the Supreme Divine Grace Compassionate light within him Vallalar attained divine light body. Vallalar became immortal and attained the boon of Supreme Divine Deathless life.

We can also get this boon. In order for everyone to attain this divine deathless supreme life TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar is providing Tiruvadi Deekshai to the people. In other place also TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar sings to the Supreme Lord as “You taught me all the unknown arts”.


ThatThaa ThanathThathai ThaaVen rarangan raniNadippaa

ThatThaa ThanathThathai ThaaVen rarangan raniNadippaa

ThatThaa ThanathThathai ThaaVen rarangan raniNadippaa

ThatThaa ThanathThathai ThaaVen rarangan ranachSollumae — Song 55


This Song “ThatThaa..” is sung during rhythmic dance sequence.

In Tamil Grammer this is classfied as “Eaga Paadham” in “EraiKavi”with four same stanzas denoting 4 meanings.

The first line of the Song denotes that the matchless Single Supreme Lord is dancing in Arangam and hence he is called Arangan. Arangam means Common place and Arangan means the dancing Lord of Arangam.

The Second Line is asking the Lord “Oho Lord dancing in Solitude please let me know and realize the meaning of your dance”.

The Thrid Line is pleading the Lord “Oho matchless supreme dancing Lord, i will ever rest in Arangam please give me your matchless feet”

The Fourth Line is pleading the Lord “Oho Lord give me a Solitary Seat under your holy feet and make me to sit in it”.

This song is an example of Sweetness and greatness of TiruVarutpa Song by TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar.


“Immai yaraiyanaiya VeSura Maatharumaa

Immaiyumai yimmaiyaiyoo enseitha – thammaimathan

MaaMaaMaa MaaMaaMaa MaaMaaMaa MaaMaaMaa

MaaMaaMaa MaaMaaMaa Maa …  ” Song 56


Will my mind get rid of desires and become free from the Karma got because of the actions (Vinai) commited in this birth and avoid going again in the womb? Will the pain of the Karma Subside? Will it raise again from the effects of Karma of this and other births.

Six “Maa” in Tamil denotes AaruMaa (Aaru means Six) meaning “Will it Subside?” and also can be pronounced as AruMaa meaning “Will It get Rid of?”

Seven Maa in Tamil pronounced as EluMaa meaning “Will it raise again?”

This song again is an example of Sweetness and greatness of TiruVarutpa Song by TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar.


“AaviYee rainthai Abarathe vaiththothil

AaviYee rainthai Agatralaam – Aaviyeer

Ainthuralaa maaviyee rainththaralaa maaviyee

rainthidalaa Moorirando daainthu ..”  – Song 57


Aavi means spirit or soul. Yeerainthu when split as Yeer + Inthu becomes 2 and 5 which is 10. So AaviYeerainthu denotes Soul at 10. 10 is represented as Tamil letter “Ya”. “Aa” first tamil letter denotes 8 and “Vu” Tamil Letter denotes 2. By keepint the letter Ya over “Siva” (Abaram) it becomes SivaYa. By reciting “SivaaYaa” one will over come the danger. Danger is represented in the second word “AaviYeerainthu” which now to be split as Aa + Irainthu (5 * 2 =10) = Aabathu denoting danger.

“ViYeerainthu = Vi + Irainthu = Vi + 10 (Pathu) = Vibathu. Vibathu indicates calamity.

Irainthu = Pathu = Bhakthi = Devotion causes the calamity to change. Our soul in order to take birth again can get immersed in the five impurities. In order for the soul to attain PathaMukthi and ParaMukthi (absolute bliss) it is enough to rest in the divine light of eyes which are the holy feet of lord which will enable us to catch hold of Soul.

This song is also a great Spiritual Song. There is no one equal to greatness TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar and nothing comparable to TiruVarutpa.


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