TharSudanthiram Inmai (NonExistence of Self Independence)

TharSudanthiram Inmai

(NonExistence of Self Independence)

Transliteration of the Song:

IpPaaril UdalAavi Porulum UnPaar

    KoduththenMat renakken ringae

Eppaalum SudanthiramOr Iraiyum Ilai

    ArutJothi Iyarkkai Ennum

Thuppaaya Udalaathi Tharuvaayo

    Innum Enaich Sothip paayo

AppaNin Tiruvulaththai Ariyen Iv

    vadiyenaal Aava thennae


Oho Supreme Lord, in this world i have surrendered and dedicated all my things, my body, my soul which is as spirit and  my things – true thing. Everything is yours only isn’t! There is nothing which can be called as “my deed”! In that case what is there that can be claimed as mine? Nothing! This is the true nature! This is the divine truth. This is the Secret of Gnanam! Oho my Supreme Lord please remove the nature of my body which gives distress! Oho My Lord kindly do not test me! I will not be able to withstand it! Please provide me your shelter and protect me. What else i can do! Oho my Supreme Lord kindly grace me!


Transliteration of the Song:

Paatuviththaal Paadukinren Paniviththaal

    Panikinren Pathiyae Ninnaik

Kutuviththaal Kudukinren Kulaiviththaal

    Kulaikinren Kuriththa Oonai

Vutuviththaal Unkinren Urakkuviththaal

    Urangukinren Urangaa thenrum

Aatuviththaal Aadukinren AnthoIch

    Siriyenaal Aava thennae” —- Song 4


Oho my Supreme Lord , true thing, i have offered and dedicated my mind on your holy feet which is the divine light of our eyes and i am doing penance by “doing nothing and just being there”. This humble being can do penance in this way because my Gnana Sarguru gave me Tiruvadi Deekshai.

Oho my supreme lord, it is because your grace bestowed me with the capability to sing Spiritual songs i am singing them! Oho my Supreme Lord you gave me qualification, maturity and made me eligible to humble in your holy feet! I am humbling and bowing to you and hence my Ego and pride has vanished! Oho my dear husband kindly unite you with me! This humble being will henceforth will unite with you and attain supreme bliss! Because of me doing meditation on the holy feet my mind is melting and it is you who is melting my mind! It is you who is feeding this humble being surrendered and completly dependent on you only! I am eating the food that is enriched by your grace! This humble being who is always thinking of you is made to sleep peacefully by you so that this humble being does not get tired! Without any Sleep you are also making this humble being to always be in the state of divine consciousness in the true thing (MeipPorul) , and within me you are as the divine light of the pupil of the eyes and not only you dance but also making me to dance! Oho my Supreme Lord bless and grace this humble being to “Sleep without Sleep” and at all times see the dance of Siva and attain supreme bliss! There is nothing that this humble being can do! Everthing is your good grace only!!

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