Thendanitten (Fell Flat on the Holy Feet)


(Fell Flat on the Holy Feet)

Transliteration of the Song:

Thendanitten nenru solladi – swamikunaan

Thendanitten nenru solladi

Thandalai Vailangun Thillaith ThalathirPon nambalathae

Kandavar MayangaVedang Kattiyaadu kinravarku


Oho my girl friend tell my master – my Lord who has overwhelmed me this humble beings respect. We Souls – Jeevathma are all girls and only the Supreme Lord is Man – Paramathma. The Lord is the Perfect husband for the Souls and hence he is called Purusothaman. We Souls – Jeevathma in order to attain our husband Paramathma this song is sung. In the Conception of Hero and HeroIn this song is one of the many songs sung by TiruArutPrakasa Vallalar.

In the guise of Sivam Lord Natarajar is dancing in the place of Ponnambalam in the  town of Thillai which is surrounded by beautiful garden. Our Pupil in the eye is the beautiful one. That is in the space surrounded by beautiful garden. In the center of it and inside the entrance of the tiny needle tip size hole in the Ponnambalam the divine light (Sivam) is dancing. This is the explanation in Gnanam.

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