Tiruvarul Vilaasam


AandavanNee AagilUnak kadiyanumNaan Aagil

     Aruludaiyaai Inriravil ArulIraiyaai Vanthu

Neendavanae Mudaliyarum Theendarithaam Porulin

     NillaiKaati AdiMudiyin NeriMuluthum Kaati

Veendavanae KaalaiyilNee Vilitthavudan Eluthu               

     VithiMudiththup PurithiIthu VilangumEnap Pugalvaay

Thaandavanae ArutPothuvil ThaniMudalae Karunaith

     ThadangKadalae NedunThagaiyae Sankaranae Sivanae


Oho Supreme Lord you are the one doing the dance of grace for all in the common hall. You are the Single Supreme First. You are the Ocean of Compassion and mercy. You are as the divine spiritual light that is lengthier. Oho Sankara and Siva. If you are my Lord then i am your servant isn’t?! Oho Supreme Lord you as divine spiritual light have grown lengthier and higher inside me. You have shown and made me realize the true thing which is the pupil of the eye. Let this humble being when i wake in the morning realize that the Supreme Lord came as Gnana Guru in the night and given his grace and act accordingly.

Lord ThiruMaal(Vishnu) and Lord Brahma did not get the chance to see the Jothi of holy feet and holy head. But this humble being was made to realize them by the Supreme Lord himself and thinking and thinking about this let me raise higher in spiritually and attain salvation.


“TiruNeriMeith TamilMaraiyaam TirukKadaik Kaappathanaal

TiruVulangKaati” .. Song 2


In order to get clarity of divine wisdom (Gnanam) one has to see the anklet wearing holy feet of dancing supreme Lord. The holy rule of the Supreme Lord is what is said to us through divine songs of Thevaaram, TiruManthiram and TiruVaasagam. The saints have given these great books for us to realize the Divine Truth. These Scriptures talk about MeiPorul (True Thing) and let us realize it , raise ourself and attain salvation.

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